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We are living in a complex, complicated, and confusing world. Adults and children are sad, sick, stressed, and struggling to do the best they can to be happy, healthy, and in harmony. Are medical mandates, manipulations, misinformation, and mistakes making us MMAD during these crazy coronavirus conditions? It seems we are being Medically and Mentally Abused and Diseased (MMAD) more now than in the past. This blog is dedicated to helping people wake up and watch out for potential abuses, agendas, and aggressive ulterior motive manipulations that may be putting our happiness, health, and wealth at risk. People around the world are being affected by the current crazy coronavirus conditions. One of the best ways to feel happy, healthy, and wealthy is to read more helpful books and websites, research history, and find trusted role models to help us discover the truths we seek, yet are difficult to find from mainstream sources. Mainstream media is paid to advertise. influence, and promote products.

We need better research, resources, and role models to guide us through the mad maze of mandates, manipulations, and misinformation that can harm us. Access to a diverse and wide range of conscious, enlightened, and honest education and information is essential to making the best choices now and in the future. Could it be that a lot of what has been labeled as misinformation is actually the truth and what we are told is “The Truth” is really misinformation with a hidden agenda? To reveal the truth, follow the money and see who stands to gain financially from the actions and agenda being dictated. Another suggestion is to look at the data and evidence and how well it is being shared. When data is hidden, redacted, or secret then someone is probably hiding the truth. Looking at the sources and track records of those controlling the narrative is another clue to finding the truth. The behaviors of the past leave clues for probable behaviors in the future. Many politicians and public figures are being paid big bucks by someone to act, talk and think the way they do. Following the money to find the manipulators are wise words with wisdom.

We need coaching, guidance, and role models to provide us with the skills and tools necessary to make better decisions.

“We need multiple choices and options to deal effectively with challenges, in order to help us find the best courses of action.” —Michael Morningstar

With the help of books, history, and trustworthy information we can learn how to be more effective, efficient, and empowered with our choices in order to maintain a happy, healthy, and wealthy lifestyle.

Thinking time to consider the concerns below might help our ability to make better decisions. Ben Franklin is credited with designing a decision-making tool called the Cons and Pros T Sheet. It is an easy, effective, and efficient way to help people make better decisions. You do your homework to identify all the cons and pros to come to the best decision. Socrates was another wise man, well known for asking powerful questions to learn and uncover the truth. It is time for each of us to update, upgrade, and upload our thinking with a wealth of honest information and insight. A decision today without careful consideration and informed consent can negatively impact us for life.

Trying to Push the Boulder

Medical Mandates, Manipulations, Misinformation, and Mistakes Are Making US MMAD

Why are so many people sad, sick, stressed, struggling, and suffering? There is a wide range of things and thoughts to consider that might be harming our health. Could it be that medical mandates, manipulations, misinformation, and mistakes are making us MMAD?  The acronym MADD stands for Medically and Mentally Abused and Diseased because that is what many people are beginning to experience, feel and see as a result of the current events and recommendations that have been dictated. Quality thinking time now to consider the following big picture considerations can make a big difference in your happiness, health, and wealth in the future. The US spends more money than any country in the world on health care and sick care yet our citizens are sadder, sicker, stressed, struggling, and suffering more than any country with higher rates of death, disability, and disease.

What is causing these factors? What if:

