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“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me” is a common childhood phrase said to negate the comments of the mean, spiteful, or teasing offender. Modern psychology has realized that words are weapons, weeds, and wounds that harm and hurt and may contribute to long-term issues, pain, and suffering. Why do so many people feel it is ok to inflict pain in the form of physical pain or emotional pain on a child to shame or shock them into behaving or believing a certain way?

During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is very concerning to hear words used like weapons that have the potential to wound children long-term. For over two years we have been forced to deal with the doom and gloom words regarding the crazy coronavirus conditions. We see them in magazines, newspapers, and online. The media, news, social media, and television are retelling the same doom and gloom story. Because many doctors, government officials, health care professionals, and scientists are concerned, confrontational, and confused they say things that caused even more chaos, concern, and confusion among adults and children. The children are especially susceptible and vulnerable to being harmed, influenced, and upset. What these so-called experts seem to overlook and underestimate is the emotional, mental, and psychological impact their words have on both adults and children.

These conditions have opened the eyes of many people and sparked awareness and consciousness. It is time for all of us to unplug from the matrix and plug into conscious language and mindfulness regarding communications, languages, and messages we are receiving and sending. The constant fear-mongering and negative news messages are contributing to millions of people feeling sad, sick, and stressed out. Adults and children are struggling with many issues as they relate with their families, friends, school, and work due to the war of words that are weapons, weeds, and wounds of mass depression and despair.

“Remember every picture is worth a thousand words so seeing negative news in the media, print, and social media is like an assault on our emotions and senses.” —Michael Morningstar

History reveals the repeating cycles of leaders, politicians, and public health officials spewing doom and gloom and hypnotizing messages that result in mass psychosis and psychological distress. Now is the time to find reliable role models, resources, and responses to maximize healthy communication and language and minimize unhealthy language and messages. Awareness is the first step to making better decisions about the words we use and the words that we allow to use us. Pictures and words have a massive influence on our lives so we must be diligent to stand guard to what and who we allow to gain access to our minds.  By controlling the gates and portals to our minds we can better determine and direct our happiness, health, and well-being.

The blogs on Morningstar NEWS are part of my passion project to help people understand the issues that threaten us to avoid, minimize, and mitigate these situations to the best of our abilities.


Warning – Words Are Weapons, Weeds, And Wounds

Words can be weapons if they harm, hurt, or injure a person. Words are weeds is a metaphor that helps us understand that words we hear today can lay dormant for years and then germinate, sprout, and take root to influence different aspects of our lives. Words can become weeds in a person’s mind that create limiting beliefs. Words, as wounds help us realize that our anger, guilt, pain, or shame may be a wound that originated in our past and never fully healed. Unresolved hurts from our past can easily morph into anger.

Let us go through various scenarios and see how words are weapons, weeds, or wounds:

