Last week the Great NEWS blog post shared England – The Great and Gross – Part 2 and there were so many gross issues it required a Part 3. As you read Part 2 and now Part 3 notice the examples and warnings from England to see which ones apply to you and your country. As you enjoy and benefit from my perceptions of England – The Great and Gross look for clues to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and habits that are helping you or robbing you of perfect health.

This post will share additional valuable life lessons learned while traveling to London recently for business and pleasure which can benefit your health and longevity regardless of where you live currently.  In spite of the construction and preparations for the 2012 Summer Olympics  and missing the Queens Diamond Jubilee the trip was great fun and a smashing success.

The outcome is to learn from the mishaps and mistakes of England and her people. As you notice the unhealthy trends in England what valuable lessons will you utilize in order to benefit your country and lifestyle?

In honor of balance and fair play it is important to start with what is great about a country, culture or community first before discussing what is gross and not yet as great about them.

In Part 1 we shared “What is Great about England” and now it is time to discuss more of “What is Gross about England Part 3”.

Gross Issues Challenging England

British Soldier

British guard.

Conquests around the world have created many unresolved emotional issues with military service personnel and their families. The centuries of conflicts and conquest have wide spread consequences to those in England as well as Africa, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, China, Fiji, India and US. Many people are still negatively affected after generations of enduring these unresolved emotional issues. As the Beatles song reminds us: war is not the answer so give peace a chance. To help deal with unresolved emotional issues give Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a chance to help.

Crash helmets are common in England yet it is hard to understand why many on bicycles still ride without a quality helmet. Many people are riding with only a thin layer of skin and skull protecting them from death or disability (living death) in the event of an accident. Your brain is essential for happiness, health and wealth so protect it from harm with a quality helmet.

Crowded housing near busy highways, roads and streets is a growing problem. Many people lack adequate fresh air due to excessive exhaust fumes and commercial pollution. The light and noise pollution are also interfering with the sleep and well being of residents.  Even with great mass transit in London excessive cars are creating harmful pollution damaging buildings and lungs.  (Yes I know that the US is the worst offender and blog about it often)

Cheap Junk Foods Causing Expensive Health Problems

Carbonated drinks are very acidic and contain toxic ingredients. They are a financial drain and also rob you of the energy and vitality needed to pursue what you desire, deserve and do to enjoy a great life.

Lettuce Greens

Leafy greens are extremely important for your health.

Cooking with canola, corn or soy oil is becoming the norm. Many foods are being prepared using these chemically treated, unnaturally processed, and highly refined oils. They are often produced from GMO seeds.  Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are frequently used in spite of the many warnings regarding the health risks associated with consuming them.

Consider the consequences from unhealthy lifestyle choices and eating less fresh and natural whole foods raised on small organic farms. Many meals today consist of highly processed and refined unnatural fake foods and junk foods loaded with additives and preservatives.  They are usually overcooked, irradiated, microwaved and pasteurized which destroys the vital enzymes, minerals, nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

Cutting Corners can be Penny Wise and Pounds Foolish

Cutting corners due to financial adversity many people buy cheap fake foods and fast foods hoping to save money. A fake food is one that does not appear in nature and is created in factories  such as brownies, donuts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pop tart and soy burgers.  Choosing unhealthy foods is penny wise and pounds foolish because you are robbing your health and wealth when you can least afford it. Consuming unhealthy foods is a double edged sword which lowers a persons brain function, energy, immunity, resilience and vitality.  Children are seriously at risk during the pregnancy and first seven years due to their nutritional needs for rapid mental development and physical growth.  A mothers lifestyle plays a significant role on the child’s long term development and health .

Man Jogging

Exercising is essential for health.

Cutting corners on exercise, fitness and nutrition often robs us of the happiness, health and wellness we need to perform at our best. Our bodies need the full spectrum of antioxidants, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins essential for health.  Our body and mind is designed to be physically active and we need exercise to help maintain our optimal blood sugar, fitness, hormones, mood and weight.

