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How tuned in are you to the amazing benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping and Time Line Therapy (TLT)? EFT is an amazing process of tapping on acupressure points to resolve unresolved emotional issues from the past that are limiting you in the present and preventing a better future. TLT is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) process that also allows you to resolve issues from the past to benefit you in the present for a more fantastic future. Each of them is a super strategy for emotional, mental, and physical health and when combined together you now have a superstar system that opens a portal for a major magnifying and multiplication of beneficial outcomes. This DIY self-help therapy can help you rewire and rewrite your Belief Systems (BS) to release any excess big baggage and sad stories (more BS) from the past to transform your life today and in the future by restoring your emotional, mental and physical balance and health.

Are you ready and willing to learn some simple EFT tapping on acupressure points and Time Line Therapy to prevent issues from the past from being the weak links that sabotage and shipwreck your chances of enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle today? BTW, do you think the same old sad stories from the past will get resolved by themselves or will they keep getting worse and haunting you with more issues, pain, and suffering in the future?

“Many people have emotional and mental issues from old injuries and issues that did not receive the helpful help needed so their body and brain are still dealing with unresolved emotional excrement.” —Michael Morningstar

During the current crazy coronavirus, conditions might be the perfect time to find the silver lining and learn some simple steps to stop sabotaging and start supporting your success.

This blog will provide information to help you release some past injuries, injustices, insults, or issues. As mentioned in previous blogs many people have mental weak links that still haunt them currently because of a “malignant memory” that has not been removed or resolved. These malignant memories from the past may seem to be behind you but they often stay hidden in our memories and become a “cancer corrosion” and weak link that limits our happiness and health today without us realizing it.

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We mention EFT in many of our blogs because since 2000. EFT has produced great results for myself and my coaching clients. It is one of the best healthy habits to have the best life ever. This blog is dedicated to sharing how EFT and TLT combined can work wonders to release and resolve past issues to enhance your quality of life and overall health. Adopting healthy habits like EFT therapy and TLT can help you reprogram your beliefs and brain to restore the healthy mindset you enjoyed before the damaging experience that has caused pain and problems.

To be happy, healthy, and in harmony, our body and brain must be a tag team working towards the same values and vision. EFT and TLT can help you turn back the clock and rewrite the operating systems and programs that run your life. My goal is to educate, empower and excite you to give them a try for 21 days to experience the benefits for yourself.

Belief Systems Key to Being Successful

  • Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Frustration, Pain, Sadness, and Sleep deprivation are all mental programs we run in our heads that run our life. For many people, these belief systems and poison programs are not just running their life but ruining it. They often lead to over-medicating and self-medicating with health hazards to escape the pain.
  • Anger from unresolved hurts often causes relationship train wrecks.
  • Pain from emotional, mental, and physical causes can result in many people turning to Alcohol, Drugs, Over the Counter (OTC), and Prescription drugs for pain relief. All of these usually come with unhealthy consequences and side effects.  EFT and TLT can help avoid relying on these health hazards.
  • Sleep quality and quantity are vital for happiness and health. EFT and TLT before bed can help create a calm and relaxed state to help with healthy deep sleep.
  • EFT and TLT can help reduce stress and restore our emotional, mental and physical health. Excessive and prolonged stress can be one of our greatest health hazards and using these energy psychology therapies allows you to reduce stress any time and anywhere with a few basic therapies.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an easy, fast, and terrific way to reset our emotional, mental, and physical state. Instead of focusing on the past problems that we cannot change we use simple tapping, thinking, and touching techniques to help us focus on solutions, strategies, and systems to create a more empowering meaning of our past for a better present and future.
  • EFT and TLT can help you enjoy a beautiful and calm state to make better choices and decisions.
  • EFT is a great way to boost our immune system, calm our minds and reduce stress which can help us enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.
  • EFT and TLT can help people dealing with emotional, financial, mental, and physical issues. Both are simple steps to remember and reset our internal thermostat to a calm, comfortable and confident level.

EFT and TLT for Peak Performance

A coaching suggestion for dealing with any emotionally charged issue is to stop talking about it and start tapping on it. Any key EFT acupressure point such as collar bone, eyebrow point, or wrists will work wonders. Now talking and tapping about the emotional issue allows us to release the energetic charge rather than bury it deeper in our core energy psychology. Tapping interrupts our habitual patterns and programming to help us snap out of our trance of troubles. This way new ideas, inspiration, and insights can come to us. Talking and tapping help release the emotional charge and reset your nervous system for real progress and rapid results.

