This  blog post summarizes the Top Ten Benefits of Living Cuisine and Raw Foods and is dedicated to the chefs, educators and nutritionists sharing a holistic health and raw foods message.

Being a guest speaker at the Raw Spirit Festival 2010 in Prescott Arizona provided me the opportunity to network with other guest speakers and individuals offering a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Raw Food Principles

Once you understand the basic principles of buying, preparing and eating living cuisine and raw whole foods you will rediscover the fantastic flavors and fun of this easy and effective way to enjoy holistic health and natural nutrition. Nutrient dense organic raw whole foods naturally taste great and are great for you. Raw foods are those that maintain their full potentency by being carefully stored and prepared at a maximum or 118 degrees Fahrenheit or less depending on the type of food.

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  1. Antioxidants are maintained in their most potent state to counteract any free radicals in our body.
  2. Energy and information is transmitted from our foods to our digestive, endocrine, immune and nervous system in its most informative and natural state.
  3. Enzymes maintain their full ability and potency to assist in the digestion, assimilation and processing of foods.
  4. Essential oils are available from the foods without being destroyed, removed or vaporized. These essential volatile oils are the natural compounds that protect plants from bacteria, fungus, parasites, pathogens and virus. By consuming these compounds we can derive similar benefits.
  5. Minerals and trace elements remain in their most pristine state and are not disrupted by being heated.
  6. Raw foods maintain more phyto-nutrients the cells need so you can eat less and still receive everything you need for optimal health. This helps prevent over eating which is usually a combination of emotional issues as well as the body craving important nutrients. It is easier to maintain a healthy weight when you give you body what it needs and wants.
  7. Vitamins are more abundant in raw foods. They are also more bio-available when they are in their natural and unheated form instead of cooked or processed foods.
  8. Raw foods and plants provide a measurable megahertz of energy which are very beneficial for enhancing digestion, energy, hormones, immune function, vitality and wellness. Just like computers our cells, glands and organs depend on specific frequencies and megahertz of energy for health and vitality. Cooking disrupts and reduces this natural megahertz of energy in foods which greatly reduces the full potential of the foods you eat.
  9. Pro-biotics are the healthy bacteria that occur in nature which coexist with foods and populate our gut to digest foods and enhance our immune system. Cooking foods kill these healthy flora and fauna which are essential for optimal health and longevity. Fiber is also a very important component of a plant based diet and is great for feeding the pro-biotics in our intestines and helping maintain great intestinal tract health.
  10. We save big with raw foods. We can save significant amounts of energy by eating raw foods instead of cooking. Cooking requires butane, charcoal, coal, electricity, gas, oil, petroleum or wood for fuel which releases carbon emissions and increases global warming and pollution. Accessing and processing these fuels for our use usually results in damage, and destruction to our ecosystem and environment. In place of these many people can use a dehydrator, solar dehydrator or solar oven to warm food and heat water. Obviously solar and wind power are also clean energy alternatives.[/colored_box]

Eat Healthy While Reducing Your Food Expense

We can save money in the short term and even more in the long term by eating mostly raw foods. Buying and consuming locally grown nutrient dense organic whole foods reduces the expenses and needs for chemical fertilizers, fuel for equipment, excessive transportation, distribution and warehousing. Growing your own saves even more money. We also save lots of money by maintaining our health and reducing our need for medical procedures, over the counter drugs and prescriptions.

We can all save enormous amounts of time by eating live cuisine and avoiding the labor and time to cook foods. Many people do not like to cook due to the time factor. Raw foods are easier and faster to prepare than cooked ones.

Remember: cooking at higher temperatures destroys the vital enzymes, nutrients and vitamins that foods provide. Baking, boiling, broiling, frying, grilling, microwaving and pasteurizing are a destructive means of food preparation. Research has identified that surplus sugar in your blood can react with cooked fats and proteins which lead to the formation of toxic Advanced Glycation End products. These cause inflammation and oxidative damage and contribute to the progression of many diseases related to lifestyle.

When you must prepare and warm foods seek alternative solutions such as sautéing, solar cooking, sprouting or steaming (lightly). Another great choice is to warm foods in a dehydrator with the temperature control set to 118 degrees or less. Raw foods are the best way to maximize the valuable nutrients and vital life force while avoiding the breakdown and destruction of cooking foods.

This collection of the top ten benefits of living cuisine and raw foods is the foundation for your strategic plan to maximize your happiness, health and harmony in life. Living cuisine and raw foods are the best foods on the planet for long term health and vibrant energy.

Mastery Action Plan

Being interviewed at the Raw Spirit Festival on camera by Paul Malkmus the President and CEO of Hallelujah Acres was a magic moment. Enjoy watching the interview!

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Please check out their website, click > Hallelujah Acres: We Juice Up Your Life and find some great recipes and resources.

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