Industrial Food

Industrial Food

It has been over two years since we became aware of a novel coronavirus that has baffled many doctors, health care professionals, and scientists. Unfortunately, the crazy coronavirus conditions continue to cause chaos, concern, and confusion around the world. As the days of summer are getting shorter, weather conditions seem more problematic, and the global conditions are tenser than in the previous two years. It seems there are twenty threats to the tribe of humans and all living things that are converging to create the current challenges causing extreme hardship and harm. Scheduling some thinking time each week has created some aha moments and insights that led to this blog on the twenty threats to the tribe plus twenty tips to thrive and help people better deal with the chaos and confusion.

When you invest the time to study history, you will find that pathogens, patterns, politicians, problems, and public policy tend to repeat themselves over and over and cause cycles of death, disagreements, disasters, disease, disruptions, and distress for humans. Many of the factors are beyond human control so for most of those we must learn to accept, come to terms with, and deal with them. Other factors can be more influenced, manageable, and within our control to some degree and those are the areas we must learn to focus our energy, money, and time on in order to influence and invoke the higher consciousness, choices, decisions, and thinking for a better future.

To enhance your happiness, health, and longevity, it is important to first identify the health hazards and threats to the tribe.  Then we can identify role models, resources, and responses to navigate and negate many of these health hazards and threats. We can direct and influence our happiness, health, and well-being by making better choices and decisions in all areas of our life. It is up to each of us to be a part of the force for good and participate in our seven-generation reset and sustainable global rescue.

The blogs on Morningstar NEWS are my passion project to help people understand the health, safety, and environmental issues that plague us in order to avoid, minimize, and mitigate the situations to the best of our abilities. My goal is to identify current problems and potential problems in order to help with the resources, role models, and real-world wisdom to help people deal with them. The world is full of sad, sick, and struggling people because many people are stuck in survival and tribal mode of living and thinking.  They are either uneducated in certain areas of information and knowledge or they may be the victims of disinformation and misinformation that has been spoon-fed to them through public education and the mainstream media-directed systems. Access to a wide range of education, information, and vocation is vital to help people make better choices and decisions that will improve their happiness and health. My goal is to help people stop being part of the problems and start being part of the solutions.

Toxic Air Pollution

Twenty Threats to the Tribe

Over the last several decades my reading, research, and role models have helped me identify twenty threats to the tribe:

