The 2016 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to Holistic Habits to help us be happy and healthy. Recent posts have focused on the health hazards we face and the disease and distress that results. Posts in the A to Z Health Habits series will offer simple steps to prevent disease, protect against many health hazards and restore resiliency.   As mentioned in previous blogs there are a wide variety of biological, ecological, immunological, neurological, pharmaceutical, physiological, psychological and toxicological health hazards that are affecting our health and quality of life.

Happy Family

We must learn to identify health hazards to our body, mind and spirit and design mastery action plans to minimize their impact to our happiness and health.

This post in the A to Z Health Habits series offers specific solutions, strategies and suggestions which have been identified as most helpful for my own health and that of my family and clients.  Implementing these ideas have been found to help avoid, minimize and mitigate many health hazards and lifestyle issues. With the large number of people facing even greater numbers of health challenges this series of posts seemed the most effective and efficient way to help the most people in the least amount of time with beneficial health coaching. Think of this as the A to Z Health Habits book sharing one chapter at a time.

We must learn to identify health hazards to our body, mind and spirit and design mastery action plans to minimize their impact to our happiness and health.  We know the long list of health hazards that cause disease so it is time to focus on the solutions to prevent it.  Since our environment, lifestyle and nutrition are three of the most serious factors contributing to our health these posts are dedicated to an alphabetical list of the best of the best strategies my research has discovered.

Conscious Change and Healthy Habits

Since too many people are feeling sad, sick, stressed and struggling we must focus on new behaviors, beliefs and habits.    If the chemicals and synthetic compounds in the air, food, land and water are a health hazard we must avoid them to the best of our ability.  Since we are surrounded by artificial sweeteners, chemicals, drugs, dyes, Electro- Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), fertilizers, flavorings, food coloring, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, medications, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, radiation, synthetic compounds and vaccinations that harm our health we must implement a detailed defense and protection plan that provides maximum health benefits with the minimum cost and effort.

I am frequently asked for coaching, consulting, guidance and suggestions for various health challenges and issues.  It seemed logical and logistically beneficial to summarize my top super solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to help preserve and protect our health. The upcoming blog posts will be written in and A to Z Health Habits listing of the best of the best ideas, insights and information that has emerged over the last few decades to minimize health hazards and maximize helpful  holistic health habits for our emotional, mental, nutritional, physical and spiritual well being..

Prevention and Protection Prevents a Pound of Punishing Pharmaceuticals

By creating a code of conduct health handbook and then implementing a mastery action plan we set ourselves up for happiness, health and wellness success. Without a code of conduct to live by we will be at the mercy of the wolves in sheep skins which prey upon the uneducated, uninformed and unfortunate.  Many companies and individuals are determined to take advantage of you for their own gain, glory and greed.  Big bucks and big corporations are eager to sell you fake, fast and Frankenfoods as well as pills, potions and products that take your money and leave you with the sad consequences. and serious side effects.

This A to Z Health Habits series will focus on a comprehensive list of specific solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems over a wide variety of topics to enhance our harmony, happiness and health.

Happy, Harmony and Healthy Habits

Echinacea Flowers

Echinacea, eldeberry and enzymes are beneficial to help protect our health and immune system. All foods naturally contains powerful enzymes.

Here are the “E” list of solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to implement for happiness, holistic health and peak performance.

