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Whether you are 17, 37, 57, or 77 it is imperative to develop a regular regiment of diverse exercise and fitness activities to help prevent disabilities and disease and promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. As we age we can be at greater risk and vulnerable to many health challenges if we avoid a consistent fitness and training program. Many people are struggling with their fitness, health, immunity, and weight.  These Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems of exercise and fitness healthy habits can help people of all ages. This blog on the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems Part 1 Balance Better starts the seven-part series of DIY exercise and fitness to improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being. During these crazy coronavirus conditions it is imperative we find ways to boost our fitness and immune system.

As posted in previous blogs gyms are less affordable and practical options for many people to maintain their overall fitness. This blog will start a seven-part series to share the Seven X Seven smart systems and seven subsystems to enjoy better stability, stamina, and strength. Exercising at least five days a week is the minimum recommendation to maintain your health and vitality and seven days of activity and exercise is even better if being healthier longer is really important to you.

A lack of exercise and fitness can lead to disability, disease, emotional issues, financial drain, pain, and suffering.

“A key first step to designing your fitness blueprint is to focus on your vision for your future to find the leverage that will encourage, inspire and motivate you to maintain the necessary perseverance.” —Michael Morningstar

Without emotional fuel, mental clarity, physical power, and spiritual support it is easy to become discouraged and lose the determination and drive to stay committed. Once you are clear on your vision it is helpful to create a vision board to look at every day and especially while exercising. A vision board can provide the extra determination, inspiration, and motivation to keep you going. It is great peak performance and self-growth visualization technique. Remember…A sad, sick and stressed body and brain are from lousy lifestyle choices and a smart and strong body and brain are from loving lifestyle choices…so choose wisely.

Understanding energy psychology and peak performance psychology can help you reprogram your body and brain to embrace exercise, fitness, and a healthy habits lifestyle. To stay happy, healthy, and in harmony, our body and brain must both be motivated and stimulated to stay strong and tango together to enjoy and manifest our life’s passion and purpose. My goal is to help educate, empower and excite you to implement seven healthy habits seven days a week to feel your best, look your best and live longer. Remember…these Seven X Seven smart stability, stamina, and strength systems can be the extra advantage to support your super success.

Visioning Processes

Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 1 Balance Better

Matching and mixing the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems shared in this seven-part series will help keep your body, mind and spirit challenged, changing, charged, and conditioned. Focus on each of the key strategies for one week and practice a minimum of one subsystem each day and preferably several different subsystems during the day for crossing training benefits. One of the most important seven smart systems is based on developing and maintaining better balance. We must be able to maintain our balance in many different positions and situations such as: carrying items, climbing/ descending stairs, picking up items, slippery surfaces, standing up, uneven ground, and walking over items.

Balance Better is a key component for maintaining our mobility, safety, and stability.

Balancing on one foot at a time helps develop better balance and strengthen your foot and leg joints and muscles. Balancing on one foot also helps to develop your core muscle strength and tone

Balls like exercise balls and Swiss balls are great for developing better agility, flexibility, and stability. A Swiss ball is a great way to do a wide variety of exercise and fitness activities which can help you be fitter and stronger. Simply sitting on one while you watch, work or work out is beneficial. Using bands or hand weights while on a ball provides many additional benefits.

Bands and tubes are often referred to as resistance bands and offer big benefits because they allow you to do resistance training safely and simply. They offer an easy and low-cost way to do many forms of resistance exercise. Using bands can help you do unique resistance training without the need for bulky weights or weight machines. They can be used to help you develop better balance as you turn and twist using the band for resistance. Since they are lightweight and low cost they are very easy to travel with. The X3 Bar and Bands resistance system training is an upscale version of band training that provides a unique full-body workout.

Resistance Band Exercise

Balance beams are a great way to develop better balance, stability, and strength. They can be found at parks and playgrounds. You can create a balance beam system with some two-by-fours raised a few inches off the ground. You will be amazed and wowed by the extra benefits you receive while walking on a 4-inch wide balance beam.

Bending down and bending over to pick up items on the ground or to tie your shoes is a great way to improve your balance and stability. Lift with your hips and legs to avoid straining the back. When bending down use good ergonomics and form and develop proper techniques to build your stability and strength. Use the feet, hips, and knees as hinges when bending and lifting to avoid the tendency to round and strain the back. Caution… be careful and progress slowly when bending over to avoid becoming dizzy or lightheaded.

BOSU balls are an advanced form of equipment for fantastic fitness and fun.  A BOSU ball (an acronym for Both Sides Utilized) is designed to help develop your core and stabilizer muscles for better agility, stability, and strength. It requires the coordination and firing of many stabilizer muscles to maintain balance when using a BOSU ball with exercises. You can use the BOSU ball by itself or with hand weights. When a BOSU ball and weights are combined you multiply the rewards and receive a big bounty of benefits for a low investment.

Bouncing a ball such as a basketball, golf ball, soccer ball or tennis ball is a great balance and coordination drill. Adding variety with balancing on one foot or high stepping while you bounce a ball is great for eye-hand coordination and stability. For move advanced workout bouncing a tennis ball as you walk is a great way to gain better balance. Be sure to bounce with the ball with both hands to develop better overall coordination and dexterity.

Any one of the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems in the seven-part series offers great benefits and when you start combining them your benefits go exponential. Remember…investing in exercise and fitness habits can pay big dividends as they boost your emotional, mental, and physical health. We can program our body and brain for peak performance or poor performance based on the choices and decisions we make each day…so choose wisely.

Hand Tennis Ball Child Ball Tennis

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog about Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems Part 1 Balance Better can help you enjoy more happiness and health.

Remember…Eat and Exercise Like Your Life Depends On It…Because It Does – Michael Morningstar

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