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How many trips around the sun have you made? It takes the earth 365 days to orbit the sun. Taking that many long trips sounds a lot more energizing and exciting than simply saying you are X years old. Whatever number of trips around the sun you have enjoyed to date, it is essential to develop diverse exercise, fitness, and movement activities to help prevent disease and promote health.

Many people are struggling with various health, immunity, inflammation, and weight issues. As we age we can be at greater risk for many health challenges if we avoid effective exercise, fitness, and lifestyle practices. Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems Part 4 Healthy Hobbies and Sports has additional simple suggestions for fun hobbies and sports to improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

“Now is a great time to implement simple steps to boost our fitness and immune system during the continuing crazy coronavirus conditions.” —Michael Morningstar

Eating, energizing, and exercising in healthy ways at least five days a week can help maintain our health, longevity, and resilience. Following the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle on Morningstar NEWS six or seven days a week may provide extra insurance and almost guarantee a significantly happier and healthier life long term. It is up to you to decide if it is really an important priority and then take massive action.

Designing your fitness blueprint to help keep you focused on your vision for a healthy future is a key step. We must find enough leverage (pain if we avoid change and pleasure when we do change) to activate our personal power and renewed resolve to follow through with our vision. It takes commitment, determination, and persistence for lasting positive beliefs and behaviors to become part of our identity. Atrophy and regression come naturally. Remember…if we avoid growing…we choose to die…that is the way life works. It takes commitment, energy, and nutrition to maintain our perseverance and personal power.

Once we are crystal clear on our values and vision it is helpful to create a vision board to look at each day and reinforce our resolve especially while exercising. A vision board can provide the extra determination, inspiration, and motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough. Remember…A sad, sick and stressed body and brain are from lousy lifestyle choices and a smart and strong body and brain are from loving lifestyle choices…so choose wisely.

Energy psychology and peak performance psychology training help reprogram our body and brain to enjoy exercise, fitness, and a healthy habits lifestyle. My goal is to help educate, empower and excite you to implement Seven X Seven healthy habits to feel your best, look your best and live longer. Remember…these Seven X Seven smart stability, stamina, and strength systems can be the extra advantage to support your super success.

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Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 4 Healthy Hobbies and Sports

Combining the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems shared in this seven-part series will help keep your body, mind, and spirit flexible, strong, resilient, and toned. Focus on each of the key strategies for one week and practice a minimum of one subsystem each day and preferably several subsystems during the day for cross-training benefits. Healthy hobbies and sports play a key role in the Seven X Seven smart stability stamina strength systems. We must find healthy habits and hobbies to have fun and enhance our overall stability, stamina, and strength for the activities and challenges that show up in life.

Healthy Hobbies/Sports activities can offer family, fitness, friendship, and fun elements at the same time. Anything that gets you outdoors to enjoy fresh air, movement, relaxation, and sunshine is beneficial for fitness and health including:

Backpacking and hiking are fantastic fitness activities because they encourage you to breathe more fresh air, get outdoors, and be surrounded by nature. Backpacking gives you the aerobic benefit of walking combined with building even stronger leg and lung (diaphragm) muscles due to the additional weight in the backpack. Hiking with a backpack, hand weights, or trekking poles at higher elevations or up and down hills helps build better flexibility, stability, stamina, and strength.

Biking and recumbent biking are fantastic fitness activities that can provide major benefits for communities, the environment, and you. Imagine becoming healthier as you also create a healthier planet by commuting, exercising, and traveling on a bicycle that reduces air pollution and fossil fuel consumption.

Boccie ball, Corn hole, Horseshoes, Pickleball, Table tennis, and Tennis are all great activities to be active and have fun in. Enhancing our eye-hand coordination while we focus on being more flexible and limber offers big benefits.

Canoeing, kayaking, and rowing are great ways to exercise and focus on upper body fitness. Being out on a lake, river or ocean is a great way to enjoy a fitness hobby that has many benefits. Imagine canoeing or kayaking on a river for a nature retreat and scenic tour. The peace and quiet of paddling along a waterway calm the brain as it trains the body and soothes the soul.

Cross country skiing, Nordic skiing or trail running, or walking are all great ways to engage in fantastic fitness while being out in Mother Nature. It is important to be active and outdoors during every season to maintain our health all during the year.

Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga are all fantastic body, mind, and spirit practices with so many emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Scuba, Snorkeling, Stand up paddle-board, Stand up pedal-board, Surfing and Swimming are super sports and fitness activities. When you are in or on the water you have an opportunity to enjoy a whole new world of physical stimulation and pleasure. Our bodies are 75% water so we naturally resonate with water and any water-related physical activities. Sea salt and saltwater can be especially beneficial for fitness and health.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 4 Healthy Hobbies and Sports detailed how we can help enjoy even more happiness and health. Combining the information in this blog with a vision board to help create your vision for fitness, happiness, and wellness.

Eat and Exercise Like Your Life Depends On It…Because It Does – Michael Morningstar

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