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How would you rate the quality and quantity of your sleep on a scale of 0 (terrible) to 10 (outstanding)? How often do you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized? Many people would rate the quality and quantity of their sleep with a very low score. They would also say they are not feeling refreshed and revitalized.

During the hectic holiday season and any time of the year, might be the perfect time to discover some simple sleep suggestions for a super supportive sleep. This blog will share some simple sleep suggestions that can easily, effectively, and quickly improve the quality of your sleep. Many people are ready to start sleeping soundly and are willing to try some new sleep hacks and suggestions. Restful sleep involves a combination of healthy habits during the day and some sleep sanctuary suggestions before bed at night. This blog contains some simple and smart sleep suggestions I have discovered over the last five decades of sleep struggles.

To begin your simple sleep suggestions, see my previous blog titled 30+ Calming Essential Oils and Herbs for a great place to start calming a monkey mind that hinders your sleep quality. There are many benefits to using calming essential oils and herbs during the day to help steer you toward super supportive sleep.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people become better informed about simple steps and suggestions to support a healthier lifestyle. Using calming essential oils and herbs for the holidays and even all year long are brilliant ways to access the amazing benefits provided by Mother Nature and plant-based medicines.

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Simple Sleep Suggestions for Super Supportive Sleep

  • Avoid addictive behaviors during the day that contribute to sleep struggles and stress. Addictions to cell phones, electronics, gambling, gaming, lotteries, pornography, shopping, social media, texting, tobacco, and TV set a person up for sleep issues.
  • Avoid addictive beverages and foods during the day that contribute to sleep struggles and stress. alcohol, caffeine, coffee, eating, drugs, junk foods, and sugar.
  • Air quality is important for a good night’s sleep. Avoid chemicals, dust, and smoke that can harm your health. Clean and fresh air is helpful for a better night of restful sleep.
  • Ayurvedic health principles offer several tips regarding quality sleep. People go into a Pita (dosha) cycle from 22:00 to 02:00, and it is vital to be asleep at this time to digest the emotions, experiences, food, and information from the day. Being awake during this time disrupts the balance and health of our body, mind, and spirit.
  • Bed frames can be harmful or helpful depending on design and materials. Did you know that metal bed frames can conduct electricity and interfere with your sleep?
  • Beverages before bedtime can be responsible for night trips to the bathroom. Avoid drinking fluids two hours before bedtime. Avoiding alcohol for at least 3 hours before bedtime is important.
  • Breathing quality is key to quality sleep. If your sinuses are blocked or problematic, find a functional medicine doctor to help. Essential oils and sinus irrigation can help with cleaning and clearing your sinuses for better sleep.
  • Cannabis and CBD capsules, gummies, and oil are well known for helping people feel a higher level of calm, happiness, and relaxation, which can improve sleep.
  • Chemical-free cleaners & deodorizers are important for quality sleep.
  • Circadian rhythm is our biological clock synchronized with the earth’s rotation, seasons, and time of day. The optimal time for sleep is timed with the hours of total darkness.
  • Detergents used for cleaning clothes and sheets can affect your skin and sleep quality. Avoid synthetic chemicals and fragrances as much as possible. Use eco-friendly products as much as possible.
  • Dirty electricity in the bedroom can impact your health and sleep. Some devices and experts can help you reduce dirty electricity in the bedroom and home.
  • Eating unhealthy foods in an unhealthy way often leads to sleep issues. Proper chewing, choices, and combining food are important for health and healthy habits.
  • Electronics in the bedroom and house can have many negative consequences. Keep your cell phone, computer, and TV out of the bedroom at night. Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) can have a major impact on your quality of sleep. Avoid electronic devices, routers, smart meters, and Wifi while you sleep. Some devices and diagnostics can measure the level of EMR you are exposed to in your home so you can take precautions.
  • Emotions play a major role in our life and sleep. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be a very helpful therapy to reduce emotional issues and support better sleep.
  • Essential oils like anise, cedar, cinnamon, clove, cypress, lavender, rose, sandalwood, and thyme.
  • Feng Shui is an ancient Asian philosophy that focuses on the subtle energy, information, and vibrations in and around your home and life. Do a little research into the benefits and concepts of Feng Shui that have been practiced for thousands of years and see how it may help improve your life and sleep.
  • Herbs can be calming and supportive for better sleep. Many are easy to grow and offer a wide range of health and nutritional benefits. Consider growing basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and sage in your garden or home.
  • Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian holistic prayer and process to help with happiness, healing, and health. Saying this Hawaiian prayer a few minutes before bed can clear your head and heart of heavy and hurtful feelings and thoughts. Read the amazing healing journey as told by Dr. Hew Len to comprehend the potential of this prayer.
  • Humming is a great way to relax your vagus nerve to reduce stress and restore restful sleep.
  • Light exposure during the night interferes with our quality of sleep. New sleep studies have found that blue lights and fluorescent lights before bedtime and during the night interfere with how our body signals the endocrine system and sets our sleep cycles. Avoiding blue lights during darkness and wearing blue blocker glasses can help.
