In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the eighth threat revealed The Big Bad & Ugly of Commercial Agriculture which uses harmful synthetic antibiotics, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, insecticides and pesticides.

The biotechnology companies are creating Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which are radically altering the balance of nature. By tampering with Mother Nature they risk destroying the natural symbiotic relationships of the animals, humans, plants and organisms of our environment.

genetically modified soy

Genetically Modified Soy Beans

They could easily start a chain reaction that will risk our very survival. The delicate changes and harmful consequences are far beyond our limited human ability to understand and have already changed the course of all life on earth, forever. We must first label all products that contain GE or GMO’s and stop the insanity of allowing them to be created and used for food.

Commercial Agriculture manipulation is a frightening situation similar to Dr Frankenstein creating a monster in that we are allowing companies to produce “Frankenfoods” and then feed then to animals and humans without having to disclose this important information.

No Trackable Solution to GMOs

We have no way of containing or even tracking the spread of GMO genes, promoter virus or bacterial marker sequences which are being used in the animals, foods and plants that are being created and which we consume.

If you think that antibiotic resistant bacteria are a disaster waiting to happen just contemplate the consequences of GMO’s with various bacteria genes inserted into their DNA mutating out of control.

In a scientific study on Roundup ready soybeans in three of the seven volunteers this happened when the gene inserted into the soybean transferred into the DNA of the bacteria of their intestines and continued functioning long after they stopped eating the GE soybeans.

When GE soybeans were fed to female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks. When male rats were fed GE soybeans, their testicles turned from a natural pink to dark blue. Sounds like your worst nightmare horror movie now growing in a GMO corn or soy bean field near you.

Remember about 85% of corn and 90% of soybeans in the US are Genetically Engineered as well as some varieties of canola, zucchini, crookneck squash, sugar beets and papayas from Hawaii

India Bans Monsanto & GMO Seeds

Not convinced yet? In India the Roundup ready Bt cotton seeds from Monsanto (largest seed company in the world and also manufacturer of Roundup herbicides and Agent Orange defoliant) was sold to unsuspecting farmers. The agriculture officials, farmers and government leaders were told it was safe and would produce more cotton, use less chemicals and therefore help them make more money.

Instead the crops declined and produced significantly less cotton, needed even more Monsanto chemicals and the farmers lost a lot of money and some lost their farms. Thousands of farmers have committed suicide in desperation by drinking Monsanto chemicals in hopes of saving their farms.

India, NO GMOLike they had done in the past the farmers let their cows and goats eat the cotton plants only to have them die. India has learned a tragic lesson from this horrific experiment and has now defied Monsanto and banned GMO seeds. Like any victim of fraud and injury they deserve justice in the form of compensation for all damages and injuries, full refunds for all chemicals, labor, seeds and loss of income in addition to punitive damages to compensate for pain and suffering.

Mexico’s Fight Against GMOs

Mexico had banned GE corn to protect their thousands of varieties from pollen contamination but pressure from NAFTA and US companies is determined to wear them down.

Mexico has almost 60 species of corn, 41 racial complexes and thousands of corn varieties which form a rich reservoir of genes for coping with drought and other adverse environmental conditions. They are very concerned about transgenic corn due to their long history of cultivating corn in addition to being their most important food staple.

The Bt toxin in GE plants is thousands of times more concentrated and toxic than the version sprayed on plants. It cannot be washed off since it is part of the plant. In 2001 Mexico documented their first case of transgenic contamination found in a native corn species in the state of Oaxaca. Farmers now pull out any mutant corn plant suspected of containing transgenic corn material.

The Path to Protection: Speaking Out

What will you do to speak up and protect yourself and your families from the toxic experiments conducted around the world with GE and GMO’s? How will you change your buying, eating and food preparation habits before it is too late?

Speak Out Against GMOsBy the way when you think of global big agriculture you might immediately think of the other global big brothers such as big pharmaceutical, big biotechnology, big food conglomerates, big financial institutions and the big sick care industries. You may ask, “Why?”

When you do a little research on the internet you will find that these companies are committed to conspiring, controlling, cooperating and cross pollinating together to eliminate competition and control the most precious commodities for human life on earth.

They want to control and monopolize the communications, financial security, food, fuels, sick care, land, seeds, technologies, utilities and water we depend on. While this article sounds a bit like the movie “Conspiracy Theory” starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, when you do your due diligence and read the shocking stories you will hear alarms and see warning lights alerting you to the dangers.

There are many ethical and honest doctors, researchers and scientists who have good reason for alarm and are warning us of an impending disaster.

If only a small portion of the data and documentation from the whistle blowers is correct it is in your best interest to avoid all foods and products that may contain GE and GMO’s. This includes such items as: sugar beets, canola, corn, cotton, papaya, soybean and wheat as well as farm raised fish and animal products which are often fed these items.

