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How well do you understand the words with wisdom that suggest we take time to “stop and smell the roses”? Is it referring to the scent of the rose, seeing the rose, or stopping to enjoy the rose? Now think beyond rose bushes to other bushes, flowers, herbs, and plants. Imagine the wide selection of scents, smells, and special fragrances that activate your olfactory nerve, senses and stimulate your brain. Could the fragrances and scents of flowers, herbs, plants, and trees provide us with support and superpowers to support our journey to being happy, healthy, and in harmony? When we invest the energy, money, and time to learn about the full benefits of energy psychology and in particular the potential and power of enjoying essential oils we can learn the power of aromatherapy.

This blog is dedicated to sharing some simple steps and super benefits of learning about the wonderful world of aromatherapy and essential oils. Essential oils fall under the umbrella of energy psychology because of their powerful influence to adapt, address, and alter our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Almost everyone is familiar with the mention of essential oils in the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism writings, and the Quran.

Many people believe that essential oils can support and trigger a variety of natural health responses. These may include a feeling of calm, emotional release, healing, health, immune enhancement, memory recall, relaxation, well-being, and many more. The aroma of essential oils is a hyperlink between the scent of the original plant and a magnification, multilevel, and multiplied benefit from a cascade of complex chemicals and compounds that determine everything that occurs with a bush, flower, herb, plant, or tree.

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Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is the art and science of tapping into ancient knowledge and modern wisdom to enhance and expand the human experience of life to a healthier and higher level. Everything in our known universe consists of various forms of energy, information, and intention. There is a significant amount of information we can access from essential oils. There are hundreds of essential oils that are easily accessible to enjoy and enhance your happiness, harmony, and health.

Today our goal is to introduce you to the big benefits associated with accessing the pure potential and power of aromatherapy and essential oils to influence more aspects of your happiness, harmony, and health, Our daily behaviors, beliefs, and biology are powerful driving forces that can influence our energy, longevity, and vitality more than we realize. Everything in the universe consists of energy, information, and intention which influences our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Essential oils are the vital energy and essence of plants that communicate with animals, bacteria, bugs, fungi, parasites, people, plants, viruses, and the wise and wonderful world. These essential oils have evolved over millions of years and are a powerful force of nature.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to discover the best that energy psychology has to offer. Small steps can have big benefits when followed on a consistent and continued basis. Using essential oils regularly may begin a shift in your lifestyle and mindset that can yield major shifts in your level of feeling happy, healthy, and in harmony. The energy psychology A-Z modality to contemplate this week is the broad benefits of enjoying essential oils.

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Since the beginning of human history, it is self-evident that plants have the potential to be food and medicine. Over time humans evolved to use plants internally as food and medicine. Over time and through trial and error humans learned how to use plant medicine for topical use. This information was passed down through generations and helped cultures survive the assaults, dangers, and rigors of life. Plant medicine was kept available to the tribes through the medicine man or medicine woman and passed down for safekeeping. At some point, essential oils, teas, tinctures, and tonics became a convenient way to store potent plant medicine for ease of distribution and use.

The use of aromatherapy is believed to date back to the times of the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. The aromas and essential oils of plants were used for purposes of health, hygiene, insect repellent, medicinal purposes, parasites, and wound treatments. Hundreds of remedies were known using a wide variety of essential oils from various plants. Some of the documented aromatic oils used include cassia, cinnamon, frankincense, galbanum, hyssop, myrrh, rosemary, spikenard, and thyme. Other common aromas that were utilized included: black cumin, cedarwood, chamomile, cinnamon, cypress, dill, fennel, lemon balm, lime, myrtle, nutmeg, and spearmint.

Essential oils can help us to be happier and healthier because they have emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects associated with their powerful plant properties. There is a wealth of wisdom that has been observed, recorded, researched, and revealed for thousands of years in plants. When we focus on the holistic healing power of essential oils and medicinal plants we can open up a wealth of wisdom to help support our happiness, harmony, and health.

