Balanced LifestyleWhat are you doing, saying, and thinking as you deal with the conflicting comments, negative news, and regulatory restrictions during this current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Our body is constantly tuned in to what the brain is hearing, saying, and thinking so maybe it is wise to create a healthy lifestyle blueprint as your GPS system to navigate your nervous system. My behaviors and beliefs are based on my values, visions and voracious appetite for learning in association with my respected role models and teachers who train me to avoid focusing on the panic and problems that I cannot control and instead focus on solutions, state, strategies, and systems that will help me be more resilient and resourceful.

For several decades I have been very focused on boosting my health and immune system by applying wellness strategies and leading a balanced lifestyle. The more informed and inspired we are the better choices and decisions we can make each step along our journey. A vision board is a great way to post your values and vision to keep you focused on a happier and healthier lifestyle.

This blog is dedicated to helping you consider some basic common sense suggestions that can provide big benefits. My goal is to share some of the best strategies from the best resources and role models that walk the talk so we can survive and thrive during this crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are dealing with emotional, financial, mental, and physical challenges and can benefit from basic common sense health habits and holistic honesty. Following these simple steps can help you be even happier and healthier than before this current chaos crashed our careers, families, and lives.

This blog post has suggestions which have evolved over decades of dealing with the often grossly exaggerated and overly hyped harmful germs and gremlins invading humans during various epidemics, outbreaks, and pandemics to maintain body, mind and spirit health in an often crazy and mixed up world. There are many resources and role models to help us thrive in the chaos if you know where to look. There is a wealth of valuable information based on common sense and proven protocols that have evolved with our ancestors over thousands of years.

Happy, Harmony and Healthy with Mental Mastery

Sitting MeditationOne of the best steps is to stop listening to confusing commentaries and negative news and start focusing on helpful resources and role models to guide you during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Remember… big companies are spending big bucks to influence our behaviors, beliefs, and thinking so they can profit at our expense.

We must focus on accessing, learning, and utilizing our best resources and skills in order to create better action plans each day.

From decades of experience, I wrote my top ten tips for MORE ENERGY and Perfect Health well over ten years ago. They are just as applicable today during this crazy chaos of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic as before.

  1. Mental calm and clarity – You are what you do and think consistently! Developing a balanced lifestyle and a laser-focused awareness on each area in your Circle/ Wheel of Life is a key to happiness, health and peak performance. BTW being happy is key to being healthy.
  2. Oxygen – Learn the benefits of deep diaphragm and nasal breathing to help maximize your energy, health, and vitality. The quality and quantity of the air you breathe impact your body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Reduce stress. Most doctors believe that stress is the number one factors for all disease, immune issues, and sickness. Understanding and living a balanced life reduces stress. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) developed by Gary Craig is easy, fast, and terrific to help release and recover from hurts, injuries, and traumas.
  4. An elixir of life is pure water and water-rich foods. Clean water and proper hydration are essential for energy, health, and longevity. Consuming herbal elixirs, teas, and tonics is a great way to multiply the benefits of hydrating with medicinal liquids.
  5. Eliminate unhealthy habits, products, and toxins that harm you. There are many external and internal influences that rob you of your health and wealth.
  6. Nutrition – You are what you eat! Great nutrition is essential for energy, immunity, and maintenance of body and mind. Discover foods that harm and foods that heal. Learn about the essential amino acids, carbohydrates, electrolytes, enzymes, fats, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements, and vitamins that are vital for perfect health. Learn to Alkalize and Energize to let the life force be with you.
  7. Exercise – Rejuvenate your mind and strengthen your body with aerobic, anaerobic, balancing, flexibility, and resistance activities. An optimal variety for 15 – 30 minutes per day is best. The alignment and symmetry of the body and brain is a major factor for your level of energy, health, and vitality. Check out Egoscue and MovNat for techniques and tips.
  8. Rest – Provide optimal time for recreation, rejuvenation, relaxation, rest, and sleep that will energize and revitalize you. Focus on balancing activities for the body, mind, and spirit. Most people are struggling with sleep quality and quantity and this can wreck your health.
  9. Gratitude – Giving thanks for the many blessings in your life will help tap into the cosmic consciousness and infinite intelligence. Chant, meditation, prayer, and singing will also help connect you to the rhythm of life and the universe. Self-less service and contribution are great ways to share and support each other.
  10. Yes – You can do what it takes to control your destiny and health if you are committed. Remember to act youthful, play full out and laugh, learn, love, and live longer. Focus on your overall dental, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health with complementary wellness strategies. Harmony and time in nature is powerful medicine. Monitor your biomarkers and vital statistics regularly.

Our ancestors were able to survive and thrive hard times and even epidemics because our creator gave us amazing abilities to naturally deal with pathogens and develop strong immunity responses naturally. Remember…by boosting your immune system, eating healthy whole foods, protecting your self from health hazards, and supplementing as needed. We can deal with any natural health hazards.

Passion and Purpose

GratitudeThe passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Remember, it is vital to have a master blueprint and road map for all the different seasons of life. What new strategies and systems will you implement to make your health a higher priority during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

Will a vision board help you stay focused on a happier and healthier lifestyle?

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