How do you feel on this twelfth and final week of specific strategies and suggestions to help you maintain your focus on fitness?

We have emphasized many simple modifications to core exercises to help you receive the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Now is a great time to summarize your choices and options to keep your fitness and exercise routines more beneficial and enjoyable.

Couple Enjoying Being in ShapeWell, as enjoyable as any exercise can be that must demand more from your muscles in order to improve. When you focus on fitness as a regular part of your healthy lifestyle routine every area of your life will benefit.

Healthy, Happy & in Harmony

We must be realistic and admit we may not always like to exercise and that we typically feel great when we finish and definitely enjoy the benefit of feeling and looking beautiful, healthy and vibrant. Our bodies are designed to be active, flexible, strong and toned so it is imperative to maintain and train every cell in your body with a variety of exercise and fitness routines.

Many people do not realize the significant emotional, mental and physical improvement that comes from exercise and fitness conditioning.

The following list highlights some of the many health benefits from a regular routine of core muscle group training: enhanced agility, alignment, balance, blood profile, bone and joint development, cardio vascular system, digestion, endurance, fitness, flexibility, immune system, longevity, mental well being, metabolism, mobility, recovery, resilience, speed, stability, stamina, strength, tone and wellness.

How many of these areas would you like to benefit from and enjoy for a life time of being happy, healthy and in harmony?

The following list is a summary of key points covered and references for additional review in order to help you remember all the great insights and lessons learned over the last 12 weeks.

[colored_box title=”Focus on Fitness Key Point Summary” variation=”teal”]

  • Aerobic exercises for energy, endurance, health and vitality
  • Anaerobic exercises for strength, power and speed
  • Alignment and structural training is great to reduce pain and improve your posture
  • Balance routines for enhancing coordination, grace and stability
  • Cross training exercise and fitness
  • Deep diaphragm breathing
  • Elliptical machines
  • Flexibility activities for developing agility, grace and range of motion
  • High Intensity Interval Training such as: Sprints, Peak 8 and Monkeybar
  • Hydration
  • Lymphology is the art and science of healthy lymph circulation through exercise
  • Pranayama breathing techniques
  • Pilates
  • Power Plate
  • Rebounder/ mini trampolline: bounce, walk, run, hand weights
  • Resistance training: Free weights, machine weight and body weight Running: slow & sprints,
  • Super Slow and Static Contraction
  • Swiss Ball
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • The book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Walking: Power Walking, Heavy Hands and with a back pack,
  • Walking with Yogic Breath Techniques and Mantras and Mudras
  • Wobble board
  • Yoga and Chair Yoga while at the office


Wow you now have access to a wealth of information on exercise and fitness! Be sure to read any articles you may have missed.

Importance of Great Nutrition

No discussion on exercise and fitness would be complete without some quick reminders about the importance of great nutrition. When considering the use of foods, supplements and vitamins to help support your eating and exercise routines be sure to carefully read the ingredient labels. Choose items that are carefully prepared at lower temperatures using all natural and organic whole foods ingredients.

Be sure to eat nutrient dense whole foods and super foods. Coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids our bodies need for health and long term energy.

Avoid the highly processed and refined fake foods and synthetic supplements with artificial colorings, chemical concoctions, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners. Living cuisine and raw foods are best.

Also avoid genetically engineered (GE) or modified (GMO) ingredients which are biotechnology engineered mutations with many known and unknown risks.

Many serious negative consequences are coming to light and providing evidence why these are not fit for animal or human consumption.

The focus of this 12 week series is to help people understand and implement a great exercise and fitness program. My vision is to educate, empower, entertain, energize and excite people for great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success in every area of their life in order to maintain a balanced and holistic lifestyle. We must all maintain our focus on fitness to feel happy, healthy and in harmony for life.

Mastery Action Plan

What are 3 exercise and fitness routines you are totally committed to implementing and maintaining on a weekly basis to create the body you deserve?

When would now be a great time to put some inspirational music, pictures or words on your cell phone, computer and vision board to help insure you focus on fitness in order to help you enjoy perfect health?

Go do it now.

Our next blog post will share: Earth Day Great NEWS Suggestions