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What are your guiding parenting principles for food, health, and nutrition to ensure happy and healthy children? By the way, parents shop and talk it appears a lot of parents are slipping, stressing, and struggling as parents and knowing what to do and say to their children regarding a family friendly food foundation for happiness and health. With all the advertising agendas, fake foods, government guidelines, marketing mania, phony products, and time factors influencing our busy days it seems extremely difficult to know what to do.

This blog is designed to educate and inform you with some common sense and first-hand experience from over forty years of parenting and personal life lessons. You and your family will benefit from more clarity, energy, and insights as you improve your parenting and personal performance.

Everything around us consists of energy and information which influences our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. If you allow the external world to blindly dictate how you think, it can drive you down their path to pitfalls, profits, and problems. My goal is to offer simple and smart strategies and suggestions that may be helpful and timely so you can make better choices.

“Now is a great time to better understand what has shifted in the last one hundred years to cause the health crisis we face today so you can update and upgrade your choices and decisions now before it is too late.” — Michael Morningstar

When you understand the importance of daily decisions for directing your family behaviors, beliefs, and biology you can be prepared as parents for the full marketing assault by the beverage and food industry. Better choices and decisions regarding the family food, health, and nutrition will pay compounding dividends now and in the future for generations to come.

Proud Parenting Principles

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Parents owe it to themselves and their families to invest time each day for making better food, health, and nutrition choices. Your future happiness, health, and wealth depend on your daily choices and decisions. First, you must analyze your current situation honestly. Common sense and your gut instinct will tell you whether you are energetic, fit, and healthy or not. If parents are not willing to be direct, honest, open, and safe regarding the family state of the union then they may sentence their family to future doom and gloom. Your feelings, thoughts, and words about your state of being will influence and imprint on your healthy children to program the future choices and decisions they make in their daily lives. A family can be happier and healthier or sadder and sicker depending on the choices and decisions of the parents.

Adults and children are programmed each day by the beliefs, behaviors, and habits they adopt and attract. Just like a cell phone or computer is programmed with apps, codes, and software we must be very careful what and who we allow to coach and guide us. Parents must find health and lifestyle resources and role models that are reliable and trustworthy to serve as their GPS (Global Position System) and OS (Operating System) guidance. Choosing healthy peers and role models that walk the talk can help parents focus on training their body and brain for happiness, healing, and health and being a great role model for their healthy children.

Parenting Principles & Positive Psychology

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Parents must start with positive psychology to influence their children, family, and friends because we are community-oriented beings. Education and information provide a strong foundation for families to be happy, healing, and healthy. Great resources and role models will help you be relaxed, resilient, and resourceful as a parent and your children will see this and role model you. The following ideas and suggestions are the best of the best that have helped me during my forty years of parenting my three amazing children. They can help you shift your emotional, mental, and physical state to create new patterns to help your children shift their emotional and physical state for peak performance and personal growth.

  • Ask your kids questions each day about food to see what and who is influencing them.
  • Beliefs become biology because it affects your choices. You are what you eat and think.
  • Choices determine your happiness, healing, and happiness each day so chose wisely.
  • Decisions determine your destiny. For better or worse, for sickness or health.
  • Exercise each day helps keep the doctor away.
  • Fitness and fun must be a daily priority because a fit body creates a smart and strong body and brain.
  • Gratitude is good medicine.
  • Happy, healing, and healthy habits help us handle our life challenges better.
  • Invest in your happiness and health for big dividends now and in the future.
  • Just say no to Frankenstein foods and GMO.
  • Knowing what to do is good. Doing what you know is healthy is what makes a great parent.
  • Lead by example. Lead and love your kids with wisdom or someone with wicked intentions will.
  • Mental health and physical health is a mindset. Make your mitochondria happy and magic moments can happen.
  • Nutrition provides our foundation and our fuel. It will harm or heal.
  • Optimal health comes from optimal food and nutrition.
  • Parents must find peers that help you update and upgrade your performance.
  • Quality and quantity of family time and food will determine their destiny and your destiny. Choose wisely.
  • Remember that resources and role models can help…choose wisely.
  • Sugar is addictive. It is like rocket fuel that can blow up and burn down your body.
  • Think about what and where you want to be in thirty years. Invest time to be happy and healthy or risk being sad and sick.
  • Understand the same temptations that affect you are affecting your children.
  • Values and vision will guide you and your kids. Do a food, health, and nutrition Vision Board to guide you.
  • Water is the best beverage for happiness and health. Winners drink water to hydrate.
  • X out the fake, fast, and junk food to be happy and healthy.
  • Yoga is a great family habit to be happier and healthier.
  • Zen and zest for a healthy lifestyle can minimize pain and suffering.

Passion for People & Planet

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from using the proud parenting principles for food, health, and nutrition to set a great example for their healthy children for even more happiness and health now and in the future. How will you apply these proud parenting principles to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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