The previous Great NEWS post started 2014 with New Year, New You Part 2: Body Beautiful and today is Part 3: Spirit Support. In the past have you started a New Year with great intentions for life to be more fulfilling only to be disappointed when your New Year’s resolutions ran in to roadblocks? We all have. Are you ready for new strategies and suggestions to maximize your potential now for success this year? Welcome to Great NEWS in 2014 with New Year, New You Part 3: Spirit Support.

Yes Spirit Support is a key area to focus on to enjoy a fulfilling, grateful and successful life. By dedicating the first 8 weeks of 2014 to learning how to maximize all 8 key areas in your wheel of life you increase your potential for satisfaction and success. Each area will greatly compound your probability for enjoying even more happiness and health this year. Each week during this 8 part series we focus on different proven principles for your wheel of life. This post summarizes simple suggestions for tapping into more of your conscious and unconscious mind for more effective and efficient ways to be happier with less effort.

Bare Feet in Grass

Focus on to enjoy a fulfilling, grateful and successful life.

After focusing on fundamental action, progress and reinforcement for 8 weeks you will create new behaviors, beliefs and habits for peak performance. By focusing your energy and intentions on one key area each week you discover insights and secrets to feel more fulfilled and successful. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual mastery are the seeds for peak performance and stellar success.

Each post offers clever clues, hidden hints, imbedded insights and subtle suggestions to help you feel even more happy, healthy and in harmony. Each day we face important challenges and choices that determine our destiny. Are you moving closer towards or further away from your destiny and dreams?

Magic moments occur when you step out of your picture or story and realize that what you thought was a curse was actually a blessing.

Your identity and vision for life depends on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual mastery so learning how to create the life of your dreams is both an art and a science. Children do not come with an operator’s manual and as adults we do not realize we can reprogram our spiritual hardware, operating system and software. Many people go through life like a puppet or victim with others pulling their strings and pushing their buttons. They waste time telling their sad stories and wallowing in the mud. When you refocus your attention and energy on what really matters most you magnify your chances for your spirit and success to soar.

After years of running into roadblocks and being sidetracked by speed bumps it occurred to me there is always “one thing” that can be resolved with a massive action plan that will make the biggest difference in transforming life to the next level.

Spiritual Support

Hand in Sky

Our spirit wants to explore, roar and soar beyond our human limitations.

This post contains simple suggestions for spiritual support. When we are in emotional, mental or physical pain could it be a sign we are not tuning into our spiritual self? Maybe our creator has a way of helping us move away from physical pain in order to move towards spiritual pleasure. When you realize we are spiritual beings having a physical experience you may redefine how you live life in order to enjoy more magic moments. Allowing our spirit to be happy, healthy and in harmony will better support our body and mind. Our spirit wants to explore, roar and soar beyond our human limitations. It is there before we are physically born and long after we are gone from this earthly being.

Our spiritual beliefs, choices and decisions determine how we treat our body, others and the planet each day so choose wisely. Your behaviors and habits will either lead you to be happy, healthy and in harmony or abandon you to be sad, sick and stressed. Most of us have heard that our body is the temple for our mind and spirit. Yet how few people think about how their actions and choices will keep their body beautiful and becoming versus sad and sick?

Your spirit can open magic moments when you do your part with synergistic, soothing and supporting modalities. Many people tend to forget their spirit or only focus on it for a short time period one day a week during a religious service. People often take better care of their social media pages than their spirit. People stay in touch with friends they barely know yet fall out of touch with their spiritual side which is our essential and eternal source of connection and guidance to our higher power. When we learn the benefits of tuning into our spiritual side we open up the infinite intelligence and unlimited potential to the possibilities of the universe.

As people get caught up in their emotional, mental, physical and relationship issues they often allow their spiritual side to suffer from serious neglect. This can start a chain reaction of behaviors and beliefs which can cause a steady decline to continue. Many people turn to the spiritual side as a last ditch effort to ask for help without doing their part to nurture and support the spirit side on a constant and consistent basis. Asking the universe to step in and pull you out of another mess you created is not the answer.

View of Street

Could working yourself out of the jams, roadblocks and wrecks you cause actually be one of the best things that happen to you?

Could working yourself out of the jams, roadblocks and wrecks you cause actually be one of the best things that happen to you? Maybe that is something for you to think about. When you come to realize that divine intervention may depend on you making advanced deposits into your spiritual bank account you learn a valuable lesson. We must consistently do our part each and every day to set the stage for the abundance, faith, gratitude, happiness and joy to fill our life. When we ignore our spirit we set our self up for being sad, sick and stressed.

