October 22, 2009
Upon returning home from two weeks of international travel it was great to restart my routine of energizing exercises with basic equipment for a greater variety of workouts. Even without a gym membership offering expensive and fancy equipment it is easy for anyone to be fit and healthy with low cost basic fitness equipment at home.

It is common for many people to join fitness clubs early in the year and then quit later in the year after frustration, injuries or time challenges set in. Many people also loose momentum during business and vacation travel and then find it difficult to restart their gym fitness programs after loosing the gains they had achieved.

Stay Fit on a Budget

With a little creativity and research it is easy to purchase some low cost new or used basic exercise equipment. Then it is easy to create a variety of great exercise and fitness routines that can be done at home and even while traveling. The lack of access to fitness centers, gyms or personal fitness trainers are not valid excuses for preventing you from maintaining your personal fitness program.

It is essential to exercise on a consistent basis to maintain your fitness, health and long term wellness. When you understand the amazing benefits that exercise and fitness provides for all areas of your life it is easier to develop the mindset to maintain the healthy habits and regular routine. You are probably well aware of the amount of strain and stress most adults and children experience today with the fast and hectic pace of life due to choices in lifestyles, school and work. With the irregular patterns of eating, sleeping, traveling and working it can be easy to make excuses rather than maintain your exercise and health routines.

At Home Fitness EquipementMany people gain several pounds during the holidays, summer or winter seasons due to eating more and exercising less. With basic fitness equipment and prior planning it is easier than you may think to develop an exercise routine to maintain or regain your energy and health.

Simple basic exercise equipment for at home fitness include: aerobic steps, backpacks, dumbbells (hand weights), mini rebounder, Swiss exercise ball, and a yoga mat.

You can even use plastic bottles filled with sand or water it is easy to enjoy a wide variety of daily activities and fitness routines for great health. When you invest in low cost basic exercise equipment these items will be available for easy access whenever you are ready. There are easily 10 basic exercise equipment items that will provide an almost unlimited variety of exercise and fitness opportunities. By engaging various muscles groups with different exercises, range of motion and weights it is easy to see and feel benefits from the great workouts.

Basic Fitness Coaching

It is important to learn the basic guidelines of various exercises as well as human physiology to insure you develop great habits and safe routines to provide a lifetime of fitness and health. With proper coaching and guidance you are more likely to avoid accidents and injuries which result from improper exercise form or positions. It is important to monitor your overall level of fitness, health and well being.

Also be sure to schedule periodic health and wellness exams and screenings to track your overall health and vital statistics. With a well balanced fitness, health and longevity program developed around aerobic and anaerobic exercise, holistic health, whole food nutrition, stress reduction and natural supplements it is easy to maintain great health.

[colored_box title=”Energizing Exercises You Can Do Using Basic Equipment Priced Under $50″ variation=”teal”]

  1. Walk with a backpack with weights or hand weights or both.
  2. Use dumbbells for arm curls, lifts and presses. May be done lying or sitting on a Swiss exercise ball or while standing or walking.
  3. Use an aerobics step to strengthen the leg (thigh, hamstring, buttocks, calf and foot) muscles. May be done with or without hand weights.
  4. Do squats and lunges wearing a backpack or with hand weights
  5. Bounce on a Mini rebounder without or with hand weights. (Use caution to insure you have a good rebounder and good balance. Some new models even provide a hand rail for support.
  6. Do push-ups. (change hand positions or use a Swiss exercise ball or other support device under your feet or hands for a greater challenge)
  7. Do abdominal crunches, back lifts and stretching exercises using a Swiss exercise ball. Hand weights can really increase the intensity.
  8. Practice daily toe raises and dips (1 or 2 leg version) at curbs, stairs or adjustable step, etc.). These can be done easily anytime during the day. Try them with hand weights and a backpack to increase the intensity in less time.
  9. While in the superman pose (while lying on the floor) alternate raising either 1 or 2 arms or legs. More advanced levels may use hand and/ or leg weights. (caution for those with back challenges)
  10. To do seated dips (while seated on a firm chair, bench or step) support yourself with your hands behind you and heels safely in front. Then slowly bend your arms/ lower your buttocks toward the floor and return. Wearing a backpack or raising the heels up on a step increases the intensity.


Even with very basic exercise equipment there are hundreds of exercise combinations possible to help you stay fit and healthy. It is simply a matter of integrating these activities into your current daily routines. Your desire, discipline and diligence will determine your overall level of energy, vitality and wellness.

With a home based fitness program any one can easily engage in energizing exercises with basic exercise equipment regardless of their budget or time schedule. Remember that maintaining great fitness, health and nutrition programs will pay big dividends and help you enjoy a healthy, long and prosperous life for many years to come.

Our next blog post will share: Happy Healthy Feet

Disclaimer and safety reminder: Always use caution and good judgment when exercising to insure you are focused, present and safe as you participate in any activity.