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Enjoy Essential Oils

Whether you choose to believe in essential oils or not they have powerful potential to support human health. Our body and brain have co-evolved with the flowers, herbs, plants, and trees so there may be a symbiotic relationship that exists with the aromatic fragrance and essential oils of the plants to connect and transmit energy, information, intention, and quantum physics which can create a body-mind connection reaction that can be healing and helpful.

Many people can attest to receiving major benefits from using essential oils and plant potions. History and written documents have shown a wide range of essential oils that have been used to enhance human health and provide powerful influences on our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Many people have been able to experience first-hand advantages and benefits.

When we open up our emotional, mental, and physical energy fields to essential oils we can tap into the world of plant medicine to optimize our health and well-being. We can find a wealth of wisdom in plant medicine when we open up our awareness and perception of the environment and plants around us. Remember our beliefs play a major role in the expression of our energy, health, and psychology so consider being open to the power of essential oils and powerful plant medicine.

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Eighteen Easy-to-Enjoy Essential Oils

These are some of the most common, economical, and popular essential oils.

  1. Cedarwood essential oil is a spicy oil that offers many happiness and health benefits. Cedar chests, cedar closets, and cedar wood blocks have been cherished and used for centuries because of their fragrant aroma and health-promoting benefits. Cedar essential oil is known to repel many bugs that bite people or eat clothing.
  2. Cinnamon is a spice with an aromatic essential oil.
  3. Clove essential oil has many beneficial properties besides offering a calming effect.
  4. Eucalyptus essential oil is well regarded for helping to promote better breathing and relief in supporting the lungs, sinuses, and throat.
  5. Frankincense has been in use for centuries for health and medicinal benefits.
  6. Lavender essential oil is well-documented and known for being a calming and healing essential oil.
  7. Lemon oil is a stimulating citrus oil that can be calming for many people. Many people enjoy the clean and fresh scent and use it for cleaning.
  8. Lime oil is another citrus oil that can be calming.
  9. Myrrh essential oil has been used since ancient times for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being.
  10. Orange oil is another citrus oil that can be calming due to its spicy and sweet aroma. Orange peel is an ingredient in many recipes and teas.
  11. Oregano essential oil has a long history of being used for first aid and health;
  12. Patchouli has a very unique fragrance and many people find it calming. Patchouli and lime essential oil make a great underarm deodorant.
  13. Peppermint essential oil helps calm, cool, relax, and soothe during a difficult day. It has helped many people calm seasickness or an upset stomach.
  14. Pine essential oil is associated in many people’s minds with cleaning homes and being outdoors near pine trees. Pine tree essential oils and fragrances are well-documented for helping people reduce anxiety and stress. Common sense would link pine essential oil with a terrific trip to the mountains and lots of pine trees.
  15. Rosemary essential oil has a fragrant smell that can help a person feel calm and relaxed. It is also excellent for treating many hair and skin issues.
  16. Sage essential oil has a long history of being used to purify a person, a place, promote health, and reduce anxiety.
  17. Tea tree essential oils are frequently used as an antimicrobial. It is a great resource to treat cuts and scrapes. Some people use it to treat fungus and warts.
  18. Thyme essential oils and the herb provide a fragrant and relaxing scent.

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Call to Action

Many people can benefit from investing the time to learn more information regarding energy psychology and essential oils. There is a long history and wealth of wisdom in the use of essential oils to help support us in being, happy, healthy, and in harmony. Aromatherapy and essential oils can be used in combination with a diffuser, Epsom salt baths, massage, meals, meditation, mineral baths, saunas, sleep sanctuary, wellness, and yoga retreats. There are so many ways you can access the holistic health potential of aromatherapy, essential oils, and plant medicine.

Think of essential oils as a first aid kit to support your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Even though you may be extra excited about essential oils consider this caution coaching to the wise. Be sure to do some research on products, do your due diligence on uses, and do consider consulting a natural health practitioner before using, as well as dilute your essential oils initially with carrier oil and water.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog serves as a simple suggestion to make aromatherapy and essential oils a part of your happiness and health routine.

“Remember…plants produce powerful plant medicines to protect themselves from attack by bacteria, fungus, insects, molds, praasites, predators, and viruses and ensure their survival. We can access some of the same powerful plant medicine by using aromatherapy and essential oils.” —Michael Morningstar

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