During a recent two week trip to Italy it occurred to me that anyone can stay fit and healthy while traveling by engaging in energizing exercises without equipment for workouts. It is common for many people to travel quite extensively for business, career, education and vacation and neglect their fitness programs while traveling.

With a little focus and planning it is easy to engage in some great exercise and fun at the same time. You do not need to let the lack of access to fitness centers or gyms prevent you from maintaining your fitness program.

Exercises You Can Do While Traveling

While you are traveling it may be even more important to maintain your fitness, health and nutrition mindset due to the extra strain and stress that may be associated with being away from home. Due to changes in time zones, eating routines, sleep patterns and new activities it can be easy to let yourself back slide and undo months of progress regarding your health routines.

Jogging by the WaterMany people gain several pounds while traveling as a result of eating more and exercising less. With prior foresight, ingenuity and planning you can maintain your eating and exercise routine to maintain your energy and excellent health.

Even without exercise equipment and fancy gyms it is easy to incorporate fitness into your daily activities and exercise routine. When you plan and pack a few items of appropriate clothing and shoes it is simple to access a variety of exercise opportunities.

It is also important to pack some healthy snacks, super foods and supplements to help maintain better eating patterns while away from your normal patterns.

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  1. Walking is a great way to stretch the leg muscles after a long drive or flight. Carrying water bottles in your hands helps maintain the upper body and provides a full body workout.
  2. Jogging or running for even short distances helps build endurance, power and speed.
  3. Using the stairs in an airport, hotel or parking garage are great ways to strengthen leg muscles and your lung capacity
  4. Squats and lunges in your room are easy and fast ways to burn calories and provide a quick lower body workout. .
  5. Yoga is great for maintaining your flexibility and core strength while also relaxing the body and mind. Remember to focus on deep breathing and gently releasing and relaxing any tension.
  6. Push-ups (full length, kneeling version or wall lean version) are fantastic and fast routines for upper body stamina and strength.
  7. Crunches or leg lifts help keep your core abdominal muscles strong.
  8. Toe raises (1 or 2 leg version) and (dips on a curb, step, etc.) are fantastic for quick stretching and toning.
  9. The Superman pose (while lying on the floor alternate raising either 1 or 2 arms or legs) is great for maintaining a healthy back.
  10. Seated dips help with shoulder and upper body fitness. (while seated on a firm chair, bench or step support yourself on your heels and hands/ arms and slowly lower your buttocks toward the floor and return).

There are many other examples and exercises that help you stay fit and healthy while traveling. You are only limited by your desire and imagination to sustain your overall level of energy, vitality and wellness. Any one can easily engage in energizing exercises without equipment regardless of their travel destination or duration.

It is just a matter of integrating these activities into your current daily activities and routines. Remember that maintaining your fitness, health and nutrition programs will pay big dividends to help you enjoy your trips even more now and in the future.

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