The previous Great NEWS post discussed The Paleo Craze and this week in The Paleo Craze (Part 2) we share more to expand your awareness of primal exercise, fitness and nutrition programs. It took me a while to experience The Paleo Craze and its great news I did. It is way too easy to adopt a modern diet filled with carbohydrates, fast foods and sweets which are causing a major disease and obesity epidemic. If you have been having challenges with diets, energy, high blood sugar, mood swings and weight gain now may be a great time to apply the information shared on saturated fats and The Paleo Craze to experience great results. The Paleo Craze is based on research in early human lifestyle and a mental mindset paradigm shift regarding an optimal way of eating, exercising, functioning and living.


Coconuts are great.

Coconuts are one of the best foods on the planet and require some work to collect and open in order to eat.

Personal experience with the Paleo lifestyle shows it may be a great option to help many people enjoy enhanced energy, endurance, fitness and health. Last week we covered some of the nutrition guidelines and this post will share some of the key distinctions and proven principles for exercise and fitness. Receiving great coaching and role modeling with high standards is important for great results.

The Paleo Craze for exercise and fitness is based on routines that replicate the activities and lifestyle that men, women and children needed for everyday life and survival. Men had to travel long distances on foot or paddle in search of food, new living areas and wild game. They had to carry all their food, supplies, tools and weapons long distances. When necessary they had to defend against other tribes and wild animals that may seek to invade the community. They needed great conditioning, endurance, flexibility, stamina and strength to go for days and even weeks when necessary even with minimal food. These skills meant survival all year and especially during the dry or winter season.

Feet are your most important form of transportation.

Bare feet walking and running is great

Children and women were responsible for gathering berries, fruit, plants, roots, seeds and supplies. They also had to carry the firewood, food and water from its source to the living area. This required fitness and stamina for extensive bending, carrying and walking on diverse terrain, topography and trails. Since a gallon of water weighs 8.6 pounds or 3.9 Kilos imagine carrying two gallons of water for 1 mile or 1.6 Kilometers. Most people in our modern world would have a tough time doing this. In Uganda I saw children carrying a 5 gallon container of water (approximately 43 pounds) from the well where they hand pumped it to their grass, mud and thatched huts. These kids are still living a Paleo lifestyle and were healthy and strong.

The Paleo Craze is the foundation to many exercise and fitness programs:

Body Weight exercises – Doing dips, lunges, push ups, pull ups, planks, squats, leg lifts and yoga

Monkey Bar Gym – Mostly body weight exercise plus bands, straps, weights, plus High Energy Eichen’s Yoga

Cross Fit – Combination of power lifting, gymnastics and sprinting for high intensity workout

TRX – A strap system for a wide variety of training techniques

High Intensity Interval Training – Many variations. Exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 90 seconds and do 8 repetitions.

Military Physical Training (PT) (calisthenics, leg lifts, push up, pull up, squat thrust, jumping jacks, sprints, (avoid sit ups)

Peak 8 from

Primal Blueprint taught by Mark Sisson

Power Yoga

Man standing on a rock in the mountains

Being fit is the key to health and longevity

Plan, Prepare, Physician and Physical Before High Intensity Interval Training

While I’m sure there are more versions out there these will give you a quick insight into the full potential and power these programs can offer. Before you go crazy and jump into a new exercise and fitness program do the following:

Be honest about your current level of fitness, health and lifestyle.

Get a complete check up and physical before adopting an intense fitness program.

Start eating healthier, walking and doing yoga now to prepare your body

Drink more water and practice deep diaphragm breathing each day.

Observe, research and watch the various programs to see which ones are compatible with your outcomes and current level of fitness.

Find a good fitness buddy, coach and trainer to role model.

Start slowly and work your way up to higher intensity.

Create an initial plan with 2 to 3 days of training per week.

Have fun as you focus on the fundamentals.

Be consistent and persistent to attain and sustain long term results.

Woman doing push up

Doing body weight exercises like push-ups is great for total body fitness.

Remember that healthy exercise, fitness and lifestyle combined with long term nutrition, safety and wellness behaviors, habits and routines create the life you desire and deserve. It is imperative you find a variety of Paleo programs that keep your body and mind challenged, energized and stimulated for health and longevity.

Give your self a quick test to see how in balance or out of shape you have become by slowly doing a full squat. Most people are unable to do this basic activity which is needed in order to have a normal bowel movement in nature. Yet most people in the modern world have lost the ability to do a full squat and then stand back up without holding on to something. Go ahead and try it for yourself to see if you need some primal conditioning. Next go for a walk with a one gallon jug of water in each hand and a backpack with 10 or 20 pounds of supplies. See how far you walk before you feel tired and worn out. Many people are unable to walk one or two miles let alone go for an hour or two.

Most of US is Out of Shape and Overweight

In Uganda I saw young children 6 to 16 walk to school up to two miles and many of the young children walked bare foot. What is amazing is they even sang and smiled while doing it. After school they would work with a heavy hoe in the garden, harvest food, haul water and then after dinner do their homework. Today’s kids are spoiled with car pools, video games, yard men and TV. No wonder Generation O is headed for diabetes, disease and obesity.

