When was the last time you read, researched, and reviewed some basic human biology, chemistry, physiology, and psychology? These days it may seem easy, effective, and safe to delegate your decisions for health, medical care, and well-being to the government agencies, medical system, and public health officials. After all, we have been told over and over that they are the experts and they have our best interest in mind when it comes to making our health and safety a top priority. During the crazy coronavirus conditions, the holiday season, and winter may be a great time to re-think your level of full faith, obedience, and trust my mentality when it comes to your choices and decisions regarding your health and well-being.

With the current crazy coronavirus conditions, now is a great time to invest the energy, money, and time to look closely at your overall emotional, mental, and physical wellness. It is essential for you to be the CEO of your happiness. health and holistic lifestyle because there are too many people with power who are willing to put their best interest above your best interest.

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping people wake up to the real world we live in today and take full control of their choices and decisions if their happiness and health are important to you. During these current crazy coronavirus conditions, there is a significant amount of disinformation and misinformation that is coming from agencies and people that want to control and dictate policies and procedures that they feel are right for you when in fact they may be wrong for you.  A lack of education and information can put the happiness, health, and lifestyle of you, your family, and your friends at risk.

“Your happiness and health must be a high priority if you want to enjoy the life you desire, deserve, and dream of.” —Michael Morningstar

Airway Issues

It is easy to develop airway issues over time and many people do not even realize it. There are many factors that contribute to airway issues. Our airways consist of our lungs, mouth, nose, sinuses, and esophagus,

  • Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding can impact the way our palet forms.
  • Food choices can impact our airways and breathing.
  • Jaw bone formation and issues can affect our breathing.
  • Mask wearing can impede the volume of air and oxygen thus affecting our breathing.
  • Mouth breathing versus nose breathing can impact our health and well-being.
  • Pacifier usage can affect an infants breathing.
  • Posture affects our airways and breathing. Poor posture harms our health in many ways.
  • Sleep positions, posture, and size of a pillow can greatly affect your airway and breathing.
  • Snoring can be a sign our airways are not performing.
  • Teeth infections and issues can impact our airways and breathing.

Breathe Deep

Breathing Issues

  • Contaminated, dirty, and stale air can be a serious concern. Clean air ducts and air filters in the home and office can help. Clean fresh air is vital to our health.
  • Dander from animals, humans, and pets can impact our breathing.
  • Dust mites are a serious source of potential health and breathing issues.
  • Dust particles can greatly affect your airway and breathing.
  • Masks reduce the volume of air we can breathe. Masks can also trap bacteria, moisture, pathogens, and virus which then serves as a breeding nursery.
  • Molds can significantly impact our breathing and health.
  • Pollution and toxins in the air can lead to serious breathing and health issues. Be sure to avoid carbon particles, chemicals, fragrances, harmful gases, smoke, and soot.
  • Teeth issues and problems can often impact our breathing.

Congestion Issues

  • Allergies to dander, dust, foods, and pollen can cause congestion.
  • Colds often result in congestion and sinus infections. Colds can lead to ear infections via the Estacion tubes which connect our throat to our ear channel.
  • Dairy products are a common cause of congestion in many adults and children. Dairy products often cause excess mucus in the sinuses and throat.
  • Difficulty with concentration, memory, and sleeping can be an indicator that congestion is impairing and impeding the flow of air and oxygen to your body and brain.
  • Flu conditions can result in the sinuses being irritated and triggering inflammation.
  • Mold is a common issue in many buildings, homes, hotels, and office environments that can cause congestion and health issues.
  • Sinus congestion and breathing problems are serious issues and require proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Snoring can be a sign our airways are not performing properly or we have congestion issues.
  • Teeth issues can lead to infections and sinus congestion.

Antibiotic Abuse

Dangerous Signs

  • Antibiotic abuse and overuse are frequently dangerous signs.
  • Colds occasionally are no big deal but if you have them annually or multiple times a year this is a dangerous sign.
  • Congestion and coughing may be a dangerous sign you are not taking care of your health and immune system.
  • Fevers are a natural way for our body to deal with pathogens and neutralize them. Fevers that occur too high and too often suggest you seek some health care advice.
  • High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar can be linked to breathing and health issues.
  • Infections that do not heal quickly are dangerous signs.
  • Low oxygen levels in the blood are definitely a sign to seek help to identify the cause.
  • Shortness of breath can be a wake-up call that your breathing and health are impaired.
  • Sleep issues like sleep apnea and snoring might be warning signs of deeper underlying conditions.

Virus Warnings and Word with Wisdom

Our happiness and health are based on many factors. Our daily activities, digestion, emotional health, fitness, lifestyle, mental health, and nutrition all play major roles that determine our happiness and health. Our most appreciated gifts are those that help nurture and support their long-term happiness, health, and well-being. Our microbiome is actually made up of bacteria, fungi, pathogens, and viruses.  We have co-existed and cooperated for many millennia. There is no way to stay happy and healthy if you declare war on viruses and try to destroy them with antibiotics, chemical warfare, drugs, and vaccines. We can never use drugs, medicine, and vaccines to create health and well-being.

  • Antioxidants are very important to maintain your health and immune system.
  • Baking soda is a great way to help maintain a slightly alkaline pH for optimal health.
  • Clean up and detox your body and brain on a regular basis.
  • Clean your car, clothes, home, and office with gentle and natural cleaners and essential oils.
  • Essential oils are a great way to support your body and your health at the same time. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lime or Orange, and Tea Tree are very therapeutic.
  • Far infrared heating lights, pads, and saunas can offer both heat and health benefits for your airways and overall body.
  • Green nutrient-dense, organic plant-based whole foods can be great ways to boost your health and immune system.
  • Herbal, mineral, and vitamin supplements may contribute to better happiness and health.

Nurturing Essential Oils

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration.  These safe and simple suggestions are offered to help support you and your family and friends with their emotional, mental, and physical health

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