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If this is true how many strategies and suggestions are being offered and promoted to boost your immune system to prevent and protect you against being vulnerable to viruses? Are we focused too little on prevention and too much on medical treatment of the disease?
  • Amalgam fillings leach mercury, a known neurotoxin into the body and damages the brain and nervous system. Could mercury make us more susceptible to viruses?
  • Being disconnected and insulated from the earth by rubber shoes can interfere with our bioelectrical systems. Could electricity, lack of grounding, and static electricity interfere with our delicate bio-electric circuits?
  • Chemicals and heavy metals in the air, foods, soil, and water may be interfering with the mental ability and capacity of people to think clearly. People make dumb decisions when their brain is dulled by chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Candy, cakes, cookies, juices, sodas, and sugary drinks are the gateway drugs to get kids hooked on the sugar-based products of alcohol, beer, and wine later in life. Could excess alcohol and sugary products be causing people to have weaker immune systems? Sugar can be more addictive than drugs like heroin. Alcohol products are addictive and toxic and their use is growing at an alarming rate. Many believe alcohol is more harmful than natural plant-based products like cannabis and CBD hemp oil.
  • Common sense and intuition are being replaced by blind faith and dumb decisions made by other people and so-called experts. If they have no liability for their actions, decisions, and products does it make sense to trust them? Maybe and maybe we should make them have consequences and liability for their recommendations.
  • Companies, government agencies, and people will hide the truth and lie about their favorite pills, potions, procedures, and products to promote profits over the health of people and the planet. Even with legal liability, it has been shown time and again that many people put profits before people because they make too much money that way. Look at the asbestos class-action lawsuit, baby powder, chemical spills, dangerous drugs, DDT, medications that caused death and disability, the opioid crisis, Roundup herbicide, Thimerosal neurotoxicity (Ethylmercury), and a long list of court cases that resulted from criminal and harmful behaviors.
  • Ego and greed will motivate people to cheat, lie, and steal at levels we may not be able to fathom. Could ego and greed cause people to lie about something being safe and effective even when they know it is ineffective and unsafe? Maybe even lie even though it is a danger, harmful, risky, and toxic because they will make lots of money now and in the future?
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) have been shown to interfere with our brain and neurological systems. Cell phones, cell towers, dirty electricity, high-power electric lines, microwaves, routers, satellites, and Wifi signals all produce EMF and EMR that can harm the body and brain. Harmful and unnatural frequencies can interfere with our body and brain function. Could there be devices and transmitters that are interfering with our mental and physical health? Could this be a big problem causing death, disabilities, and disease?
  • Fluoride in water, a known neurotoxin, may be dumbing down the population that is exposed to it. Why is it used so widely in the US but banned in so many countries?
  • Injectable chemical substances contain a wide variety of chemicals and compounds such as adjuvants, foreign DNA, heavy metals, mRNA code, and preservatives. Could they be interfering with the natural immune system that protects us?
  • Many people are taking too many OTV and prescription medications that cause cross-reactions and side effects that can harm our health and immune system.  Overuse of antibiotics, OTC, and prescription medicines are causing major health consequences and polluting our waters. What independent research and studies are being done to address multiple medication adverse effects and cross-contamination problems to identify the risks?
  • Too many people are consuming too many highly processed and refined unhealthy and unnatural foods that result in them being unnaturally fed and undernourished. Could the beverages you drink and the foods you eat adversely affect your health and immune system?
  • Sleep deprivation causes people to be less aware and observant which can result in dumb decisions and impaired thinking. Sleep deprivation is rampant.
  • Technology can be a double-edged sword. Addictive electronic games and videos may be harmful and interfere with children’s normal development. Adults and children seem to be too addicted to electronic stimulation and social media.
  • Agriculture is growing most foods and GMO crops with health hazard synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in giant mono-crop systems that result in nutrient-deficient plant products and soil contamination and destruction. Food companies are mass producing ultra-processed fake and fast Frankenstein foods that are abnormal, chemical concoctions, and unhealthy.
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance plans allow people to avoid responsibility for the financial consequences and costs of their health and lifestyle decisions.
  • Medicaid and Medicare also subsidize sick care for sick people and do not hold people fully accountable for their choices and decisions.
  • Tobacco products are addictive and toxic yet they are being sold and used by many people.
  • Public education in many ways does not prepare people for the education and information they need to make important decisions. Many people invest big bucks for an education that may not be adequately prepared to make important decisions regarding contracts, finances, health, and lifestyle choices.

Inspiration is like a light bulb turning on

Here are some additional important questions to consider to help people activate more common sense and intuition. Could the mandates, manipulation, and medical misinformation be a matrix being orchestrated by the puppet masters? Ego, greed, and power can bring out the worst in people are result in abuse, corruption, famine, poverty, and war. Never underestimate the dangers and harm that can be inflicted by the dark side of a small minority. History teaches us many lessons about what happens when the 1% of elite power players dictate the rules that the 99% should live by. Environmental destruction and human suffering around the world are evident and remind us to study history and be prepared to protect our freedom of choice and legal rights. Those corporations, politicians, and public health officials that violate the highest code of conduct, duty and our trust must be removed from office. Every penny you invest is a vote for the dark side or force for good so invest wisely.

  • When will people believe and trust their body’s own innate intuition and wisdom, rather than the white coat expert? Spiritual beliefs about God usually teach that our creator has infinite wisdom to make us perfect and capable of surviving naturally. When will people regain faith in God and natural immunity?
    When will people invest the energy and time to learn about their bodies and health rather than delegate their responsibility to someone else?
  • When will people learn to take responsibility for their health and well-being?
  • When will people invest the energy, money, and time to learn biology, chemistry, physiology, and psychology necessary to enjoy a happy and healthy body, and brain?
    When will people read the ingredients on labels? Most never read or question the ingredients.
  • When will people realize the ingredients in foods and injectables vary in different batches, countries, and formulas?
  • When will people remember their natural RNA knows exactly how to deal with a virus and create natural and stronger immunity?
  • When will people wake up and watch out for agendas and aggressive manipulations of the political powers that serve secret ulterior purposes?
  • When will people understand that man-made CVV injectables with mRNA spike proteins can hijack their immune system and potentially cause vaccine auto-immune disease syndrome (VAIDS)?
  • When will people realize that survival of the fittest (and smartest) is a reality and it is happening every day? Anything that reduces your emotional, mental, and physical health and resilience puts you at a greater risk for elimination.
  • Will people realize that blind faith in corporations, politicians, and public health officials with no liability, can result in being Medically and Mentally Abused and Diseased (MMAD)?

The Wisdom of Nature

Education, information, knowledge, truth, and wisdom are power. Addictions, blind faith, drugs, Frankenstein foods, ignorance, and illegal activity are problems that cause pain and suffering. Now is a great time to find a mastermind group and powerful peers to update and upgrade your level of education, information, and inspiration. Look for proven principles and a wealth of wisdom that has survived for millennia and passed the test of time to guide your choices and decisions.  To be happy, healthy, and wealthy requires each of us to do the hard work and homework for a lifestyle that rewards and transforms us.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. Avoiding the dark side and being a force for good as we seek the light requires informed, intelligent, and inspirational dedication and determination. Remember to stay happy, healthy, and wealthy requires wise choices and wisdom consciousness.

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