When you learn the importance of nourishing your spirit and invest the energy and time to give yourself the gift of bliss, peace and prayer you manifest the life you deserve and desire. We think we are a physical being and only later learn we are really a spiritual being with a physical presence for a limited time only. Once the physical time is up it is time to revert back to our true spiritual being. Do you want to be caught in the illusion of materialism and money on earth while you lose you spirit for eternity?

Stop Suppressing Your Spirit

  • Avoid harmful factors, foods and friends that create negative influences in your life. Avoid toxic relationships that drain your energy, spirit and vitality.
  • Ignore the negative people that say you are not attractive enough, beautiful enough, good enough or smart enough. Your spiritual being is perfect the way you are.
  • Could harmful synthetic chemicals and heavy metals be polluting our body and mind which also harms our spirit side? Maybe.
  • Fake, fast and junk foods are highly processed and refined foods that are devoid of nutrient dense whole foods. These products deprive your body and mind of the key ingredients needed for health and rob your spirit side as well.
  • Stop depriving your spirit of time to chant, meditate, pray and sit in silence. It is unhealthy and unnatural. We are designed to be spiritually active and engaged.

    Looking at Sunset

    Your spiritual being is perfect the way you are.

  • Allowing animals or humans to suffer is inhumane. All living animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Factory Feedlots and CAFO”s are harmful and inhumane to the animals and humans. A stressful and toxic environment is detrimental to the animals which are sick and stressed. This could be harmful to you since “You are what you eat”.
  • All organisms are connected and dependent on each other for life. Genetically Engineered (GE) or GMO’s are unnatural and harm the DNA and matrix of life on Earth.
  • Electronic devices that emit harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) are serious hazards to your physical and spiritual side. How can you hear your creator over all the electronic noise in the atmosphere? Avoid things that can harm your physical health in order to protect your spiritual health.
  • It is well known that prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) medicines have harmful side effects to your physical well being. They can also rob you of the bliss, happiness and joy you desire.
  • The world has many grave dangers and risks that are robbing us of the beautiful bliss and pure potential we were meant to experience.  Nuclear waste and weapons must be eliminated for humans to survive long term. Life as we know it may cease to exist and our spirit may end up vaporized into the cosmos.
  • Sleep deprivation and stress cause us to forget our special spirit and stop supporting it.
  • Envy, greed, jealousy and lust are harmful emotions that rob your spirit and hurt your mental and physical health and well being.
  • Chronic stress impacts your happiness, health and quality of life.
  • When you lose your compassion, generosity and kindness towards others your spirit is slowly sinking into sadness and seclusion.
  • Excessive indulgence in accumulating stuff and addictions robs your spirit of abundance and bliss.
  • Avoid excessive violence or toxic music that numbs the spirit and stresses your soul.
  • Turn off and tune out the static and turbulence. There is a time for enjoying a good concert, movie or song and there is time for the peace and quiet of the universe to send you signals and signs.

Start Your Spirit Support

  • Surround your spirit with the beauty of Mother Nature.
  • Enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets frequently.
  • Walk in nature during the day and at night to take in the wonders of our world and the ones around us.
  • Learn to benefit from the sound of silence.
  • Invest energy and time to practice meditation. Primordial sound meditation is transforming.


    Do unto others as you wish for them to do unto you.

  • Learn some basic yoga and make a habit to practice it daily.
  • Indulge in gratitude.
  • Practice prayer. Prayer is talking to God.
  • Spend time in silence. Silence is listening to God
  • Eat natural foods and use natural products that protect the ecology, ecosystem and environment.
  • Greet friends and strangers with a friendly comment and pleasant smile. They may need it more that you realize.
  • People are doing the best they can with the resources they currently have available to them. You never know what they may be going through right now that is testing them to their very core.
  • Do unto others as you wish for them to do unto you. Avoid judging others so they are less likely to judge you.
  • You only have one body and one spirit so take care of them both.
  • Learn to accept and love your being and spirit. You are a unique gift from God and perfect the way you are. When you listen to God and follow the spirit great things can happen.
  • Enjoy rejuvenating and revitalizing your spirit with renewals and retreats in nature and the great outdoors.
  • Learn to be grateful for all the abundance and blessings in your life.  Your spirit will soar
  • When you learn to appreciate the beauty in rain, rainbow, robins and rocks your spirit will soar. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the fancy clothes, jewelry and shoes that the fashion industry is promoting this year.
  • Giving simple gifts to others is a powerful way to enhance your spirit. A greeting, I appreciate you or thank you can help improve their day.
  • Your spirit wants the right essential elements and important ingredients. Nourish your spirit with gratitude, joy and love for family friends and strangers.

