Climate Change

Climate change and the coronavirus crisis dominate the media, news, and politics. Many choices and decisions are being debated, discussed, and decided in order to deal with these global issues. These decisions will affect all of us for decades to come. Rather than sit back and be a follower, maybe it is time to be an innovator, leader, and role model for others to follow. The climate change and crazy coronavirus crisis communications are directed at people in a complicated and confusing way. There seem to be a lot of accusations, finger-pointing, and lip service being directed by a small group toward other small groups when the problem is gigantic and global and extends from the bottom of the sea to the tallest mountains and includes the atmosphere we breathe and depend on for protection from the radiation of the sun and all points in between. Many people want to direct these environmental and healthcare issues with a one size fits all approach and mindset. We must each do our part.

Climate change and the crazy coronavirus conditions are the tips of the iceberg as regards the 20 Threats to the Tribe damaging our environment and endangering all species of life that deserve to be here. We are barraged and berated by the media, news, social media, and television telling us that climate change and the coronavirus crisis can only be dealt with by following their recipe and recommendations. Because the solutions, stories, and suggestions come from a small yet powerful group of authority figures with conflicting statistics and stories it is hard to know who is telling the truth and who is bending the truth to orchestrate what is the best course of action for them.

Agency leaders, corporate executives, government officials, and scientists may be getting people to focus on the climate and coronavirus but without addressing all of the top 20 Threats to the Tribe. Fixing climate change and the coronavirus crisis will require a comprehensive game plan that includes all the global threats. It must focus on eco-friendly methods that embrace global values, visions, and virtues to implement conservation-oriented, fair trade, organic, regenerative, renewable, and sustainable policies for the air, land, seas, and waters of the world.

The Game of Risk

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Climate Change and Coronavirus Crisis

International companies and conglomerates are playing games around the world and we are dispensable pawns. Imagine the world is a game board and they are playing a game with the nastiest and worst aspects combined from Dr. Frankenstein, Monopoly, Musical Chairs, Poker, Risk, Russian Roulette, and War. All the animals, organisms, people, and plants are pawns to be sacrificed or used as necessary. BTW, the original game of Risk was called the Conquest of the World in French before Parker Brothers bought the rights and renamed it to a more passive-sounding “Risk”. The objective of winning the game is to strategically eliminate your competitors and gain control of all the land and resources. Does that sound familiar? Commanders, companies, conglomerates, and conspiring criminals are playing Risk around the globe with very high stakes. These players are gambling with the risks of bioweapons deployment, disease outbreaks, economic chaos, food shortages, nuclear fallout, and possibly World War III.

The chaos and confusion are causing many adults, children, and seniors to feel sad, sick, and stressed. People are struggling with many issues impacting their business, career, family, friends, school, and work. The passion and purpose for the Morningstar NEWS blogs are to help people focus on ways they can reboot, reset and rewire their emotional, mental, and physical states so they experience less stress and are able to create conscious choices and conservation.

Create Conscious Choices and Conservation

With so many conflicting messages about climate change and the crazy coronavirus crisis, now is a great time to breathe, pause, and think about who is pulling the puppet strings and why. When you do your homework and find the right network of peers you will discover ways to de-hypnotize and de-program the manipulative mayhem and psychological programming being promoted. We deserve to be the captain of our ship and determine our compass heading and the decisions that shape our destiny. Each of us has our own true north bearing that allows us to find the destiny we deserve and desire. We must stay vigilant and guard what and who we allow to access our conscious and subconscious minds. By controlling the portals to our minds we can block out the dark side that can sabotage our happiness, health, and well-being.

Remember we can update, upgrade, and upload new and improved hardware, operating systems, and software to facilitate empowering belief systems and behaviors:

  • Career choices are a major area that influences our quality of life. Your career path can be a heaven on earth or a living hell. Choose wisely.
  • Clothing choices are more important than most people realize. The clothes and fabrics you chose have a significant impact on your happiness and health as well as the health of the planet.
  • Community choices are another area to choose wisely because our environment and surroundings influence our quality of life.
  • Education establishes many of our belief systems and influences our future decisions. Parents made most of our early education decisions. Parents today are dealing with difficult choices and must participate with the school board and Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Homeschooling and private school may be a great choice for many children due to all the crazy coronavirus conditions. It is vital to continue self-growth and learn new and uplifting information. Remember readers are leaders.
  • Entertainment choices play a significant role in our education and evolution. Being outside in nature and playing can often be a more beneficial choice rather than sitting indoors playing a video game. The movies, news, and shows you choose to avoid or watch are very important in how your model of the world evolves.
  • Eco-friendly choices that are educational, enjoyable, and experiential may be a more ideal investment than buying more bling, things, toys, and trinkets. Many people have so much stuff they need a storage facility to hold the extra stuff.
  • Food and beverage choices play a major role in our happiness, health, and wealth. What baby steps can you take today to make healthier choices for you and the planet?
  • Housing choices directly impact the resources required to build, maintain and run a home. How we build and maintain commercial buildings, private land, and public land are important decisions. The energy resources needed for cooling and heating buildings over the long term should be a major consideration when making our decisions.
  • Lifestyle choices directly impact your happiness, health, and wealth. We are responsible for the choices that will determine our quality and quantity of life. Choose wisely.
  • Petroleum products and plastics come from fossil fuels. The world is rapidly burning fossil fuels that took millions of years to produce. It is estimated we have gone past peak oil and the global reserves are on a steady decline. Petroleum products and plastics are contaminating our environment and causing havoc on the ecosystems of the planet.
  • Recycle, reduce, re-fuse, repair, repurpose, resist, and reuse choices are essential if we are serious about preventing life on planet earth from becoming extinct.
  • Transportation choices play a major role in the amount of energy we consume and our health and wealth. Transportation plays a big role in our carbon footprint.
  • Travel and vacation choices play a significant role regarding many areas of your happiness, health, and wealth.
  • Water choices may seem simple but they are actually more complex and far-reaching than you realize. As more people stop contaminating, polluting, and wasting water the healthier the people and the planet will become. Please stop poisoning and polluting the water because who wants to drink toxic water from a factory, toilet, or washing machine? Remember we are drinking our neighbor’s wastewater.

The Beauty of Nature

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog is to redirect the Climate Change and Crazy Coronavirus Crisis chaos and communications to help us Create Conscious Choices and a Conservation mindset. It is time to update, upgrade and upload new belief systems to take charge of our happiness and health and protect the health of the world around us.

“Our belief systems (BS) and consciousness manifests in every cell of our body, every moment of our life…choose wisely the atoms, molecules, thoughts, and words you allow to influence your DNA and RNA” —Michael Morningstar

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