Back PainAre you suffering from any back pain? Having dealt with significant hip and back pain, it became a priority to learn and practice pain prevention and reduction strategies. Back pain is affecting tens of millions of people and many experts feel much of it is based on choices and lifestyle. This post will share some exercises, habits, ideas, and therapies to help prevent and resolve back pains.

Many people will experience back pain during their life. If it is not caused by a very serious accident or injury the vast majority of back pain is our health dashboard giving signals linked to our behaviors, habits and lifestyle choices. Understanding the basic biology, chemistry and physics of human anatomy and physiology helps play a direct role for healthy backs. Previously I wrote about physiology, psychology and physical fitness tips to help people identify and resolve pain problems. This post has some new and updated information.

Back Pain is a Choice

StressDid you know that back pain can be a sign to get our attention and give us a signal to change? Pain is part of a complex system regarding neurofeedback from our body to prevent damage and protect us from further injury. The goal is to learn the leading causes of back pain in order to stop doing things that hurt and start doing things that help our back be pain-free.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, most pain is the result of health hazards, excess stress, and unhealthy habits. Back pain does not come from a lack of medication, surgery, and treatments. Most back pain comes from choices regarding our exercise, footwear, lifestyle, and nutrition. Here are some of the leading causes of back pain and persistent problems.

Alignment and body posture are major contributors to back pain. When we sit or stand without good posture we invite back pain.

Footwear is another major contributor to back pain. Non-ergonomic footwear often leads to hip and back issues. Shoes based on fads and fashions can lead to many hip and back problems. Many heels and soles cause the hips and back to stress due to tilting. Shoes that are improperly designed or sized for our feet often create foot issues that can lead to knee, hip and back issues. Wearing stylish shoes instead of functional shoes often causes us to become dysfunctional and weak, starting a chain reaction affecting our knees, hips, and back.

Foot ProblemsLack of exercise and too much sitting leads to weak joints and muscles which will most likely lead to back pain. Exercise equipment and sports can cause many of our back problems so choose wisely what you play and how you train.

Improper foot alignment, stride, and strike can lead to hip and back problems. Many people walk in ways that excessively stress their knees and back. Most shoes create an unnatural foot angle and force to the knees, hips, and back.

Poor nutrition can result in degeneration of the bones and back pain. Excess acidity and weight often result in significant back pain. Once the spine starts to deteriorate from calcium loss then the correct curvature of the spine begins to shift and cause pain.

Sitting, standing and walking with improper alignment and poor posture, is hard on our body and can lead to back problems.

Tight and weak muscles in the abdomen, back and legs create many back problems and pains.

Back Pain to Pain-Free

To start helping our back and stop debilitating back pain we must stop things that cause pain and start doing things to fix it. The most significant causes of chronic back pain is lack of maintenance, poor nutrition, and proper conditioning. We must learn activities that align, balance, build, maintain and train our body to be less rigid and more flexible.

Avoid lifestyle choices that can lead to illness and inflammation which lead to a decline in health followed by pain. Learn how to protect your body, cells, and tissues from early degeneration.

Buy well designed ergonomic shoes made with quality. Adidas, Birkenstock, and Solomon are better than cheap shoes. Avoid heels, pointed toes, and poorly fitting shoes. Your feet deserve quality footwear.  Walk at least a mile every day wearing ergonomic shoes. Also, walk barefoot.

Exercise is essential to maintain our back and be pain-free. Focus on a proper form and posture when training to build stable and strong bones, joints, and muscles.  Condition the body, brain and nervous system to be aligned, balanced, flexible, strong and toned. Proper jumps, lunges, planks, and squats build core strength. Bear crawls and crab crawls are great exercises. Sit less and stand more with a good hip position. A proper regular yoga practice can help prevent back pain by strengthening key muscles. Take the stairs and walk more often.

Give your body what it deserves to maintain and repair itself. Consume fresh, local, nutrient-dense, organic whole foods in a rainbow of colors to help maintain your body for optimal health. An ounce of proper nutrition is better than a pound of pills to prevent pain and problems.

Proper alignment and posture prevent many pains and problems. Being careful and strong helps prevent debilitating falls and injuries which account for many hip and back problems. Diagnostic pictures and videos of your standing and walking will help you discover areas for improvement. Seek coaching, diagnostic help and physical therapy from highly-skilled therapists. Pete Egoscue, Monkeybar Gym, and MovNat are great with coaching and guidance

Swiss balls are great for exercise and sitting. There are also special kneeling chairs without a back to help with proper posture.

Update and upgrade your choices, decisions, and lifestyle to be free of back pain. Surround yourself with great resources and role models.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … Being in pain or pain-free comes from our choices and lifestyle. What will you do to make your back a high priority in order to be pain-free for the rest of your life?

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