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Anyone struggling with health, immunity, inflammation, or weight issue can find this information on weight lifting for wellness very helpful. Anyone serious about preventing these issues will also benefit. When we design a lifestyle of fun, exercise, fitness, and movement activities it is easier to sustain our ability to prevent disease and protect our health. The more trips around the sun we take the greater our risk for a health challenge if we avoid energizing exercise, fitness, and lifestyle practices. Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems Part 6 Weight Lifting for Wellness has simple suggestions for fitness training with weights to improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being. When would now be a great time to implement simple steps to boost your muscle mass and structural system?

Discovering new eating and exercising healthy habits can help maintain our health, longevity, and resilience. Following the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle on Morningstar NEWS from five to seven days a week may provide extra life insurance and support a significantly happier and healthier life long term. It is up to you to decide if it is really an important priority and then take massive action to produce the endorphins and energy to feel better and live longer. The Seven X Seven series offers some of the best free health and life insurance you can find.

Creating a fitness GPS system to help keep you focused on your vision for a healthy future is an essential step. We all need enough leverage and love (pain if we avoid change and pleasure when we do change) to activate our personal power and make our values and vision a reality. Our belief systems and behaviors drive our identity and determine our results. Atrophy and regression come naturally. It takes energy and nutrition to maintain our peak performance and personal power. Remember… when we stop growing … we start dying. Said another way when we stop exercising…we start dying. Think about that while you are lying down and sitting twenty hours a day.

Once we are crystal clear on our values, a vision board helps keep us on course as a personal GPS system.

“A vision board can help you find the extra determination, inspiration, and motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough.” —Michael Morningstar

Remember…A sad, sick and stressed body and brain are from lousy lifestyle choices and a smart and strong body and brain are from loving lifestyle choices…choose wisely.

Energy psychology strategies can help reprogram our body and brain to enjoy finding a fun exercise, fitness, and lifestyle that empowers us. My goal is to help educate, empower and excite you to implement healthy habits like the Seven X Seven system to feel your best, look your best and live longer. Remember…these Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems can be the extra advantage to support your success for a well-rounded wheel of life.

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Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 6 Weight Lifting for Wellness

The Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems Part 6 Weight Lifting for Wellness blog will help boost your overall fitness and strength. Using each system and one subsystem each day will put you on the road to rejuvenation and resilience. Combining several subsystems during the day for cross-training benefits will help you progress faster. Weight lifting for wellness helps build muscle mass and strength for a fit, healthy and independent lifestyle. A key factor for weight lifting is using proper breathing techniques.

Weight Lifting for Wellness offers a great workout for maintaining our muscle mass and a strong skeleton system. There are many choices to choose from including:

  • Barbells are long metal bars with weight plates on each end that require a two-hand hold for the workout. They are often referred to as free weights because they are not part of an equipment or exercise machine with weights. You can add or remove weight from the bar for different weight workouts. Proper breathing, form, lifting, and posture techniques are important for optimal benefits and safety. Often times a special bench or rack is used for a greater variety of exercise modifications and options.
  • Bodyweight exercises are always an option any time and anywhere. There are so many bodyweight exercises to do: air chairs, bear crawls, chin-ups, crab crawls, dips, handstands, jumping jacks, jump ups, lunges, planks, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, wall push-ups,
  • Dumbbells are hand weights that are relatively short and can be done with one hand or both hands. Some dumbbells are a fixed weight and some allow adding or removing weight plates. Dumbbells can allow you to exercise and isolate one arm for training. Great exercises with dumbbells include bench press, bicep curls, deadlifts, fly, lunges, military press, overhead press, rowing, triceps extensions, and thrusters. Garage sales and thrift shops are a great place to find used weights and weightlifting equipment.
  • Kettlebells are typically metal weights with a large curved handle and a metal base somewhat shaped like a tea kettle. The Kettlebell handle allows a one or two-hand grip. kettlebells come in different sizes and weights and cannot be altered. If kettlebells are unavailable then consider the DIY suggestions below for making your own.
  • Medicine balls are usually made of a leather or plastic cover with sand or a weight material inside. They are used for one or multiple people to throw and catch. Medicine balls can be used to engage in a wide variety of exercise and fitness workouts. They are perfect for one person or multiple people to exercise and get the benefits of a full-body workout. Medicine balls are especially great for developing upper body stability, stamina, and strength. A cheap alternative to a medicine ball is a sandbag or sand tube which has sand put in a durable bag, bladder, or tube. In some MovNat videos, people tossed big rocks and sandbags instead of medicine balls.
  • Sandbags and sand jugs (plastic containers filled with sand) are some of the least expensive and newest types of weight training. You can even make DIY sandbag weights with plastic or rubber containers filled with sand. By filling an empty bleach or laundry soap container with a handle with sand you now have a DIY kettlebell. Practice carrying them around the block to build arm, back, hand, and shoulder strength. Fill two small empty water bottles with sand and you now have a set of hand weights to use when walking for wellness. If you fill a truck tire inner tube with sand you can carry it while walking to build stability, stamina, and strength. These are all simple solutions to help you do more weight lifting.
  • Weight machines can be an option for people with access to a gym or fitness facility. They offer the option to do many traditional weight lifting exercises such as bench press, lat pulldowns, leg extensions, leg press, military press, rowing, and weighted squats. While weight machines have some advantages they have many disadvantages. They can be very expensive, heavy, and take up a lot of floor space. For people with access to a gym, they can be easier, faster, and more versatile than traditional barbells and dumbbells. The bottom line is every child, man and woman can benefit from properly performed weight lifting for wellness workouts.

All of the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems offer great benefits and when you combine them your benefits skyrocket. Remember…investing in exercise and fitness pays big dividends and can boost your emotional, mental, and physical health. Our body and brain require exercise and fitness training to maintain and sustain peak performance.  Poor performance often comes from poor choices and decisions.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. The information in this blog about Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems Part 6 Weight Lifting for Wellness can help you enjoy more happiness and health when you follow the recipes and faithfully implement the massive action plan.

Seeing this powerful profound phrase on your vision board while tapping your wrists together might be totally transforming…

Eat and Exercise Like Your Life Depends On It…Because It Does – Michael Morningstar

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