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Another New Year is opening the door to new possibilities. What new choices and decisions can help you eliminate old habits that harm and replace them with habits that help? As mentioned in the previous post, our beliefs, behaviors, and blind spots direct our lifestyle and either move us closer to our dream life or farther away. What habits help program you for happiness, harmony, and health? Which harmful habits are sabotaging your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being? Happiness and health are a measure of long-term wealth.

“What happiness, health, and healing habits are you willing to make a higher priority in 2022?” —Michael Morningstar

Now is a great time to invest in some thinking time to consciously decide and design the lifestyle you deserve and desire. These crazy coronavirus conditions may be a gift in disguise so that you can review and re-think your behaviors, beliefs, and blind spots to focus your energy and intention even more on happiness and health in 2022 and beyond.

With the current crazy coronavirus conditions, many people are focusing on updating, upgrading, and uplifting their lifestyle for a better quality of life. Right now is the perfect time to look within and create a mastery action plan to make your lifestyle even better in 2022. Creating an empowering vision board to enhance your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state is a great investment of your time and will pay big dividends. Investing in our values, visions, and vocations is good for people and good for the planet.

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping people discover simple strategies to banish the habits that harm and boost the habits that help.  Simple strategies can shift our actions, choices, and decisions to help us experience rapid results with our happiness, harmony, and health. During these current crazy coronavirus conditions, we have the perfect opportunity to choose to update and upgrade our operating system, programming, and software for an optimal lifestyle in 2022 and beyond.

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Habits That Harm

With 2022 opening a new chapter, it is important, do a little soul searching to see if self-sabotaging is shipwrecking success. Once you find short circuits and weak links you may be able to fix the issues with better choices and decisions. Consider avoiding these habits that harm.

  • Alcohol and drugs are expensive habits that can easily become addictive and destructive.
  • Avoid harmful fake foods and fast foods. Fried foods are also very harmful to your health. Avoiding highly processed and refined GMO seed oils like canola, corn, cottonseed, and soy is helpful.
  • Bodycare products often contain many harmful ingredients so choose healthy and organic options.
  • Chemicals can be a constant source of cancer-causing contamination.
  • Chewing, dipping, and smoking tobacco can be linked to low self-esteem, self-sabotage, and a form of slow suicide.
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a far bigger health risk than most people realize. Cell phones, cell towers, high power lines, microwave devices, routers, and smart meters are just some of the major sources of harm emitting Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and EMR.
  • Genetically Engineered (GE) foods and products. Frankenstein foods are a nightmare for your body and brain.
  • Heavy metal contamination is a serious health hazard.
  • Negative emotions like anger, depression, guilt, resentment, and sadness can eat away at our health as corrosion and rust eat away at metal.
  • Pollution is a major problem and often contains a variety of poisons. Recycle, reduce, repair, repurpose, and reuse everything within your ability. There is no Planet B.
  • Poor dental hygiene leads to big dental health problems. The lack of proper brushing, cleaning, and flossing, combined with holistic dental care can lead to major problems with amalgam fillings and root canals.
  • Sedentary lifestyles are being called the new bad habit with drastic consequences to our happiness and health.
  • Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are highly addictive and harmful to your happiness and health. They have been linked as major contributors to diabetes and obesity.

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Habits That Help

Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Affirmations can program our inner intelligence for stamina, strength, and success: Every little cell in my body is happy, and every little cell in my body is well.
  • The alignment of our bodies plays a key role in our health.
  • Balance and coordination activities can boost the quality and quantity of our life. Being centered and grounded recharges our body and brain for peak performance.
  • Conscious communication with others and ourselves plays a major role in how our destiny will manifest.
  • Exercise and fitness are vital to our happiness, harmony, and health.
  • Fun is key to our happiness and health.
  • Having a happy life starts with having happy thoughts. Tune into happy movies, news, songs, and videos to help prime your pump and promote your happy, healthy, and hopeful personality.
  • Mantras, meditation, and mindfulness can help us make better choices and decisions by tuning into our innate wisdom and intuition.
  • Nutrition is the key to our happiness and health. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” are words with wisdom from Hippocrates the father of medicine.
  • Organic is the standard we want to embrace for happiness and health. Chemicals and pesticides harm our health.
  • Positive people, places, things, and thoughts help direct and drive our lifestyle to positive destinations and results.
  • Relationships are vital to our quality and quantity of life. Choose wisely what relationships you develop and maintain.
  • Safety is essential to stay happy and healthy. Accidents can wreck your vehicle and your life. Avoid talking and texting while driving.
  • Vision boards are a powerful way to keep you focused on living a high-quality lifestyle.
  • Yoga is an easy and effective way to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. These simple strategies and words with wisdom can help you create habits that help you enjoy more happiness, harmony, and health in 2022.

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