  • Mantras and mudras can support soothing sleep and be therapeutic. Breathing and chanting Sat Ta Na Ma as you touch your thumb to your fingertips can be like magic fairy dust for better sleep.
  • Mattress quality can directly impact sleep quality. If a mattress or pillow has dander, mites, or molds, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Old and sagging mattresses can cause sleep issues. Size does matter when it comes to beds, so choose wisely.
  • Medicine abuse, misuse, and overuse are big issues affecting many people’s sleep. Too many people are taking too many medications that have negative side effects and negative sleep effects.
  • Meditation is great for rejuvenating and restoring mental peace and tranquility, which can help people enjoy a better night’s sleep.
  • Mold is a big problem in many foods and homes and can inhibit the quality of your sleep. Avoid foods that may contain mold and clean your home to remove mold.
  • Noise pollution is a major problem that affects our day and night mood and sleep state. Snoring and sounds at night can prevent the deep and restful sleep we all need.
  • Nutrition quality plays a direct role in sleep quality. What and when you eat affects your digestion and biorhythms. Avoid junk foods and choose satisfying superfoods.
  • Pillow shape, size, and stuffing material can affect your sleep. Hypoallergenic and thinner pillows are better than big pillows with chemicals and contaminants.
  • Positions people sleep in can affect their quality of sleep. Sleep studies can be very helpful in identifying what and when you enjoy better sleep.
  • Prayer before bedtime can be a great way to decompress and de-stress before sleep. Being in a beautiful state before sleep sets us up for better sleep success.
  • Relationship stress or relationship tranquility can have a direct impact on sleep quality. Find ways to communicate more effectively and efficiently to enhance your relationships and create raving relationships and super sleep.
  • Rituals and routines are important for sleep and success. Sleep success benefits from developing some soothing sleep strategies and maintaining sleep rituals.
  • Safety in all areas of our life is very important for sound sleep. If people are fearful or worried about their safety, it can hinder quality sleep. Using alarms, dogs, locks, motion sensors, or other security measures can help people feel safer and more secure, enhancing sleep quality.
  • Seasons play a key role in our daily routines and sleep patterns. Learn to adapt and adjust to the different seasons so you can become seasonally and sleep synchronized.
  • Sheets washed in strong chemical detergents with artificial fragrances can hinder sleep quality.
  • The sense of smell is one of our strongest senses and can harm our sleep or help our sleep. Avoid food smells and smoke in the evening. Use frankincense, lavender, or sandalwood to enhance sleep quality.
  • Snoring is a sign something is out of sync with your breathing and sleep and should be checkout with a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea is a big red flashing light and warning sign.
  • Spoonk pads with acupressure point stimulation can be a super sleep support suggestion. With 6210 acupressure points, some jokingly refer to this as sleeping on a bed of nails. You have to try it for a few weeks to see if it works for you. Mine has become such a supportive routine I also have a small Spoonk sleep pad for travel.
  • Stress is a big issue in modern western societies and hinders people from enjoying a good night’s sleep. My blog on Tips to Tame Tone Tune the Vegas Nerve Today has many strategies and suggestions to help calm the vagus nerve and reduce stress.
  • Supplements can be beneficial for health and a super sleep support strategy: Some of my favorite sleep support supplements are ashwagandha, kava root, licorice root, magnesium, MCT oil, and Valerian root.
  • Teas, tinctures, and tonics can be very helpful for improving sleep. Chai tea, chamomile tea, and kava tea are some well-known examples.
  • The temperature in the bedroom during sleep can play a big role in the quality of sleep you enjoy. Many sleep experts feel a cooler temperature at night supports better sleep.
  • The time that you establish for a normal bedtime is worth serious consideration. Many sleep experts recommend being in bed by 21:00 and no food after 19:00.
  • Treasure maps and Vision boards are a great way to set a GPS course for your body and brain during the day and night. By looking at your boards early in the morning and before bed, you program your body, mind, and spirit to align and direct your actions, behaviors, and thoughts for the life you deserve and desire. Be sure to add some key ideas and intelligent programming regarding sleep quality since that involves around 33% of each day of your life.
  • Turn off the negative news and avoid violent movies and shows for at least several hours before bedtime. Avoiding them regularly can change your life.
  • Verbalize and Visualize what was great about your day before going to bed. Give gratitude and thanks for the many blessings in your life. A Gratitude Journal helps.
  • Waking in the middle of the night gives clues to pay attention to. Maybe it was too much alcohol, food, or liquids too close to bedtime. Avoid consuming most items two hours before bedtime.
  • Water is important for happiness and health. It is best to drink more water early in the morning and afternoon and then taper off the liquids by 19:00, so the body can release them before you sleep.
  • Yoga poses can be a great way to rejuvenate, relax and renew the body, mind, and spirit during the day. Say yes to yoga for youthful sleep.

All of the simple sleep suggestions for super supportive sleep are easy to do and offer great benefits when you make quality sleep a super smart priority.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers some simple sleep suggestions for super supportive sleep to be happier and healthier.

“Sleep plays a key role in your level of happiness, health, and harmony and is determined by your choices each day. Sleep is a vital aspect of your life that significantly influences your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health and longevity, so remember to choose wisely”. —Michael Morningstar

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