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In the previous blog, Words are Weapons, Weeds, and Wounds we shared how words can be very harmful and hurtful depending on how they are used. In this blog, we reveal a super powerful modality from Energy Psychology to heal and help reverse the harm that abuse and words from the past may have caused. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a superstar to help resolve emotional, mental, and physical issues. Many new issues are caused by the crazy coronavirus communications and conditions being directed at adults and children alike. EFT can help many people deal with these new emotional issues that are impacting their quality of life. EFT is a superstar at enhancing accelerated learning, emotional equilibrium, personal development, and self-growth.

Since the pandemic was declared and as the crazy coronavirus conditions continue we have been dealing with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) generated chaos, class closings, cons, confinements, confiscations, confrontations, confusion, crimes, crisis controls, and criticisms. As a result, many adults and children are anxious, bashful, concerned, depressed, fearful, stressed, withdrawn, and worried to the point of being harmful to their current and long-term well-being. For over two years we have been force-fed doom and gloom scenarios regarding the crazy coronavirus conditions and adults and children are stressing and struggling. We have been barraged by the media, news, social media, and television telling and retelling their fearmongering stories. Because the stories came from so many authority figures like doctors, government officials, health care professionals, and scientists, many parents and children have become deeply concerned, conditioned, and confused. Children are especially vulnerable to being harmed, influenced, and upset by imprinting and messaging. EFT may be the perfect anti-venom to the poison messages injected into the people and populations of the world. EFT can heal and help resolve the emotional, mental, and psychological impact their venom and words have had on adults and children.

Many adults and children are feeling sad, sick, and stressed. Adults and children are struggling with many issues relating to their families, friends, school, and work. Remember every picture is worth a thousand words so seeing negative news in the media, print, and social media is like a visual assault on our emotions and senses. EFT is easy, fast, and terrific at helping people reset and rewire their emotional, mental, and physical triggers and tripwires that put us in a stressful sympathetic response where we are wired to a fight, flight, or freeze response in order to deal with life-threatening dangers.

With so many hypnotizing and programming messages delivered, now is a great time to implement EFT to help de-hypnotize and de-program the negative news and psychological programming. EFT puts us back in the driver’s seat so we are in control of the messages, pictures, and words that massively influence our lives. We must always be vigilant to guard what and who we allow to gain access to our minds. By controlling the portals to our minds we can block out unhealthy influences that can sabotage our happiness, health, and well-being. Applying EFT can help update, upgrade, and upload new empowering beliefs and messages that support us.

The blogs on Morningstar NEWS are part of my passion project to help people be aware of the challenges that can harm us and take action with simple steps and suggestions that can protect and restore our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

EFT Tapping Points

Energy Psychology to the Rescue

As mentioned in the previous blog Words are Weapons, Weeds, and Wounds, there are three key areas where adults and children have been affected the most. Energy psychology offers many powerful principles and utilizing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  is a great way to help reverse the harm caused.

Parents, grandparents, and children are dealing with many additional emotional, mental, and physical stressors since 2020. The crazy coronavirus conditions are significant factors harming the health of adults and children. Many have been traumatized by the words used as weapons and weeds that created wounds. Parents can significantly benefit from using EFT to help themselves and then teach it to their children. Many high-caliber coaches and consultants are available to help you learn and use EFT.

Politicians, public figures, and public agencies have created a lot of weapons, weeds, and wounds during the COVID pandemic that are harming adults and children. There has been a significant increase in anxiety, confusion, depression, fear, and worry reported in adults and children since this pandemic began. Millions of people have had their emotional, mental, and physical health significantly affected by the scary and sinister messages delivered to the public 24X7. Political mandates, manipulations, and messages not only affect us currently but can affect our feelings and thinking for years and decades to come. Learning and practicing EFT on a regular basis is a great strategy to deal with the emotions, fears, and upsets that result from malicious and misguided people in positions of authority and power.

School systems are responsible for many of the fears and phobias around many people’s belief systems that cause issues with learning, math, public speaking, reading, self-esteem, and testing. Educational institutions have a massive influence over adults and children that influence them for the rest of their lives. If you or your children have unresolved negative emotions that originated from a school situation EFT is a great resource to help heal and resolve those issues.  Resolving issues that occur during your education can make a massive improvement and transformation that benefits every area of your happiness, health, and well-being.  It is also a great idea to encourage our education systems to implement EFT to help students learn better and faster and then recall and retain the information more easily.

Layers of the Energy Field

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Wellness Wisdom

Energy Psychology has many proven principles and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one that can definitely help many people improve their wellness and wisdom. EFT practitioners follow a core belief that EFT can help with anything and everything at any time and anywhere. It is a global and universal emotional, mental, and physical health modality that can benefit adults and children regardless of the root cause or resulting weeds that have infested and overgrown your garden of Eden. Even young children can learn how to use EFT to enhance accelerated learning, emotional equilibrium, personal development, and self-growth.

In 2014 Dr. Alexander Schuster hosted the Natural Health Summit and interviewed me about the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques to promote better health and well-being. Here is the link to the Youtube video recording from the Natural Health Summit – Emotional Freedom Techniques interview, where I demonstrate and discuss the many benefits of EFT. Tapping on acupressure points is an easy, fast, and terrific way to resolve unresolved emotional upsets and allows you the opportunity to collapse limiting beliefs to promote peak performance and rapid results.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog is offering a way to reboot, reset, and restore the happiness, harmony, and health of adults and children by practicing Emotional Freedom Techniques on a regular basis.

“In the Emotional Freedom Techniques tribe our belief system is based around try it on every thing, because we feel EFT can help with any thing at any time. What unresolve emotional upset can EFT help you resolve?” —Michael Morningstar

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