Millionaire Mindset

How often do you invest energy, money, and time to enhance your emotional, mental, and physical wellness and enjoy a magic moments millionaire mindset? It may be one of the most important investments you can make. It is up to us to give ourselves the love, support, and Tender Loving Care (TLC) we deserve and desire. Making better choices and decisions regarding our lifestyle are the keys to unlocking the level of happiness and health we desire. Being happy and healthy are important millionaire mindset assets and attributes to increase our balance sheet, financial freedom, and wealth. Our millionaire mindset choices, decisions, and lifestyle will play a key role in whether we are sickly and bankrupt or healthy and wealthy.

“A happy and healthy lifestyle must be an key part of your daily mental focus if you desire to enjoy having a magic moments millionaire mindset.” —Michael Morningstar

During these crazy coronavirus conditions, many people allow their health and wealth to be scammed, stolen, and swindled slowly but surely. When you live in a mental state of failure, fear, forgetfulness, and frustration your choices and decisions may become clouded and confused. Many people allow their health and wealth to slip through their fingers as they allow unhealthy choices and habits to shipwreck their decisions, destiny, and dreams. We cannot control the world around us, but we can control the choices and decisions that guide our lifestyle and that will determine our long-term happiness, health, and success in life.

This blog is designed to help you remember to remember that a magic moment millionaire mindset is within you now, and there is always a way when you are totally committed. The life you deserve and desire requires you to seek the education, information, and motivation to make better choices and decisions. We must invest our energy, money, and time to be crystal clear about our values and vision every day. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is easy to be dejected, distracted, drunk, and dumbed down by the confusing messages and signals of fake promotions and false prophets intent on brainwashing and bullying us. To manifest our dreams we must access our personal power to focus on our resiliency, resourcefulness, and results. Constantly depending on others for our decisions, directions, and directives is a fast way to end up like sheep that become prey for the wolves. To boost your emotional, mental, and physical wellness requires you to be centered and clear regarding your values, vision, and vitality.

Vision Board

It is becoming clear that many people, politicians, and public health officials have hidden agendas instead of your best interest in mind when they make decisions, decrees, and dictates. History contains a continuous chain of examples regarding how people in positions of power have hidden agendas and ulterior motives to control, direct, and manipulate our choices and decisions in ways that turn out to be against our best interests. Ego, greed, and money can cause people to become dangerous, drugged, and drunk with power over other people and do harmful and hurtful things. When people become too complacent, dependent, and disoriented they allow their personal power to become dormant, vulnerable, and weak.

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping you remember you have evolved from many generations of ancestors with the innate intelligence, intuition, and instinct to make smart choices and decisions. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is essential that you wake up now and access your higher consciousness for intelligent beliefs, behaviors, and habits that will protect your emotional, mental and physical wellness. The best way to be clear and concise about your lifestyle is to invest in thinking time to write down your values, virtues, and visions, and then create a vision board including all areas in your circle of life. A vision board is like the operating system, program, and software that runs your body and brain to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle. It will help you attract higher consciousness research, role models, and resources to help transform your life. A vision board helps you focus on a happy brain, happy body, and holistic habits.

Happy Brain

Happy thoughts are more likely to lead to a healthy lifestyle. Sad thoughts often lead to being sad and sick because our body and brain manifest what we put our attention and intention on. While people usually say they want to be happy they often sabotage this by the people, places, and poisons they come in contact with. Everything we do, hear, say, smell, see, taste, and touch affects every cell in our body so make careful choices and decisions. (Please read the previous sentence again slowly to let the message fully link with your millionaire mindset.)

Consider reading The Messages From Water by Masaru Emoto to understand this profound wisdom. Learn to turn off the distractions, negativity, and noise, and turn on your inner wealth, wisdom, and wizard to make better decisions. Being happy and healthy requires us to learn more about the biology of beliefs, cosmic consciousness, and words of wisdom that come from our higher intelligence. When you and your family make better choices and decisions each day you learn the art and science to create the life you deserve and desire. With the right education, information, and motivation it is possible to find the Holy Grail that allows us to manifest a magic moments millionaire mindset.

