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How are your beliefs, energy, and psychology helping or hindering you during this crazy coronavirus pandemic? There are over one hundred modalities linked to Energy Psychology that can help you boost your happiness, health, and well being even in spite of crazy times.

Today our goal is to share the powerful benefits associated with understanding Body Language and Brain Gym to promote a healthy lifestyle. Body language and Brain Gym are powerful modalities that can benefit and boost your emotional energy and positive psychology to help improve the emotional, mental, and physical state. Everything around us and in us consists of energy and information which influences all areas of our health and well being. Energy psychology can help us improve our health as we tune in better to the people and world around us.

Energy Psychology is the collection of body-mind mindsets and modalities to improve human functioning and understanding about what we do, experience, and think. By focusing and tuning into our behaviors, and thoughts we can better direct our beliefs, habits, and routines to be even more happy and healthy. We deserve and desire to be even more happy and healthy by accessing our resourcefulness. The two Energy Psychology A-Z modalities to think about this week are our Body language and the benefits of Brain Gym.

Body Language as Energy Psychology

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Our body language communicates a wealth of information about our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. Our body language serves as a method of communicating and transmitting a snapshot and sneak peek into our beliefs and feelings that shape and steer our lives.

Every feeling, thought, and word you express or repress establishes subtle energy and information that influences you and the people and world around you. You can choose to be happier and healthier or you can choose to be sadder and sicker depending on the beliefs, body language, and emotions you choose to hold in your body and consciousness. Remember your beliefs and thoughts become your body and things around you. Happy and healthy actions and beliefs can lead to joy, smiling, and wellness. When you focus or think about things that cause you anxiety, fear, and worry your body and face give off clues and signals which over time can result in dis-ease. When you focus on appreciation, gratitude, and love you can manifest happiness and health in your body and brain.

Our beliefs influence our body language which influences our body-mind actions and reactions to the world around us. It is common for people to observe and read our body language and respond to us based on their gut feeling and instinct.

“When you are cheerful, happy, and open people are more likely to warm up to you. When you are frowning, hunched over and sullen people are more likely to avoid connecting or reaching out.” —Michael Morningstar

Our body language can start a chain reaction that can help us feel better and happier or sadder and sicker all based on the mental and physical outlook we choose to embody and embrace.

Aggressive, negative, and overpowering body language can appear to be harmful and hurtful and repel people. Calm, positive, and warm body language can attract and influence people for more communication and connection. Our basic beliefs and behaviors have a big influence on our mental and physical demeanor which then drives our actions and habits. The beliefs we hold most consistently and frequently can manifest in our body language and then influence those around us. Your beliefs and thoughts paint a picture on you that influences how others dislike or like you and how they will respond to you. Our subconscious mind is reading body language and faces constantly to determine how we will respond or not respond with others. Our body language determines and directs whether a connection or disconnection occurs and affects every aspect of our life and relationships with others.  Therefore your body language evidenced by your mental and physical state will result in a negative detriment or positive benefit.

To boost your body language turn off your: anger, critical comments, crossed arms, frowny face, hunched shoulders, mean spirit, negative attitude, sad face, and terrible tantrums. Avoiding negative news, negative people, and negative things that bring you down can help.

Better Body Language

To turn on better body language:

  • Believe in miracles
  • Change your tone
  • Dance
  • Focus on gratitude
  • Look people in the eye
  • Love yourself
  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga
  • Sing
  • Smile
  • Sit and stand up straight
  • Think uplifting thoughts

Many people believe affirmative body language may boost your health and longevity. The key is to learn to be more aware of your beliefs which will determine your body language due to external and internal influences. Then you will be able to better direct your actions and reactions to manifest more of what you want in life. By just being mindful as we go about our day we can check our body language in order to choose and think more carefully how we appear to others. Our experience of life is greatly influenced by our body language and verbal language …so choose wisely how you show up every day as being a negative or positive person.

Learn to direct your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts, so your actions, behaviors, and body language projects a positive and uplifting image.  Most people want to be around people with positive actions, feelings, and words. Many people have been able to improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being by simply manifesting better beliefs and body language which portrays them as being happy, healthy, and hopeful regardless of the crazy coronavirus confusion and consequences going on around them.

When we align our beliefs and body language with a positive emotional, mental, and physical outlook we can create more magic moments and manifest more health and wealth. We control our happiness and health by our beliefs, body language, and choices…So choose wisely. Remember our beliefs play a major role in our external and internal well being so find ways to boost your energy and psychology which will boost your body language.

Brain Gym as Energy Psychology

Head Brain Particles Explosion - geralt / Pixabay

Brain Gym is the art and science of conditioning and training our body and brain to link and sync in better and more powerful ways. Using Brain Gym exercises, movements, and techniques we can learn to train our body and brain for better outcomes.  Understanding the body-mind connection helps us to better direct our emotional, mental, and physical development and quality of life. The Brain Gym program is made up of twenty-six activities combined with several movement techniques that help address balance, coordination skills, and posture associated with daily life. Brain Gym can help synchronize your muscle and nervous system for better communications, comprehension, emotional health, focus, and organization skills. Brain Gym has many applications and benefits for athletic training programs, children in school, corporations, nursing homes, and senior care facilities.

Brain Gym routines can be a great way to better direct or modify aspects of our mental and physical performance to improve our happiness, health, and harmony. One of the foundation principles and main themes for Brain Gym is activities, exercise, and movements that result in a part of the body crossing over the middle line that runs from the top of our head to between our feet. Three common Brain Gym exercises include:

  1. Using one or both arms pointed in front of you and moving to trace a sideways figure eight (infinity sign) that is about the width of your body.
  2. Walking in place while alternating and touching the left hand to the right knee and then the right hand to the left knee.
  3. Crossing your arms twice, fingers and legs all at the same time while standing up.

There are also various alternating breathing techniques that can be used also.

Brain Gym activities and training offer a basic therapy to help the body identify, reconnect, and resolve various disconnects between the left brain and right brain in relation to both sides of the body. Brain Gym resets and re-sends special signals to help the body and brain heal, improve, and perform better. There are many great Brain Gym coaches, courses, and resources to help you learn more about the many benefits and uses of Brain Gym to boost your energy psychology, performance, and well-being.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from understanding how body language and Brain Gym can help maintain better happiness, health, and performance. How will you apply these energy psychology strategies to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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