  1. Agricultural practices, Mother Nature, and natural ecosystems are necessary to provide food for all animals and humans. Unfortunately, many big agriculture programs are no longer based on local, regenerative, renewable, and sustainable models. Chemical fertilizers, Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) fake foods, habitat destruction, herbicides, irrigation mismanagement, mono-crops, pesticides, soil erosion, tilling (excess), and water wasting, are responsible for massive damage to the ecosystems, environment, and every country. Confined Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) are responsible for the abuse and overuse of antibiotics and hormones in raising animals for human consumption. They also create significant antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) pathogens, and animal waste problems.
  2. Bio-labs, bioweapons, chemical, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction are a serious threat to the health and well-being of all life on earth. This is one of the areas of greatest concern regarding the health, safety, and environment of all living organisms on the planet. As various agencies and governments continue to invest and research in the gain of function, genetic engineering, and growing deadly pathogens they are jeopardizing the health, safety, and environment of every being on the planet.
  3. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, immune disorders, and obesity are primarily due to a lack of education and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Companies make money providing unhealthy beverages, chemicals, foods, and products, and then other companies make money treating all the problems that the other companies caused and contributed to. It becomes a vicious cycle and people end up like rats in a cage on a wheel that goes round and round until they die from the experiment they participated in.
  4. Constipation, dehydration, malnutrition, and poor nutrition are major problems in the US and many other countries. These lead to unnecessary health issues at early ages, impact development and education and cause more problems that become worse over time. These conditions become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  5. Corruption, deception, ego, greed, law loopholes, lies, power, and tyranny that is used against the constitutional rights and free will of the people is a growing problem. A major factor that continues to contribute to many of our global problems is the patriarchs, people manipulators, politicians, and power players that put themselves above honesty, integrity, and the law. Companies, corporations, and corrupt politicians are driven by the desire for power, profits, and pure perversion. Many use cheap ingredients, conceal health hazards, and cut corners without concern for the health and well-being of the people who consume their products.
  6. Debt can be a beneficial financial tool or a double-edged weapon that can lead to excessive and reckless spending that drags down a person, company, or country. Too much debt for frivolous consumerism or government boondoggles and swamp spending can reap havoc on a balanced budget and free market financial system. Deficit spending and fiat currencies are being used to artificially inflate the economy today and create a bigger burden on people in the future. Unfunded government liabilities are growing rapidly and the system will eventually crash. Inflation is often linked, manipulated, and tied to debt which robs people of the purchasing power and value of their assets, income, investments, and retirement.
  7. Education systems that forget, neglect, and object to parent and student constitutional rights and religious freedoms create a risk to the community, country, and society. It seems that many of the public school systems in the US have become corrupt and power-hungry politicians determined to decide what is best for everyone based on their belief systems and their model of the world. Many parents have delegated their children’s education to the school system and the system has grabbed authority, money, and power to shape the children’s minds and thoughts for brainwashing, busywork, compliance, and sitting at a desk. Student pressure, stress, and testing tension are rampant. Children start off creative and eager to learn and often end up frustrated, stressed out, and unmotivated to learn the subjects the teacher tries to cram into their brains. Valuable years are lost and wasted.
  8. Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by various forms of electronic technology can be viewed as potential poison, pollution, and problem depending on how and where it is used. All living organisms on the planet are being bathed in various streams of EMF and EMR. Cell phones and towers, GPS satellites, high-power electric transmission lines, home wiring, Smart meters, and wifi routers all contribute to our dirty electricity, EMF, and EMR exposure. Cancer, disease, and disrupted sleep have all been linked to excess EMF and EMR.
  9. Emotional and mental health issues are becoming more common and the incidence of them is increasing rapidly. Many people are feeling left out, less than, lonely, and lost. Many people and veterans are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and are not receiving the help and support they need. Too many people are being prescribed chemical solutions from pharmaceutical companies as a bandaid when they need cognitive therapy, a comprehensive holistic lifestyle, and common stress reduction therapies.
  10. Energy production and usage of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and petroleum products are increasing at a rapid pace. Many times the companies that use these fossil fuels contribute to excess environmental damage and pollution because they implement cheaper concepts and cut corners to enhance the bottom line. Many energy companies receive a lot of subsidies and often escape the cost of clean-up and liability due to their actions that push for profits today at the expense of the environment tomorrow. To protect their payroll, profits, and potential parachute packages they prevent free market competition and protect their patents by purchasing new innovative technology and putting it in patent prison.
  11. Frankenstein Fake Freak Foods (GE & GMO) are becoming the norm for many food companies and food restaurants. Fake, fast, and fried foods are harming adults and children as they rob people of their hard-earned money while also robbing people of their health and future wealth. The quality of farming and food production is failing both animals and humans. Our modern mono-crop agriculture practices are depleting our soil and fossil water reserves and resources. Companies are slow to respond to the Save our Soil (SOS) message that predicts we will not have enough topsoil for food production within a few decades. Food labeling and ingredient integrity are sad and sick jokes in the United States compared to other countries.
  12. Fighting, military-industrial complex research and spending, wars, and weapons are major concerns for all countries and people on planet earth. Most fighting and wars have been caused by corrupt men driven by obsessive ego, greed, power, and tyranny against other people. We are being fed brainwashing, deception, disinformation, false flag patriotism, half-truths, lies, and misinformation to trick us into supporting the fighting and wars. In all wars, there are losers and bigger losers and all players on sides pay a very high price paid with pain and suffering that will go on for generations.
  13. Food insecurity, malnutrition, and poverty are a rapidly growing epidemic and many people would say a true pandemic, others would say an orchestrated planned-demic to reduce the wealth of the 99 percent and redistribute that wealth to the top 1 percent. It appears that some powerful people are puppet masters pulling the strings to control the global food supply for power and profit.
  14. Government agencies in the U.S. like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Nationa Health Institute (NHI) seem to be the pawns, playgrounds, and puppets of companies, corporations, and corrupt people with big bucks they use to buy the regulation, results, and rewards they desire. These agencies then influence all the other agencies and organizations around the world to affect the global population. The consequences are devasting to the happiness and health of people around the world.
  15. Lifestyle beliefs, behaviors, and habits are leading to excess stress, lack of quality sleep, minimal exercise, more sitting, and overeating. More people are becoming sad, sick, and stressed to the point that we have a global health crisis of worldwide massive deterioration (WMD). Either human beings are not as intelligent as they think they are or they are being brainwashed and hypnotized to follow the yellow brick road to depression, disagreement, distress, disease, disability, divorce, death, and dystopian doomsday by the pharmaceutical pied piper pursuing profits and power.
  16. Medical malpractice, mandates, misinformation, and mistakes are running rampant and ruining our happiness and health in the process. Better living through chemistry experiments has become the mantra of many doctors, government agencies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. The allopathic medical system is dominating our lives in a dangerous way and is out of control and running in the wrong direction to provide holistic health care and wellness services.
  17. Pollution from chemicals, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and plastics is poisoning people and the planet. Our air, buildings, clothes, land, and water are becoming dangerous toxic soups. Chemicals, heavy metals, and plastics are affecting all land and marine life. Plastic bottles contain chemicals, petroleum ingredients, and plasticizers in the plastic. Compounds like phthalates, BPA, and BPS leach into the contents and cause health issues. Many of these compounds are known to be endocrine disruptors and contribute to other problems like cancer. We must stop the single-use and throw-it-away mentality. Most recycling stories are greenwashing to hide the inconvenient truth and ugly waste that is piling up in landfills.
  18. Religion seems to be evolving into a complex battle plan, takeover strategy, and war zone to win the body, hearts, and minds of people around the globe. Instead of allowing people to believe and follow their own beliefs and god they are being bought, manipulated, paid, and pressured to follow the god of the wealthy winning teams. It has even become accepted and OK to use force and might to destroy, harm, and kill people that are infidels and do not comply with your version of the rules of the game of god, religion, and spirituality.
  19. Sugar and sweeteners such as synthetic sweeteners and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are overused in many beverages and foods.  Synthetic sweeteners and HFCS have been identified as major health hazards. The fact that HFCS comes from GMO corn should be a big and bold red flag warning to avoid it. High sugar consumption is one of the great risks for diabetes, heart issues, immune system dysfunction, and obesity.
  20. Water contamination, depletion, pollution, profiteering, scarcity, and waste are major issues for billions of people around the world. Even what we consider to be safely treated municipal tap water is often contaminated with dissolved chemicals, fluoride, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and pollution. Too many cities, counties, and countries are overconsuming their water resources and depleting the aquifers, lakes, and reserves of clean precious water. Many areas are allowing the best clean water to be used for agriculture and animals instead of preserving and protecting it for human consumption.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers helpful information and insights regarding the twenty threats to the tribe. The next blog Part 2 will share the twenty tips to thrive as you stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution and enhance your happiness, health, and longevity.

“Our quality of life begins with our beliefs, behaviors, habits. and identity which determine our daily choices and decisions.  To improve our quality of life we must update and upgrade our identity to a higher standard which will pull us to higher levels of consciousness, happiness, health, and peace. Choose wisely.” —Michael Morningstar

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