Natural Rhythms

Happy Body

Biorhythms, Circadian rhythm, and cycles of the seasons help humans stay safe, smart, and synchronized with the centering and cycles of the earth. When we are synchronized we make better choices and decisions and can more easily live in a state of synchronicity. Disharmony disrupts our circadian rhythms and cycles and harms humans. Being in harmony with the environment and world around us is vital to being happy and healthy. When would now be a great time for you to become more intentional and mindful of the people, places, and products influencing your life?

We must do our part to block and filter out those things that will not serve our higher good. We must make better choices and decisions regarding what we permit to be around us, in us, and on us. Even the air, food, minerals, plants, soil, and water we take in must help nourish and protect us. Seek expert guidance, wisdom, and words with wisdom to help you choose wisely. Remember a magic moments millionaire mindset is a decision and takes dedication and discipline to maintain.

Happy, Healthy, and Holistic Habits

Happy, healthy, and holistic habits can best be described as a lifestyle focused on embracing harmony, natural health, and well-being. It is a balanced combination of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual habits that help us be happy and healthy.

These ideas will help you find the optimal lifestyle during your life journey to discover your destiny and dharma as you enjoy even more of a magic moments millionaire mindset:

  • Bathing in an Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil can help us relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize. It is a great way to reduce stress at the end of the day.
  • Berries offer great antioxidants and nutrition to boost our body and brain.
  • Cacao powder (raw) can be made into healthy chocolate treats that are loaded with antioxidants and boost your feel-good hormones.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay gel on your face and feet are terrific treats to help you feel better, live longer, and look younger. Some people even use it internally.
  • Cannabidiol, CBD, hemp oil, and hemp seeds are natural plant medicines. The sacred science of plants helps promote being happy, healthy, and longevity.
  • Chiropractic adjustments and advice can help us realign, rebalance, and restore our mental and physical well-being.
  • Diffusers or a direct skin application of essential oils can help provide many different health and therapeutic benefits. Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and lavender are great for boosting our immune system.
  • Far Infrared devices, heating pads, and red light therapy help harness the health benefits of far-infrared. BTW the sun is a free source of this healing modality.
  • Herbal teas, tinctures, and tonics can boost and enhance your happiness, health, and holistic immune system.
  • Massage with a variety of all-natural plant products like cacao butter, coconut oil, hemp oil, sesame oil, or shea butter to nourish your body and brain.
  • Meditation can open the doors to many magic moments and mental insights of clarity and wisdom.
  • Music can heal and help rebalance and rebuild our emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Mineral Ions from the beach, salt lamps, sea salt, or seaweeds can help rejuvenate, remineralize and revitalize our body and brain.
  • Saunas are a great way to increase our body temperature and boost our immune resilience. Sweating can help us release fat, toxins, and waste.
  • Scalp brushing or a massage with sesame oil can help our head and soothe and stimulate our scalp.
  • Skin brushing helps remove old dead cells as it stimulates our cells, circulation, and central nervous system.
  • Sun exposure on our skin can help us be happy, healthy, and stay in harmony with our circadian rhythms. Plan on at least 30 minutes a day for optimal health.
  • Yoga is a wonderful way to help maintain your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resiliency, vitality, and well-being. A yoga practice can change your life.

Whether you choose consciously or unconsciously…choose wisely because your mindset will lead you to be a magic moments millionaire or lead you to feel sad, sick, stressed, and stupid if you make unhealthy choices and decisions.

Many people are making choices right now they may regret for the rest of their lives. See my words of wisdom message below.

Healthy Choices

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers some simple steps to stay happy and healthy and experience a magic moments millionaire mindset during these crazy coronavirus conditions.

“Man offers patented Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), processed foods, and pharmaceuticals while our creator provides plant medicine, sunshine, and whole foods to keep us happy and healthy…which methods of preserving and protecting your body and brain will you choose?” —Michael Morningstar

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