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Whether you are 7, 27, 47, or 67 it is important to develop a regular regiment of diverse exercise and fitness activities to help prevent disabilities and disease and promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. As we age we can be at greater risk and vulnerable to many health challenges if we avoid a consistent fitness and training program. Many people are struggling with their fitness, health, immunity, and weight. This Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems Part 2 Body Weight Workout of a seven part series of exercise and fitness healthy habits can help people of all ages.  Seven X Seven smart systems exercise and fitness program can improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being. During these crazy coronavirus conditions it is imperative we find ways to boost our fitness and immune system.

Part 2 of the Seven X Seven smart systems and seven subsystems is about bodyweight workouts to enjoy better stability, stamina, and strength. Exercising at least five times a week is the minimum recommendation to maintain your health and seven days of activity and exercise are even better if being healthier longer is really important to you.

A lack of exercise and fitness can lead to disability, disease, emotional issues, financial drain, pain, and suffering. A key first step to designing your fitness blueprint is to focus on your vision for your future to find the leverage that will encourage, inspire and motivate you to maintain the necessary perseverance. Without emotional fuel, mental clarity, physical power, and spiritual support it is easy to become discouraged and lose the determination and drive to stay committed. Once you are clear on your vision it is helpful to create a vision board to look at every day and especially while exercising. A vision board can provide the extra determination, inspiration, and motivation to keep you going. It is a great peak performance and self-growth visualization technique. Remember…a sad, sick, and stressed body and brain are from lousy lifestyle choices and a smart and strong body and brain are from loving lifestyle choices…so choose wisely.

Understanding energy psychology and peak performance psychology can help you reprogram your body and brain to embrace exercise, fitness, and a healthy habits lifestyle. To stay happy, healthy, and in harmony, our body and brain must both be motivated and stimulated to stay strong and tango together to enjoy and manifest our life’s passion and purpose. My goal is to help educate, empower and excite you to implement seven healthy habits seven days a week to feel your best, look your best and live longer. Remember…these Seven X Seven smart stability, stamina, and strength systems can be the extra advantage to support your super success.

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Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 2 Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts are Part 2 of the seven X seven smart stability stamina strength systems to help keep your body, mind, and spirit challenged, changing, charged, and conditioned. Focus on this area of the 7 X 7 smart system for one week and practice a least one subsystem each day and preferably several subsystems during the day for better cross training benefits. We must be able to maintain our muscle mass, stability, stamina, and strength to

  • Carry items
  • Climb/descend stairs
  • Pick up items
  • Stand up from sitting
  • Walk well

Body weight workouts are great for maintaining muscles and strength. There are many choices and options to provide variety and various benefits.

Aerobics is the concept of getting your body moving to increase your breath rate and heart rate. Aerobics focuses more on cardiovascular fitness to keep you active, firm, and toned. Examples include dancing, biking, circuit training, elliptical, jazzercise, jogging, jump rope, rowing machine, Salsa, stair climbing, spinning, stationary bicycle, swimming, walking, and Zumba.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses fitness movements and routines repeated a number of times in a set. Typically you do a round of calisthenics called a set and maybe then do multiple sets. These can be a combination of aerobic, body weight, jumping, lunges, movement, stretching motions, and squatting, calisthenics examples include bend reach and jumps, burpees, jumping jacks, leg lifts, push-ups, sit-ups, squat thrust, toe touches, and windmills. Calisthenics workouts might include ten different exercises that you do ten times each and then repeat for several sets. This gives the body a good well-rounded fitness regimen.

Climbing, crawling, jumping, lifting, and throwing options are all based on the principle of moving and using your body weight and possibly additional items for a workout. Do a few bear crawls and crab crawls a day for a week and see the benefits and intensity of these simple strength systems. Another option is to lift a medicine ball and toss it to a buddy to catch and toss back or toss into the air against a wall and catch it. Other options are throwing a ball, rock, or sandbag with both hands or one hand and different throwing styles. Climbing over and under obstacles is a great workout for stamina and strength. Check out PATCH fitness training or MovNat for examples.

Isometrics and statics contraction are forms of resistance training where you engage your body weight or another resistance with minimal movement or no movement. The goal is to increase the resistance to higher and higher levels but doing it in a safe way where you are less likely and prone to injury than lifting heavy free weights that can injure you if done to fatigue or incorrectly. These can be done in limited space and by using your body weight and available resources for leverage. A simple example is to stand in a door frame with an open door and push against the sides or top of the door frame. Doing an air chair against a wall to exhaustion is a form of static contraction for building stronger abs, back, and legs.

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Lunges, planks, squats, and wall air chairs are great bodyweight workouts you can do almost anytime and anywhere. They can be great for your calf’s, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. These are simple strategies that are great for building stability, stamina, and strength. They can be done indoors or outdoors and combined or blended into other fitness activities like biking, hiking, or walking. Pick up some hand weights and you can now enjoy a full-body workout doing lunges and squats combined with weights.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates training focuses on fitness designed with awareness, balance, stability, and strength training. A healthy lifestyle is gained through maintaining muscle memory, mindfulness, and movement. Some pilates teachers use racks, reformers, and roller support. Some also use a BOSU or Swiss ball.

Pulling and pushing exercises are great ways to work out opposing muscle groups for greater stability, stamina and strength. Examples can include chin-ups, pull-ups, floor push-ups, paddling, rowing, and wall push-ups. Even pulling a sled or pushing a child in a stroller can be a great exercise. Pushing and pulling exercises can be done by yourself or with a buddy. Two people could reach out with their right hand to grasp the other and then each person does a squat. They can also do a pull and push with the other person to get some full-body effort going.

Any one of the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems in the series offers great benefits and when you start combining them and matching and mixing them your benefits go through the roof. Remember…investing in exercise and fitness habits can pay big dividends as they boost your emotional, mental, and physical health. We can program our body and brain for peak performance or poor performance based on the choices and decisions we make each day…so choose wisely.

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