GMO corn is created by inseting a bacteria gene (Bacillus thuringiensis – Bt) which causes the corn to produce a toxin many times more toxic than the Bt spray that has been used. Many factory famed animals and fish are fed these unnatural foods which in turn puts you at significant risk.

Get Empowered: Read Labels

Read the labels and do your research before you contaminate yourself further. Think about the long list of products that may use GE corn such as: corn chips, tacos, nachos, corn tortilla, corn meal, corn bread, corn flakes, corn dogs and many others.

Then when you consider foods with high fructose corn syrup such as sodas, jellies, jams, ketchup, lemonade, salad dressings, juices, bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, granola bars, most cereals and lots more you begin to get the idea of how invasive these harmful ingredients are in our food supply system.

Please Speak Out to Label GMOsAlmost everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat”. After thinking about that profound wisdom for a minute, the next thought to consider is “do you want your body and energy to come from foods which are GE and GMO’s”? With a degree in biology, a minor in environmental sciences and a little bit of common sense the answer for me is definitely No!

Who in their right mind would even consider putting these freaks of nature into their body and their family’s? Unfortunately most people in the US do because in the US and many parts of the world there are no labeling laws and requirements for this informations to be disclosed. Most people consuming GE and GMO’s are literally guinea pigs and laboratory rats in a giant science experiment gone mad.

People will sign petitions to go green, improve school education, protect animals from cruelty, save the planet, stop bailouts and stop global warming without much thought as to what they are eating. Many are guilty of not asking questions of food vendors, reading food labels, thinking about GE and GMO ingredients or understanding the risks from what they are putting into their bodies.

GE Alfafa, Could be Next

Big Agriculture is now even proposing to use GE alfalfa which is a primary feed crop for feeding factory farmed animals. Even grass fed beef could be contaminated by GE alfalfa since many people think of alfalfa as a grass food and would believe the beef would be OK to eat it. Think again!

If chickens, cows, fish, pigs and turkeys eat GE crops and you eat them, then you are assimilating GE organisms into your body and brain. Once these GE and GMO plants are allowed there will be no stopping where they are used, where their seeds will show up and almost no way to know how a person became contaminated with them.

Seeds of Deception BookcoverWhen you read the bestseller book Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith you will learn how genetically modified foods cause health problems and the potential for creating a vast number of unforeseen consequences for the health of the entire planet. His second book Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods provides overwhelming evidence showing GMOs are unsafe and should never have been allowed.

Big Ag & the FDA Relationship

Big agriculture and their USDA best buddies (many of whom worked for the big companies first before being given positions of power to change the policies, protect theirs friends and former employers) and write less restrictive regulations.

For example Michael Taylor went from being Monsanto’s attorney to being their vice president, then became a policy maker at the FDA and then the head of US food safety. In 1992 Taylor conveniently claimed the FDA was not aware of any information showing that GM foods were significantly different than conventional foods, and therefore no testing and no labeling were required.

The story unfolds with the FDA being directed by the White House to promote the biotechnology industry, and knowing that most Americans would avoid GMO labeled foods like the plague and decided not to do so. This is clearly an example of backing the economic interests of the biotech companies and disregarding long-term human and environmental health.

Now the USDA is promoting GE alfalfa and eucalyptus trees. This is just one more giant step towards using GE and GMO’s to enhance their profits at the expense of the ecology and environment.

Ask for What You Want

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are one of the most significant threats to the survival of our human race. Once people understand this they can make better decisions with infromed choices to protect their health and longevity. Some of the best steps you can take to protect your self and family is to ask questions of all food vendors and to read the labels.

If the person does not know or if the package does not say organic the probabliity is very high that any canola, corn, cotton or soy is Genetically Engineered (GE) and should be avoided. An ancient parable says “ask and you shall receive”. If everyone continually asks for organic to insure the foods are not a GMO or have been feed GMO’s than that is what food establishments and grocery stores will provide. When in doubt avoid a questionable food and choose one you know is safe.

While most of the article has been focused on GE and GMO’s you must also be vigilant regarding the use of antibiotics, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.

A resource to help you, is they can help you make better choices by referring to > EWA’s Shopper’s Guide Website.

These topics were covered more in the article on Poisons and Toxins in Your Home. For more information on these risks please watch this 60 Minutes Report On Pesticides

Part One

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Part Two

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(Note: There is a segment documenting the birth defects attributed to using agriculture chemicals and pesticides in India)

While it may feel frightening and a bit overwhelming to discover that there are so many risks lurking in the foods we commonly eat it is important to remain calm and confident in your ability to step up to the challenge and not allow the big bad and ugly of commercial agriculture to destroy the environment and harm your health. Remember you have the power to make your voice be heard with every penny you invest in green, organic and sustainable agriculture which will protect your health. happiness and long term well being.

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