In a previous blog, we discussed testing your resilience and resistance levels because it is important to measure your benchmarks and biomarkers to effectively track your personal growth, health, and wealth progress. In this blog,  we will focus our attention, energy, and intention on the benefits of accessing Energy Psychology to boost your endorphins and energy healing abilities. Everything we feel, hear, say, smell, taste, think, and touch affects every cell in our body so it is important to choose carefully, consciously, and wisely.

The words we use can be harmful or helpful depending on how we use them. This blog will reveal two super powerful Energy Psychology modalities to help us improve on an emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual level. The crazy coronavirus communications and conditions are impacting and influencing our quality of life so now might be a great time to enhance your state of mind with some additional Energy Psychology therapies.

After declaring a pandemic and as the crazy coronavirus conditions continue we have seen a significant increase in anxiety and stress for many people. The vagus nerve system then functions in a sympathetic (stressed) state. Energy psychology techniques like boosting endorphins and energy healing can help the vagus nerve system go back into a parasympathetic (repair and restore) state. Learning how to access your endorphins (feel-good hormones) is essential to support your emotional, mental, and physical health, and well-being.

Many adults and children are feeling sad, sick, and stressed. Excess stress triggers a sympathetic response of being wired to a fight, flight, or freeze. This excessively stressed state can harm our health, mood, and sleep. This blog will share simple suggestions to help you increase your feel-good endorphins and reduce your stress at the same time.


Energy Psychology A – Z: Endorphins and Energy Healing

Energy psychology offers many powerful principles to help you boost your endorphins and access more energy healing abilities. One of the many great benefits of energy psychology is that you can become the award-winning CEO, director, producer, and star of your lifestyle instead of being a mindless puppet with others pulling your strings and stealing your rewards.

Energy Psychology has many proven principles to help people improve their wellness, wealth, and wisdom. When we reduce stress hormones and increase our feel-good endorphins, we are more likely for things to turn out for the better. We can also tune into our energy healing powers to support our emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being. Remember we always have a choice to learn how to direct our endorphins or stay stuck in a sad, sick, and stressed state.


There are many ways for you to reduce your stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol easily and quickly.

Try any of these for 10 minutes and begin to notice how your energy and mood shift:

  • Dancing and a variety of body movements can help boost our feel-good endorphin levels. Ballroom, Country and Western, and Salsa dancing can quickly boost your mood.
  • Exercise is a great way to help release endorphins which can help improve your focus and mood.
  • Inspirational, motivational, positive, and uplifting words can help boost our endorphins and mood. Be sure to find peers and people that believe and practice conscious communications and positive affirming language. We also must remember to direct our language and thoughts to be positive and supportive.
  • Meditation is a simple step to focus on our breath and let our body and brain relax. Meditation is a powerful technique for being calm and relaxed.
  • Movies, music, and singing have been shown to quickly shift a person from being stressed to happy and smiling in minutes.
  • Qi Gong is an ancient eastern tradition of directing the body and mind to breathe, move, and orchestrate life force, also called qi (pronounced “chee”).
  • Tai Chi is an ancient eastern tradition that uses attention, energy, focus, and movement to boost our qi and health.
  • Visualization is the process of directing your thoughts to direct your emotions and feelings.
  • Walking in nature is an easy and fast way to help us reconnect to the beauty and tranquility of the rhythms of life.
  • Yoga is an excellent way to allow the body and brain to reconnect, rejuvenate, and restore a sense of calm and clarity.

Tai Chi

Energy Healing

There are many forms of energy healing therapy. Some allow you to tap into your inner healing wisdom while some tap into the healing energy of other people or practices:

  • Acupressure and acupuncture are both forms of energy healing that focus on meridians and pressure points. One uses needles, and the other one uses touch, but they are both powerful forms of energy healing. They both open up blocked energy and help your chi or life force energy to flow.
  • Crystals are believed by many to have beneficial energy healing properties. A crystal prism that makes many small rainbows brings a smile to my face and helps me feel more centered and mindful of the beauty, energy, and life around me.
  • Far infrared therapy helps support health and well-being. Some examples include infrared devices, mats, and saunas.
  • Mindfulness in our actions, thoughts, and words can direct our body and brain to be healthy or sick. Choose your actions, thoughts, and words carefully and wisely.
  • Music, songs, sounds, and vibrations are very therapeutic and help support our body and brain to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  • Pranayama is a powerful practice of breathing techniques that can enhance our energy, longevity, resiliency, and vitality.
  • Pranic healing is an eastern philosophy that deals with breathwork and life force energy. You can develop your prana healing skills or access the skills of another person that may be more advanced.
  • Prayer may be one of the best-known and oldest energy healing systems in the world. Many people believe miracles can happen when accessing the power of prayer.
  • Reiki is an eastern energy healing philosophy that many have found to be healthy and helpful.

Reiki Energy

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog is dedicated to protecting and restoring our emotional, mental, and physical well-being by boosting our endorphins and accessing energy-healing therapies.

“Our belief systems and consciousness manifest in every cell of our body & brain, every moment of our life. Our body and brain are infinitely more potent than most people realize. When we learn to tune in to the wisdom of the universe and tune out the noise and nonsense, we can create more magic moments and miracles.” —Michael Morningstar

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