Primal people were able to catch, gather, hike, hunt, preserve and trap food in their territory 365 days a year. They lived close to Mother Nature and could deal with the fours seasons without the comforts of air conditioning, heating, microwaves and other modern conveniences. They were agile, balanced, flexible, strong and toned through constantly conditioning and training their body every day. Their very survival depended on it.

When you learn the primal nature of how the human body functions, heals and responds to the proper stimulus and training for peak performance you see we are designed for far more than we think we are. The Paleo craze can help you improve your beauty, health and vitality when you give your body and mind what it needs and wants. Providing your body with great nutrition, mental conditioning and physical training is essential for a healthy, resilient and strong system.

Walking barefoot in flowers

Walking is one of the best exercises when done at a brisk pace.

The lifestyle of the hunter gatherer is once again becoming popular and practical. As the Paleo craze is better understood and becomes a more accepted lifestyle you will begin to see major shifts in all areas of life. Communities, gyms, markets, neighborhoods, people, schools and stores will evolve to become more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. When you allow your common sense and intuition to guide your way of living you will soon see how the Paleo Craze makes natural sense and is more sustainable for the long term.

As you look for additional ways of  eating healthy, enjoying a more active lifestyle and optimal exercising it will become obvious the Paleo Craze is definitely worth the effort for long term fitness, lifestyle and well being. Avoiding the excessive creature comforts, indulgences and luxuries of modern living and begin focusing on exercise, fitness and longevity will help you eliminate the lazy lifestyle which will most likely cause health issues, obesity and weight gain.

As you learned in the previous blog the Paleo diet includes nutrient dense organic whole foods like algae, berries, dairy (raw), eggs, fish, fruits, greens, herbs, insects, grass fed meats, mushrooms, nuts, roots, saturated fats, seeds, sea weeds and shellfish which are delicious, nutritious and very satisfying. The majority of these foods are best when consumed raw or heated as little as possible. Eating at least 70% organic raw whole foods is important to keep you feeling great, fully fueled and ready for whatever comes your way. The right nutrition for your body type will result in less hunger pangs and prevent snacking on fast, fake and junk foods.

Paleo Exercise Guidelines Avoid Unnatural Routines:

Excessive cardio can be boring, time consuming and result in injuries

Avoid long distance jogging and running on hard surfaces which can injure joints

Machines or weight training targeting an isolated muscle

Machines and treadmills with TVs are distracting and often result in injuries

Excessive machines, improper techniques and excessive weight also causes injuries.

Over exercising can lead to fatigue and stress

Aggressive and excessive kicking, punching and twisting has caused many knee and hip injuries

Exercise machines that depend on electricity are not ecological or sustainable

Avoid over dependence on isolated routines and aerobics with more emphasis on full body resistance training.

Paleo Exercise Guidelines Apply Common Sense:

Agility, balance, flexibility, stability, stamina and strength are essential

Be consistent, insistent and persistent for quality training

Use routines that engage in a full body work out like planks, push ups, pull ups, presses and pulls

Vary the duration and intensity of a routine to keep the body challenged

Be aware and present while exercising

Use simple body weight and resistance training

Find exercises you can do any place, any time and any where

Focus on full range of motion and proper form

Core muscle strength is imperative

Maintaining your alignment, form and posture are key for safety.

Fuel your body with antioxidants, enzymes, fats, greens, minerals, nutrients, oxygen and water and train it to burn fat most of the time.

Running and walking barefoot in sand is fantastic and fun (minimal shoes like Five Fingers, River sandals and Birkenstock are great.

A couple walking on the beach

Walking on the beach in soft sand is great exercise.

When you are eating well balanced organic nutrient dense whole foods and wild foods on a consistent basis you will soon discover how easily your emotional, mental and physical health improves to transform your health. Now is a great time to discover and implement a Paleo lifestyle to improve your eating habits, fitness and wellbeing as you experience great results quickly.

This Great NEWS blog may upset some family, fans and friends that have specific beliefs around their favorite exercise routines and food beliefs. Unless you are experiencing fantastic fitness and perfect health you may need to change your approach to find a better system. My personal experience has indicated it is essential to eat a wide variety of nutrient dense organic whole foods for great endurance, energy, immune function and wellness. Avoiding modern man made fake foods, fast foods and junk foods requires diligence and discipline. The Paleo Craze has been working for centuries while many new age methods are fads that come and go.

This Great NEWS post was dedicated to educating you further on The Paleo Craze and specific exercise, fitness and training routines. Many people are being misled by advertising, diet products, fitness, media and weight loss programs by self serving companies and people that profit from your eating, fitness, over weight and sickness issues. The Paleo Craze and lifestyle can enhance your energy, endurance, fitness, health, immune system, mental function and well being. Give Paleo exercise and fitness a try and enjoy primal living.

What is your current Gap?

What areas of your body are still causing you embarrassment, pain or problems? Write them down and decide to focus on Paleo exercise routines to eliminate them and replace them with flexible, resilient, strong, toned and trained ones instead.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Create a list of 10 Paleo exercise and fitness routines you can do anyplace, anytime and anywhere. Read more about Dr. Mercola Peak Fitness at, Jon Hinds at and Mark Sisson at to see two of my favorite primal workout role models to identify what will work for you.

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