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What percentage of the time are you feeling very happy and healthy? If your answer is 95+%, congratulations because you are most likely making better choices and decisions regarding your lifestyle. That includes doing specific steps and strategies to keep yourself happy and healthy. If you are not happy and healthy the vast majority of the time it might be a great wake-up call for you to begin asking better questions about your choices, decisions, and lifestyle.

“Asking yourself great questions and then investing in quality thinking time can help you crack the code for creating more happiness and health in your life.” —Michael Morningstar

During these crazy coronavirus conditions, many people are less happy and healthy due to many conflicting regulations, role models, and rules which may be scrambling your decisions, judgment, and thinking. Many people are feeling sad, sick, and stressed due to many factors they feel are totally outside their control.

Consider this blog as a special invitation or special prescription for you to discover some new dimensions, insights, and perspectives on the world around you. To get the life you deserve and desire requires the education, information, and motivation for you to make better choices and decisions.   How you invest your energy, money, and time determines the quality of life you will enjoy or will struggle with. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, many people are struggling with conflicting messages and signals that result in chaos and confusion. If we constantly give away our personal power we set ourselves up for disappointment, frustration, and upset. Constantly looking to others for directions and guidance is an easy way to become confused, frustrated, unhappy, and unhealthy. When you are ready to boost your emotional, mental, and physical happiness and health, having a compass, GPS, and MAP (Mastery Action Plan) will help you more easily navigate your life journey.

Many people believe that the paid politicians, presidents, or public health officials have their total best interest in mind when they make decisions, decrees, and dictates. Unfortunately, history has shown us over and over again that many times, people in power positions have hidden agendas and motives to control, direct, and manipulate our choices and decisions in ways that may not be in our best interest. Greed, money, and power cause people in positions of authority to be corrupted and become drugged and drunk with power over others. Too many people have become too dependent, gullible, and vulnerable by putting their faith and trust in these power and profit players instead of putting their faith and trust in the highest authority and power in the universe. To enjoy a happy, healthy, heart, holistic, and hopeful life demands that we make educated choices and smart decisions every day of our lives.

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping you remember you have intelligence, intuition, and instinct that has evolved over many generations of ancestors to help us survive and thrive. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is more important than ever to focus on being happy and healthy every day so we can make the best choices and decisions possible. As mentioned in many previous blogs the key to being happy and healthy is to concisely identify and prioritize your values, visions, and vision board for all areas in your circle of life. A vision board serves as the compass, GPS, and programming for your peak performance lifestyle.

Jumping for Joy

Happy Humans Are Healthy Humans

Happy people are more likely to be healthy and stay healthy. Sad humans often become sick humans because our body and brain manifest what we put our attention and intention on. Although almost everyone wants to be happy, many people are looking for happiness in all the wrong places and the wrong ways. Being happy is an inside job. When we constantly focus on the outside influences and things we find out that all the stuff and things in the world are unable to keep us happy and healthy. Just look at all the people that seem to have so much stuff and things yet they are sad, sick, stressed, and often end up disabled, divorced, and dying. Being happy requires us to learn the rules to play the game of life and set our self up to WIN. What’s Important Now is a mindset to set yourself and your family up to continuously make better choices and decisions that create the life you deserve and desire. Education and information help us stack the odds in our favor to celebrate and enjoy our life to the fullest. For a quick happy immersion and state shift play and sing along with Pharrell Williams and the Happy song.

Harmony is Heavenly in Helping Humans

Harmony helps humans create better outcomes and live in a state of synchronicity. Disharmony disrupts our circadian rhythms and cycles and harms humans. Being in harmony with the environment and world around us is vital to being happy and healthy.  When would now be a great time for you to become more intentional and mindful of the people, places, and products in your life?

Everything we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch affect and influences every cell in our being, body, and brain. It is vitally important that we make great choices and decisions as to what we allow to be around us. It is just as important to be careful as to what we put into our bodies in the form of beverages, food, and information. What we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. The body care products you use are absorbed and become a part of you.

Heart Health

Many healers, prophets, sages, and yogis over the ages taught love is all we need to be happy and healthy. Our heart is believed to be where our emotion of love resides and resonates. A lot of evidence seems to support that idea. When we feel love things feel and look different and time seems to slow down.  When we are feeling unloved or like love is missing we feel pain and suffering at a deep level. Emotionally broken hearts can start with childhood abuse, neglect, or trauma. Many people begin life with unresolved trauma from parents and grandparents which starts their life in a less than optimal way. No matter how your life began, it is never too late to create a new operating system, program, and software to fix the issues of the past and re-boot yourself to be happy and healthy. Emotional Freedom Techniques, emotional intelligence, and HeartMath are great therapies to help heal a hurting heart. Love is a key component for heart health, so focus on love in your life to increase your probability of longevity and resilience.

Our heart is a miraculous muscle, powerhouse, and pump that provides the power for our cardio-pulmonary system. The heart is what keeps the rest of the body mobile, nourished, and oxygenated. Many people consider the heart to be the seat of our soul. When people are unhappy and unhealthy it is often the heart that pays a big price. Many health experts are finding you can die from a “broken heart”. It does not matter if the broken heart is the result of fake, fast, fried, and Frankenstein foods or the death, disagreement, or divorce of a loved one or spouse. There are always ways to heal your heart every day when you are fully committed.

Eat Your Healthy Vegetables!

Holistic Health

Holistic health can best be described as a holistic lifestyle focused on harmony, natural health, and well-being. Holistic health is centered and focused around our overall emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Holistic is the opposite of being dependent on diets, doctors, and drugs. Avoid false beliefs promoting better living through chemistry and pharmaceutical pills and potions to fix you and your health. Only you can heal yourself by the choices and decisions you make.

Hope Helps Humans be Happy and Healthy

Charity, happiness, hope, joy, and love are human emotions that play a big role in our long-term and short-term health and well-being. We have many emotions to choose from, yet many people seem to get stuck in a cycle or state of emotional negative patterns. Many people often choose many words daily that describe negative emotions and feelings. Very seldom do the majority of people express positive and uplifting words to describe their emotions and feelings. Why is that? Could it be because they have been brainwashed, conditioned, and programmed by grandparents, parents, teachers, and society to focus on what is going wrong as opposed to what is going well? Maybe there is too much focus on criticism and negativity and too little focus on gratitude and praise. Faith, gratitude, hope, and love are powerful emotions that help humans stay happy and healthy. What emotions will you choose to dominate your life? These strategies and suggestions can help us boost our immune system and improve our resilience. They will also help us find more joy and passion in our life. Remember everything we do or do not do is our choice and decision. Whether you choose consciously or unconsciously…choose wisely.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog offers the secret formula and treasure map to being happy and healthy. Happy + Harmony + Heart + Holistic + Hope = Healthy

“Love yourself first and share the love with others to discover the perfect recipe to be happy and healthy. All we need is even more love. ” —Michael Morningstar

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