Spirit Support and Satisfaction

Commit to a daily schedule of exercise and fitness for the spirit. Avoid being to busy to stop and smell the roses, thankful for a good deed or take time to connect with a homeless person. We must build our spiritual strength to deal with adversity when it comes our way…and it will.

We are designed to be spiritually active and supportive all day long. Our spirit soars by doing good deeds daily.

You can build your spirit through religious practice and spiritual practice. The key is to practice a wide variety of both religious and spiritual activities.

Girl Smiling

A stronger spiritual life helps create a better body and magnificent mind.

Develop a routine that includes awareness, chant, contemplation, dance, devotion, gong, kirtan, meditation, mindfulness, music, prayer, reflection, silence, singing or yoga. Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit.  A stronger spiritual life helps create a better body and magnificent mind.

Many people believe they should not consume animals in order for their spirit to be freer and elevate to a higher plane of existence. Others believe in abstinence and fasting at certain times. Many avoid alcohol and drugs which could negatively influence their spirit. There are many other religious and spiritual practices that help one to feel closer to their creator.

Celebrating, joining and meeting with other like minded spiritual friends is a great way to compound the benefits to your spirit.

There are numerous things you can do to protect your spirit from negative influences. Minimize your exposure to non spiritual behavior and thinking. Avoid cities, people, places and things that seem to drain your spirit.

Find energy vortex’s and spiritual centers that elevate your mind and mood. Just like there are energy drains there are also energy recharge zones that can greatly boost your spirit. Visiting a beach, cathedral, charkas, chapel, church, creek, meditation, monastery, mountain, oneness blessing, shrine, site in nature, spring, temple, tree, water fall or Zen garden can reenergize, refresh and rejuvenate your spirit.

Look for spiritual magnifiers like: beads, books, clothing, cross, crystals, hats, icons, incense, mantras, medals, medallions, mudras, necklace, pictures, prayer rug, primordial sound, relics, rosary, smells, symbols and techniques to help maintain your spiritual health and well being. Frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood are amazing amplifiers for the spirit to feel supported.

Establishing a daily practice of meditation, prayer and yoga is easy to do and a great way to help your spirit be centered, grounded and at peace.

Replacing mindless TV or video games with a meditation or prayer routine can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your spirit and overall health. Twenty minutes can refresh your body, mind and spirit as if you had a nap for several hours.

Going on a pilgrimage is an ancient tradition that can provide numerous benefits. Traveling to El Camino de Santiago, India, Israel, Jerusalem, Lourdes, Mayan ruins, Mecca, Pyramids, Stonehenge or the Vatican can renew and reopen your spirit. The world is full of spiritual centers.

Investing the time to review and update your spiritual values and vision can be a great source of comfort and contemplation. When you set a clear intention the universe is able to help you attract what you desire. Be sure to have a portion of your vision board dedicated to your spiritual dimension.

Statue Praying

When you consistently breathe, eat, live and pray for optimal spiritual health you create a very strong foundation for all the other areas of your life.

Mantras, meditation, mindfulness and mudras, can help you be happier and healthier every day. When you consistently breathe, eat, live and pray for optimal spiritual health you create a very strong foundation for all the other areas of your life. This can compound your energy, health and well being.

This checklist is designed to help you move away from the standard sad, sick and stressed lifestyle and towards an extraordinarily happy, healthy and in harmony lifestyle. When you commit to implementing many of these suggestions and strategies you will experience more magic moments and spiritual support.

This Great NEWS post shared the New Year, New You Part 3: Spirit Support. With these small steps and smart suggestions you can help your spirit soar. You control your destiny by the decisions you make each day…so choose wisely for peak performance. This Part 3 Spirit Support post is shared to help you strengthen your spirit and source of eternal peace.

What is your current Gap?

How well are you supporting your spirit?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What action plans will help you develop and discover more of your spiritual strength? What helpful ideas have you discovered?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns do you have for accessing more of your spirit?  Learn more about primordial sound meditation, spiritual support, yoga and perfect health from Deepak Chopra or the Gentle and Forgotten Art of Blessing By Secret Garden.

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