  • Church clergy is an example of people with significant influence that may be sending a harmful and hurtful message without realizing it. Can you remember a time when a clergy member talked about committing a sin and possibly burning in hell for eternity? Often clergy has used fear, guilt, and verbal threats to shape our behavior and beliefs. Many people have weeds and wounds that link back to clergy comments, communications, and confrontations.
  • Coaches and players in sports like basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, physical education, soccer, tennis, and track have a huge influence on adults and especially children. They can impact and influence how they behave, what they eat, and what they wear. Insane money can be associated with people in sports and their words can have a significant influence on children. Sports participants, players, spectators, and sponsors have a responsibility regarding their words and actions because the world is watching.
  • Doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical companies often use anxiety, fear, and intimidation to influence your behavior and beliefs to do what they tell you. It has been well documented they often have financial incentives and ulterior motives to manipulate your compliance. They often use words like “safe and effective” and “you have X months to live” when they have minimal or no significant data to back it up. These are clear examples of how words can end up being weapons, weeds, or wounds with significant impact. They often maximize possible rewards and minimize potential risks to direct your decisions. “Follow the money” are words with wisdom that are worth considering when you receive guidance from a doctor, nurse, or pharmaceutical company. Did you know that Americans spend more money on pharmaceuticals than any other country in the world? Could it be because of the words used in all the advertisements? Being careful about healthcare language and having an experienced adviser and advocate to insure your best medical diagnosis and treatment can be the difference between life and death.
  • Media, movies & television conglomerates control 90% of what we hear, read, and watch. Did you realize that around 200 executives in mainstream media companies have the power to decide the information the majority of Americans can access? Mainstream media companies receive almost half a trillion dollars in revenue. Carefully choose what words you allow into your mind and the minds of children who are easily influenced. How and when the words are delivered will determine if they are weapons,  weeds, or wounds. An example is the number of children who are playing violent video games that are not age-appropriate. Many children are also watching movies, TikTok, and TV which sends messages many parents are clueless about the potential of weapons, weeds, and wounds that may be embedded in the media messages.
  • Parents, grandparents, and siblings may be the most important and influential determining factors that can impact children long-term with the words they use. Parents, grandparents, and siblings would be wise to replay some of the mental movies from their childhood to recall and remember some of the many potential weapons, weeds, and wounds they dealt with. Parents can greatly benefit from high-caliber coaching and consulting to help improve their parenting. This is a great case where having reliable reflexes, resources, responses, role models, and Rolodex is extremely helpful.
  • Politicians, public figures, and public agencies wield a lot of power with the words they use. During the COVID pandemic, many of these individuals created a lot of weapons, weeds, and wounds that are harming adults and children alike. Adults and children have indicated a significant increase in their level of anxiety, confusion, depression, fear, and worry due to the words that were delivered over and over through various media outlets. Often the message was direct at adults but children were present and received the same message that was adult specific and not delivered in an age-appropriate method. Mental messages and words were delivered that painted very dark, scary, and sinister messages about potential dangers and disasters that may or may not be based on facts and science because that type of news and political maneuvering grabs attention and headlines. Anytime there are political mandates, manipulations, and messages being delivered and enforced it is especially important to heighten your state of alertness and awareness to activate your common sense and intuition to guard the gates to your mind and watch what words you allow to enter.  Because political power has so much authority and influence and the words they pontificate are potential weapons, weeds, and wounds with long-lasting consequences it is imperative we elect leaders that exhibit the highest levels of honesty, integrity, transparency, and trust.
  • School boards, teachers, and educational institutions hold massive control and power regarding the pictures and words our children hear, learn, say, see, and take with them for life. It is self-evident that parents must ensure that all forms of education and learning institutions be of the highest quality possible.  An education system is one of the most important investments a citizen, city, county, or country can make to improve its economy, productivity, society, and sustainability. It is important that we choose our curriculum and words carefully to ensure our education systems are not promoting words as weapons, weeds, or wounds but are instead promoting words for wealth, wellness, wisdom, wonder, and world peace.

Be Kind

Wisdom – Words For Wellness, Wisdom, and World Peace

Choosing what beliefs, thoughts, and words we invest the most time with will determine our level of wealth, wellness, wisdom, wonder, and world peace.

Here are words that help people focus on higher awareness and consciousness and invest in empowering emotions that are affirming, encouraging, healing, loving, and supportive. Use them daily and watch the powerful impact they have on others and yourself.

  • I appreciate you
  • I love you
  • I support you
  • I thank you

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog seeks to help you realize words are weapons, weeds, and wounds that can harm and hurt adults and children. They can contribute to long-term pain and suffering so consider conscious language to communicate with others to enhance their happiness, harmony, and health as well as yours.

“Our language and words determine our quality of life and the quality of life for our family and friends. They determine and direct our beliefs, behaviors, and daily decisions. It is essential to be conscious and mindful of our language, tone, and words because they help us manifest happiness, harmony, and health or sabotage our desires and dreams. Choose your words wisely” —Michael Morningstar

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