Chewing your food thoroughly is very important for grinding the food down to tiny bits while mixing enzymes and saliva for proper digestion.   Unfortunately many people in England eat their food while standing up or even worse walking.   This often results in the food being poorly chewed which hinders the digestion process and assimilation of nutrients causing additional stress to the body.  Digestion requires a large amount of energy and poor digestion can waste that energy.  Many people suffer with heartburn, indigestion and upset stomachs often caused by poor eating habits. Excess liquids with a meal also hinders the digestion process so drink water 30 minutes before eating.

Caffeine drinks such as coffee, colas, “Energy drinks”  and tea are often also loaded with sugar or synthetic sweeteners which are very acidic, addictive and harmful to ones health. Much of the coffee comes from trees sprayed with fungicides and insecticides which are neurotoxins. Excess caffeine contributes to adrenal stress, dehydration, hormonal issues and impaired sleep.

Small Problems Becoming Gross Problems

Chemical usage is rapidly expanding and they are being used extensively in businesses, farms and homes. These chemicals end up in the drinking water, food and people of course.

Deep Fried Chicken

Excessive eating is part of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Consuming excessive alcohol, dairy and meat is causing more arthritis, cardiovascular issues, gout, liver problems, varicose veins and other health issues.

Wearing comfortable shoes over painful shoes should be an easy decision.  While many women wear comfortable shoes to walk around in, many are wearing poorly designed and manufactured shoes.  Excessive confinement of the toes and higher heels cause pressure and torque of the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.  This can cause the feet, knee, hip, back and neck to be out of alignment and result in pain and many other health issues.  Women often end up with deformed and unattractive feet which are a painful reminder of their foolishness for following the fickle fashion industry.

Communication businesses and media use magazines, movies, newspapers, radio and television to manipulate our feelings and thinking. Promoting unhealthy beauty standards and consumerism often leads to many people suffering self esteem and self worth issues.

Circadian Rhythm Confusion is a Cause for Concern

Confusing the body by eating late and staying up late is responsible for increasing the emotional, mental and physical stress levels we experience.  In Ayurveda it is well known that our body prefers we eat a meal several hours before going to sleep (preferably by 10 PM) so that we can more easily digest the food early and then shift to re energizing, resting and restoring the mind and body.  When we eat and stay up late this adds even more stress to already stressful lives  When you are feeling chronically disjointed, out of balance and stressed you are much less likely to experience the feelings of happiness, harmony,  joy and love.

Chlorine, fluoride and other toxic chemicals are being added to the water which increases the burden on the body and liver to deal with them. Plastic bottles are a real problem and England does not seem to have a workable deposit system for recycling. Plastics are causing significant exposure to chemicals and greater amounts of trash.

Sugar and Stress Cause Serious Side Effects

Consuming excess alcohol, coffee, fruit drinks, sodas, sugar and sweets in England combined with stress and strain is affecting their health and well being. You can see in their eyes they are feeling sad, sick and stressed as they deal with the deterioration in economic, health and life style factors.

Bottles on Ice

Excess alcohol causes multiple problems.

Can unhealthy lifestyle choices like excess alcohol, drugs, smoking cigarettes, late night parties and excess television transform adults and teens to a better life? No. These behaviors rob the body, mind and spirit of the sanity and serenity to find balance, peace and tranquility. Start saying yes to leadership, personal development and self growth books, CD’s, DVD’s and events.

Considering England is an island blessed with beautiful rivers and the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea it is sad to see the water being so polluted by bar soaps, chemicals, laundry detergent, shampoos and other harmful industrial chemicals.

After reading England – The Great and Gross – Part 3 you may begin to see patterns and warnings for you and your home country. When we look at others objectively we may also be able to become more aware of our own blind spots and dark sides. A big benefit from studying health and history around the globe is to learn from the painful experiences of others and be the change we wish to see for a better world. Now that you understand England – The Great and Gross it is up to you to apply what you have learned to focus on the areas that are helping you instead of robbing you of perfect health and longevity.

Mastery Action Plan

What are top ten threats robbing you of your health and vitality? What are the top ten things you are committed to implementing and sustaining to help you enjoy even more great
nutrition, emotions, wellness and success? Watching a great English theme movie such as Notting Hill or Love Actually is an enjoyable way to appreciate the accent, humor and wit that makes England and her people great.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding unhealthy lifestyle choices you think are gross?

Next week the Great NEWS blog post will share: Standard American Diet Disaster is SADD