  • Emotions determine our destiny and level of happiness, harmony and health. Our story about our emotions determines our decisions.  When we transform our emotions we transform our health. Coaching, guidance, mentoring and peer groups are key resources for our identity and story.  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of energy psychology that has been shown to be extremely helpful for dealing with unresolved emotional events that may be affecting our happiness and health.  EFT is easy, fast and terrific for helping people reset and restore their emotional balance, resiliency and stability.  EFT is also a great resource for peak performance.  Being n a peak state is important for making better choices and decisions.  Conscious choices, destiny decisions and words with wisdom determine our downfall or our dream life. Choose wisely.
  • Energy is the fuel to maintain and sustain our emotional, mental and physical well being.  When our energy stops so do we.  Therefore it is important to provide our body the best forms of energy available to obtain the best potential for a happy, healthy and heavenly life on earth. Learning about the optimal energy sources in beverages and foods is an important passion to pursue if you are serious about the quality and quantity of your life.
  • Essential oils are very beneficial for a wide variety of holistic, medicinal and natural uses.  Essential oils are derived from plant based items such as bark, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and wood. There are thousands of holistic health uses for essentials oil.  Essential oils are referenced over a hundred of time in the bible. Ayurvedic, Eastern Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Native American medicine, Amazon medicine and many others make frequent reference to essential oils for health and healing. How many essential oils do you use?  How many ways do you use essential oils?
  • Enzymes are the keys that unlock the majority of functions within the body for all digestion and metabolic activity. While we make enzymes for digestion and metabolism it is essential to consume fresh and raw enzymes from animal and plant sources consistently.  Foods contain the right enzyme to help us with digestion and metabolism as long as we do not destroy them by over cooking, heating or processing. Raw foods are one of our best sources of beneficial enzymes.
  • Eucalyptus is and essential oil with many beneficial properties.  it seems to be especially beneficial for bronchial and nasal support.
  • Emotions plays a significant role i our happiness and health.  Disease has a lot to do with our emotions. Our emotions drive the rest of our body, mind and spirit.  When we are happy we are more inclined to be healthy.  When we are sad, sick, stressed and tired we tend to be unhealthy We are healthy or ill by our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual choices
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) was founded by Gary Craig.  It is an easy and effective form of energy psychology that can have profound benefits for improving our happiness and health.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a beneficial psychotherapy treatment originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic experiences and memories.
  • Energy Psychology is a blossoming area of body and mind holistic health practices and protocols that can influence many areas of our emotional, mental and physical health. By focusing on our subconscious mind which is the foundation of all our actions, behaviors, beliefs, decisions, habits, reactions, rituals, routines and thoughts we are able to get to the core aspects of why we do what we do when we do it. Energy psychology like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EMDR, hypnotherapy, NLP and many more.  Energy psychology focuses on the relationship between our bio-energetic systems, electro and neuro physiological processes and mental functions involving behaviors, emotions, sensations and thoughts.
  • Enneagram Institute is dedicated to the concept of human liberation and transformation.  Spiritual teachers from many different traditions for thousands of years have reminded us of the richness of the human spirit and soul. With awareness and  self-discovery it is possible to awaken the deeper truths of the soul and sustain a greater degree of self realization.  The Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves symbolized by the ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.
  • Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) produce a wide range of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Ann Louise Gittleman has written an informative book “Zapped” about the dangers of EMF and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Energy drinks help the manufacture make money while hurting you and costing you money now and in the future as you deal with disease and recover your health. The best natural energy drink is lemon or lime juice, sea salt and clean water.
  • E Vitamin.  Vitamin E is essential for good health.  Consuming therapeutic levels above the minimum daily suggested dosage of Vitamins E found in many foods has been found to be very beneficial to protect us against common health issues.
  • The environment we live and work in plays a major role in our health.   The sooner we realize that a toxic home or work environment can affect our happiness and health the sooner we can begin to make conscious changes and choices.
  • Echinacea, eldeberry and enzymes are beneficial to help protect our health and immune system. All foods naturally contains powerful enzymes.
  • Egoscue Method is the world leader in non-medical pain relief. Since 1971 The Egoscue Method has helped thousands of individuals tap into their body’s ability to heal itself and free themselves of chronic pain. They have over 25 clinics worldwide and many support resources online.,
  • Exercise is vital for health and well being.  There are many attitudes, beliefs, books, hypothesis, ideas, opinions, suggestions and theories on the duration and type of exercise that is most optimal. On one hand all exercise is good if it is done with body awareness, caution, common sense, consistency, correct form and good judgement.   On the other hand all exercise can be harmful if done inconsistently, incorrectly, improperly, recklessly and unconsciously.  Exercise may be one of the most important parts of any health regiment and routine.  If we do not use it we loose it. We must focus on all aspects of exercise and fitness to include: agility, balance, conditioning, coordination, endurance, fitness, flexibility, form, mobility, muscle development, power, range of motion, recovery, speed, stability, stamina, strength, symmetry, tissue and tone.
Better behaviors and habits lead to better benefits and rapid results for our body, mind and spiritual health. Are you ready to start doing more of the Helpful Stuff and stop the Harmful Stuff?

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2016 series is dedicated to sharing simple steps for sustainable health. Our body, mind and spirit are being exposed to a harsh and harmful environment which is causing damage, degradation and destruction. The A to Z  health Habits “E” simple suggestions will help stop the debilitating damage and start defending your body, mind and spirit against the excessive health hazards we are constantly exposed to. The A to Z Health Habits and Code of Conduct for Holistic Health over 26 weeks will transform your life when you decide to implement them.

What is your current Gap?

What environmental factors like chemicals, synthetic compounds and toxins are you being exposed to that are harming your body, mind and spirit?  What are you doing to create a code of conduct for better behaviors and health habits?  What will it take for you to begin protecting your self from damage, degradation and destruction? Are you ready to do your part to enjoy the benefits of repairing, reversing and revitalizing your body for peak performance and lifestyle longevity?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is also well documented that better emotions, lifestyle and nutrition are essential for maintaining our health and well being. There is a wealth of wisdom on the internet regarding the health hazards of our modern world.  You will find great information in other posts on this website to help you enjoy peak performance and perfect health.  When we do our part to invest the energy, money and time to learn how to maintain and protect our body, mind and spirit we will see how a health habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life.   The A to Z Health Habits series is a brilliant book sharing one chapter at a time.  Are you ready to read further for rapid results?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the many benefits of stopping the health hazards and starting the healthy habits to refresh, renew, restore and revitalize our body, mind and spirit? Are you ready to learn more and do your part to support your health?

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A to Z Health Habits – F

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