Last week’s article focused on the power of truth and this week we will focus on The Happiness Formula. With so much negative news in the world these days it is easy to see why so many people are feeling down and negative. Right now is a great time to begin focusing on ways to reverse those negative emotions and access more empowered feelings with the happiness formula.

This article and several to follow will be devoted to consciously and unconsciously directing your dreams and discovering your destiny. So much of the mass marketing media mania is dedicated to telling you how to buy more pay later, consume more

Saintly Blessings

Saintly Blessings

stuff, shop till you drop, spend more to save more and use credit cards to change the way you feel that people lose touch with their real feelings. With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead it seemed like a great opportunity to step back and reevaluate our priorities and principles to see if we are moving towards happiness or towards more stress.

Many people consider Thanksgiving to be the official start of the holiday season which lasts through the New Years celebration. For many people it is simply a time off from work or school to over eat, shop some sales and watch lots of football and TV. Rather than focusing on all the many blessings in life and being thankful many people focus on shopping, spending and stuff that has very little to do with the original intention of Thanksgiving. As the story goes when the pilgrims and native Americans celebrated the first thanksgiving together it was to celebrate hard work, a bountiful harvest and the importance of family, friends and forming supportive communities.

Now it seems that for many people Thanksgiving has mutated into a time for eating lots of unhealthy foods, holiday shopping and stressing over what gifts to buy. Each of these factors have been shown to contribute towards less happiness and health. With such a big focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales people are shifting their actions and thinking away from the emotional significance of happiness, health and harmony and instead focusing more on the distractions of glamour, glitz and guilt. People tend to think more about sales and shopping for stuff rather than inner satisfaction and selfless service for others.

When is the last time you focused on giving food or shelter to those that have less and maybe are even homeless?

What’s Most Important?

The Happiness Buddha

The Happiness Buddha

Last weeks article on the power of truth helped me refocus on what is really most important in my life.

It should come as no surprise that happiness, health and harmony are some of my top values. Many people say that happiness is one of their most important desires yet they appear to be doing things that create the exact opposite result. Happiness is a inner state of being not a result of external things, trinkets and toys.

It seems one of the missing links is a set of proven and profound principles which will serve as a code of conduct for people to follow. Right now it seems there is a lot of talk about happiness but unfortunately very few genuine strategies, suggestion and systems for actually walking the talk. The great news is that a brilliant man after a life time of struggling and suffering has come up with The Happiness Formula.

Life’s Happy Formula

Yes there really is a specific strategy call The Happiness Formula you can learn and apply to help insure your happiness when you learn how to do your part. Happiness is not rocket science but you might think it is by the few people who seem to enjoy that feeling on a consistent basis. Learn some proven and profound principles that anyone can utilize to create more happiness in their life.

The great news about this information is you’ll be accessing a super success system without spending any money. When you are totally committed to enjoying even more happiness, health and harmony in your life invest the time to check out The Happiness Formula from Gary King a caring and truly brilliant man.

Mastery Action Plan

BTW: Yes this is the same Gary King who speaks on the Power of Truth. Many people and yours truly included are very thankful to call him a friend and role model.

Listen to Gary King!

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Our next blog post will share: Simple Steps to Stop Stress