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How would you rate your current level of happiness, harmony, and health?  During these crazy coronavirus conditions, it is a great time to wake up and watch out for things that may be contributing to a wacky world that we do not want.  If you are feeling anger, anxiety, confusion, desperation, exasperation, frustration, guilt, hostility, or sadness during these crazy current conditions, it can harm your happiness and health. It is easy to get stuck in a confused and un-resourceful state and that is not healthy for you or your children.  This blog will share some simple strategies and suggestions with words of wisdom to help you wake up and watch out. It can help you stay in a more resourceful state and be more resilient when dealing with the wacky world we currently live in.

We are living in a time of massive chaos, confrontation, and confusion. Many people are stuck in a state of fear, frustration, and forgetfulness. When people go into fear and frustration they often forget common sense and logic and begin to act irrationally.  Many people have forgotten how to use their common sense. Can you ever remember a time in history when leaders and public figures were giving dangerous, false, and misleading narratives to lead people down a dangerous path as they are currently? Of course, you can when you invest in thinking time to process the information.  History is our friend to help us remember lessons from the past so we can avert danger and destruction in the present and future.

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Wake Up and Watch Out

  • Investing in thinking time before you make major decisions that affect your present and future happiness and health, is a wise investment, that will pay big dividends.
  • Advertising and brainwashing are well-documented processes and have been studied and used for many decades by many organizations to direct people’s decisions.
  • “Be Prepared” is the Scout motto for a very important reason. Your happiness, health, and even survival can depend on how well prepared you are. Be Prepared!
  • Dark Side conflict and conquest as portrayed in Star Wars is a clear and present danger in our current wacky world. Let the “Force be With You” so you can prevail against the Dark Side.
  • Emotional health may be one of the most important areas to focus on currently. Our emotional health greatly influences our mental health and is the driver for everything that determines our quality of life.
  • “Follow the money” offers some wise words with wisdom when it comes to common sense and understanding the major motivation for many conflicting beliefs, and behaviors that seem to defy common sense, logic, and reason.
  • Guard the access to your mind. Once something enters your brain, you may not be able to get it out or undo the damage. This includes chemicals, heavy metals, ideas, and medicines.
  • Hidden agendas seem to be behind major shifts in bizarre behavior, government policies, and laws. It is important to wake up and watch out for sudden shifts in behavior and beliefs away from common law and common sense.
  • Lobbyists from various industries often move from an industry to a regulatory agency, and back to the industry with ease and frequency. They wield great influence and power with governmental agencies. Never underestimate the power of lobbyists to influence the direction of laws, policies, and politicians. Do you want the fox or a snake guarding your hen house?
  • Marketing in our current wacky world is incredibly more powerful than most people realize. Marketing and public relation companies have perfected the art and science of ads, brainwashing, commercials, and media so that it looks like simple education, information, and marketing. Any message repeated often enough by multiple strategies can affect your hardware, operating system, and software just like a cell phone or computer and is called programming. Wake up and watch out we are being programmed.
  • Mental health for individuals is vital to the overall health of communities. In our current wacky world, our mental health is being impacted and influenced.
  • Public health officials are appointed and directed in how they interpret and perform their duties. Often the so-called science is a convenient version of the science that has been tweaked and twisted to support a specific narrative. Wake up and watch out as more people seem to let greed, money, and power drive their behaviors and beliefs.
  • Resiliency and resourcefulness are vital to surviving in a complex and wacky world.
  • Statistics can be manipulated, subversive, and used to sway people to do things that may not be in their best interest. “Figures lie and liars figure” is a famous quote by Mark Twain.
  • Stories are powerful messages. Our story can be an example or warning. Our Story can be a Medicine or Our Story can be a Poison…Choose Your Self Talk, Story, and Words Wisely.
  • The Power of Questions cannot be over-emphasized. Learn to ask better open-ended questions to dig deeper for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Ask and then listen carefully to the answer.  Invest in thinking time to process the information and then decide on your course of action. The next course of action may be to ask more questions and get other opinions. Be sure to ask questions from a variety of people. Learn how to use the Socratic Method to your advantage.
  • Wars are often started with words without wisdom that are repeated over and over again even if they are false, manipulative, and misleading. When you wage war on anyone or anything there are always collateral damage and casualties. Just look at the results from the war on cancer and the war on drugs.
  • Who is checking the fact-checkers? Many of the so-called fact-checkers are turning out to be organizations and people with hidden agendas. See hidden agendas above.
  • Words can be weapons that wound or words that can heal, help, and offer hope. Choose your words wisely.

“Your Story can be a Medicine or Your Story can be a Poison…Choose Your Story and Words Wisely” – Michael Morningstar

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Words with Wisdom in a Wacky World

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog invites citizens of the world to wake up and watch out. We are witnessing a wacky world unfolding that has many grave consequences. We may be at the tipping point for the survival of our species.

“Humans do have a knack for choosing precisely those things that are worse for them” from Albus Dumbledore, in Harry Potter, and the sorcerer’s Stone.

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