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Do you feel there are Kryptonite situations, stressors, or substances in your life that are robbing you of your health, happiness, and harmony? Many people are aware that superman lost his superpowers and became weak when he was exposed to Kryptonite, a toxic material that came from his birthplace and emits harmful radiation. Many people are not aware that they can be affected, infected, influenced, and weakened by negative energy fields and forces that occurred due to their birthplace and childhood. Without consciously realizing it, most people seem to have various Kryptonite poisons, radiations, and toxins that are damaging their relationships, derailing their dreams, and draining their energy.

Energy psychology is the study of the quantum energy field and a resource to help people access and learn the art and science of holistic health healing. Many forms and modalities help you reset, resolve, and restore energy fields that have been diseased, disrupted, and distorted by Kryptonite and other negative force fields.

Invest in soul-searching and thinking time to discover what Kryptonite factors and forces are blocking your energy and enthusiasm and preventing you from feeling happy, healthy, and in harmony. To make 2023 more fulfilling, productive, and rewarding than 2022, now is the time to discover, delete, and destroy the Kryptonite limiting the quality of life you desire and deserve.

Our life reflects the ideas, identity, and information we feed our body and brain daily. If you are unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled, it is time to discover the source of your limiting beliefs and delete them from your conscious and subconscious thinking by reprogramming and rewriting your operating system and software. We can become empowered with better belief systems and behaviors when we stop the excuses, justifications, and rationalizations.

Most people have one or more forms of Kryptonite that are hindering their happiness and health and limiting their quality of life. Different types of Kryptonite can impact the quality of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states. Many types of Kryptonite can impact different areas of your life. Reviewing your habits, lifestyle, and mindset will give clues as to what forms of Kryptonite are draining your energy, robbing your health, and making you weak.

Our beliefs, behaviors, and brains create blessings or blunders.  Simple shifts and strategies can eliminate the Kryptonite that harms your happiness and health.  We can be the puppet, or we can be the puppetmaster based on our daily decisions. Our lifestyle accurately reflects our actions, reactions, and results. Our daily decisions and deeds determine our destiny. Choose wisely.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people feel happy, healthy, and in harmony. Identifying your Kryptonite and knowing it can be a poison, radiation, or toxin that sabotages your success or starts a slow suicide is a crucial first step to transforming your life.

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Discover Your Kryptonite

Discovering your Kryptonite requires direct, honest, open, and safe self-evaluation and success coaching. Others have programmed your body and brain since before you were born, and most of the programming was outside your control. Discovering your exposure to Kryptonite requires you to consciously, consistently, and continuously monitor and review all aspects of your wheel of life that drive your beliefs and behaviors. Kryptonite is the negative energy, information, and influences that poison your body and brain and prevent you from having the life you deserve.

Think about self-sabotaging and toxic thoughts that prevent you from experiencing the magic moments and more money you seek in life. Your head and heart want to be aligned, but little impulses, memories, and pains pop up and run you off the road to happiness, harmony, and health. Our DNA and RNA genetics are the programs that run our body and brain. Yet we have the ability to direct and exercise the majority of the control and outcomes based on our epigenetics which results from our choices and lifestyle. Our body and brain work miracles daily when we use our energy, information, and inspiration as a force for the greater good. When you find things not working as you wish, it is time to discover what Kryptonite is harming you and holding you back. Kryptonite comes in many forms, messages, and ways.

Discovering your Kryptonite is the first step to being rid of it:

  • Are you consuming fake foods, fast foods, and Frankenstein foods instead of the optimal fiber, food, and fuel your body and brain require?
  • Are you using clean energy and fuel to manifest magic moments instead of sadness, sickness, stress, and struggles?
  • Are you appreciating and being grateful for all life’s magic moments and miracles?
  • Are you indulging in a negative mindset instead of being beautiful, happy, and healthy?
  • Are you sabotaging your beautiful body and brain instead of engaging in affirming meditation, mindfulness, and mindset each day?
  • Are you coveting and envious of others instead of being content and grateful for what you have?
  • Are your belief systems, identity, and mindset aligned for peak performance and positive progress, or are you being discombobulated and disoriented?
  • Are your beautiful body and brain programmed for flow, freedom, fulfillment, and fun, or are you brainwashed to feel sad, sick, stressed, and struggling?
  • Discover your Kryptonite and list the ways it has negatively impacted your life.
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Delete Your Kryptonite

  • Stop consuming fake foods, fast foods, and Frankenstein foods. Start eating one new superfood each week.
  • Stop indulging, self-soothing, and wallowing in sadness, sickness, stress, and struggles. Start one new healthy habit a day.
  • Stop participating in gossip, negativity, and petty behaviors. Stop and start investing in positive habits.
  • Stop indulging in a negative mindset. Stop worrying and start being happy and healthy. Find reasons to smile each day.
  • Stop sabotaging your body and brain. Stop the Kryptonite.  Start affirming meditation, mindfulness, and mindset each day.
  • Stop coveting and being envious of others. Stop, rewind, and delete whatever prevents you from being grateful.
  • Stop your belief systems, identity, and mindset from being discombobulated, disconnected, and disoriented. Stop the self-doubt and start being self-confident.
  • Stop being brainwashed and hypnotized to feel sad, sick, stressed, and struggling. Stop the fear, negativity, and worry by focusing on your passion and purpose.
  • After you discover your Kryptonite list the ways it has negatively influenced your life. Stop allowing it to poison your body and brain. Start deleting the negative energy influences and vampires and then replace them with affirming and supportive people, thoughts, and words.

Destroy Your Kryptonite

After you discover your Kryptonite and begin deleting those negative beliefs, behaviors, and blunders, it is time to destroy your Kryptonite. Write down at least 101 reasons why you believe you must destroy the Kryptonite of limiting beliefs. Your brain wants you to be happy, healthy, and in harmony, but many Kryptonite people and poisons will rob you of your happiness, health, money, and quality of life. You can be a superhero when you abolish and avoid Kryptonite and attract abundance and affluence.

Harmonized Energy Psychology

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers simple steps to help you remove the poison and toxic Kryptonite in your life and replace it with passion, personal power, and prosperity.

“Everyone has various forms of Kryptonite harming their beliefs, body, and brain. Finding your Kryptonite and learninng how to use Alchemy to replace it with Amazing Grace will help you create the life of your dreams and more magic moments”. —Michael Morningstar

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