The TLT process is now added to multiply the beautiful benefits and life lesson learning. Simply ask yourself to go back in time to when this issue may have first entered your body as a tiny seed. Over time as the emotional pattern repeated itself, the seed started to grow like a little alien from the movie Aliens. Over time, this alien emotion can burst out and wreak havoc. When you use TLT you find the root of the seed and have the opportunity to pull the root out and replace it with a fern, flower, or fruit seed that will bear beneficial fruit in the future.

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Just visualize this process by combining the EFT and TLT to resolve the past issues as if it were a movie and you are the actor, director, and writer of the movie so you can totally change and edit the script to have the success story you deserve and desire. Our body and brain love stories so make a decision to create the life and movie you want. It really is as simple as start tapping and TLT in order to stop sabotaging your life.

Decades of events can be compressed and condensed into an atomic fuel for nuclear reactors that can power you to productivity and profits with rapid results. When I was interviewed by Dianne Raynor RN for the Hearts of Healthcare Professionals Summit on using EFT during these crazy coronavirus conditions adding TLT helped identify the root causes that often went back to early childhood to get the deep issues that had been growing bigger and stronger over time.

Benefits of EFT and TLT

  1. Being calm, clear, and confident is a priority to make better choices and decisions. Both EFT and TLT allow us to activate a reboot and reset switch to re-balance our emotions and energy to manifest the life we desire and deserve. It can help us gain and maintain a more positive emotional state to stay happy, healthy, and in harmony.
  2. EFT can help us breathe more deeply and this helps us calm down. Nasal breathing helps maximize our energy, health, and vitality.
  3. Anxiety and stress reduction are essential to improve our health and immune function. EFT and TLT combined are like a one-two punch to knock out stress.
  4. EFT helps to restore energy to our cells mitochondria, glands, muscles, and organs which play a vital role in maintaining our best defense against pathogens.
  5. Reprogramming unhealthy beliefs, behaviors, and BS habits are key to our peak performance and rapid results in any area we choose.
  6. Energy psychology in the form of EFT and TLT allows us to be the puppet master and power broker behind the curtain. TLT and EFT can help us to make better choices and decisions so we are less impulsive and insane in our behaviors. There are emotions that harm and emotions that heal and by tapping with timeline therapy we can get the old weeds out of our garden and plant new seeds for happiness and health.
  7. EFT and TLT are like emotional exercise and fitness and a vital path to health and well-being. Tapping activates and energizes our energy meridians to prime the body for peak performance. TLT allows us to reboot, restore and rewrite our belief systems and programming so we access being in a beautiful state of resourcefulness.
  8. Recreation, rejuvenation, and restful sleep are vital components for health and longevity. EFT and TLT before bedtime can help people reduce stress, and enjoy better deep and restorative sleep. Tapping and TLT before going to sleep is a great way to release the drama and negativity of the day and send us off into a deep sleep.
  9. EFT and TLT help us have better attention and attitude. We can release the hurts that block our awareness of our beautiful state and all the good things in our life. They are a true blessing because they are so easy to learn that even young children and super seniors can use them for any area they want better behaviors. EFT can help you tap into your higher inspiration, intelligence, and intuition.
  10. Yes, EFT and TLT are DIY self-help therapies to help in any area of your life that is causing concerns or issues so you can experience empowering benefits. Time Line Therapy offers tender loving thinking and EFT is an easy, fast, and terrific way to enhance our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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Try EFT and TLT For 21 Days

Remember…EFT and TLT can provide big benefits whenever and wherever you need them to boost your emotional, mental and physical health. There are many EFT resources and role models to help us reboot and reset our operating system and programming software for peak performance. There is a wealth of valuable information on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). My training came from the EFT founder Gary Craig and his practitioner trainers. EFT and TLT offer simple steps to help us remember our ability to be in a beautiful state and maintain mastery of our emotions and thoughts. My Green Pharmacy prescription is to do EFT and TLT before each meal and bedtime to release any emotional short circuits that occur during the day for 21 days and judge for yourself. Contact me for coaching and questions.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog about using Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy and Time Line Therapy can resolve the issues that rob us of our happiness and health. Are you ready and willing to commit to 21 days that can transform your life? What do you have to lose and what might you gain by adopting this healthy habit?

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